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…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

Lloyd the Baptist

Friday, July 31, 2009

The BLUE DOGS poised to sell out the American PEOPLE... just like the Republicans did before!

NOTE: applications for the revolution are being taken by SpoAct (one of the founders of the Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank) on the MSNBC world news message board. Uncle Sam NEEDS YOU!
(oh no update: those pussies at MSNBC shut down their news message boards cause of this) See end of this post

UPDATE 8-4-09:
(36 people... that's all who signed up for ETERNAL VIGILANCE duty. IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA there's ONLY 36 Concerned Citizens with the courage for revolutionary, cutting edge political strategy to SHUT THESE RIGHT-WING Useful Idiots UP. The Republicans are willing to PAY for their insurrection but the Democrats are cheap fucks always asking for volunteers. They just don't see the light...)

7-31-09 article in LA Times. "The Blue Dog Coalition of 52 House members has aimed in it’s own words to bridge the gap between ideological extremes”.

Funny I didn’t see the Blue Dogs do a damn thing for ANYONE who exists on the Left side of the political spectrum during Bush/Cheney. Most of the Democrats (except the Progressives) ROLLED OVER for the Bush Crime Family and Neo-Conservatives like they were puppy blue dogs.

Gutless, pitiful, shameless #*~/’n COWARDS who didn’t listen to a thing the Progressives were saying or warning. Americans can look back to observe the collateral damage CAUSED by Bush/Cheney/Republican Congress and SEE the Progressives were RIGHT! Fiscal conservatism my ASS!

But NOW right at the start of Obama/Biden the Blue Dogs are prepared to ruin the Obama Presidency and trash the Progressive agenda because a few pathetic morons in their districts LISTEN to the Limbaugh$

But NO! I DON’T BELIEVE the Blue Dogs… This isn’t about ideologies. There’s no Democrats, Republicans, Liberals or Conservatives here… This is all about bridging the gap between the Blue Dogs bank accounts and the special interests. These motha#*~/‘s don’t care if the PUBLIC votes them out of office because if they do the bidding of the Corporations then there’s a dream job with a multi-million dollar salary waiting for them. What the #*~/ happened to sworn oaths?

7-28-09 email to the Blue Dog Coalition, American Voices, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Max Baucus, Progressive talk radio hosts and all the pussies in the mainstream News media… (lol) By the way, MOST of my so-called representatives in Congress REJECTED this e-mail. WHY?)

I do believe the Conservative thought processes, strategies and policies HAD IT’S CHANCE. 8 YEARS OF Bush/Cheney and 12 of the last 14 1/2 years of a Republican controlled Congress… AND WHAT WERE THE RESULTS? Reckless economics, job/manufacturing loss, failed / under funded education policy, waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, corruption, sexual deviancy, media consolidation, the Corporate Crime Wave, arms dealing, WAR profiteering and CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS!

So WHY in GOD’s name would ANY DEMOCRAT (Blue Dog or NOT) want to empower these CRIMINALS, these enemies of PROGRESS and looters of our national wealth and resources. WHY would ANY DEMOCRAT want to block the CURES for this plaque that was left for Obama/Biden to deal with? ESPECIALLY after such a huge segment of the population VOTED for the kind of CHANGE Obama/Biden is working so hard to pass… I’d say it was a MANDATE, right? (Democracy… remember?)

Who gives a #*~/ about the dumbass Conservative base, the Birther’s, the Tea Partiers and all those delusional, sparkly-eyed, right-wing Christians (who actually believe JESUS and the war profiteers in the Pentagon are on the same side) After 8 mind-numbing, miserable years of Bush/Cheney… the Conservative base of hardcore pathetic morons represents only 18% of the population NOW!

I think it’s WAY past time to give the PROGRESSIVES a chance to make things right. ("Of,By,For the PEOPLE", REMEMBER?)

It can’t do more HARM or be ANY WORSE THAN WHAT Bush/Cheney dished out!

I swear if the Blue Dog Democrats, Republicans and other’s that have become no better than Ho’s for the special interests… get in the way of the Progressive agenda’s then you’re going to cause a revolution.

Maybe all you Ivory Tower m’#*~/’s haven’t noticed but there’s A HELL OF A LOT OF ANGRY PEOPLE OUT THERE! 40 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level, 47 MILLION with no health coverage, and hordes of the unemployed that NOTICED how the Multi-national Corporations moved jobs outside our borders for the greener fields of slave labor and unregulated toxic waste dumping.

I suggest you so-called REPRESENTATIVES of the American PEOPLE read the SPQR blogs this email links to and try to imagine the insurrection by CONCERNED CITIZENS who will hold you responsible and accountable… IT WON’T BE PRETTY I can assure you. Speaking for myself, I’m prepared to do most ANYTHING to save my children’s future from a bunch of vain, incompetent, corrupt, silver spoon politicHo’s."

The Resurrection of revolutionary spirit...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I was SO disappointed… I thought for a time there Obama/Biden had the balls to bring single payer health care to table. Where’s the real men of America? If I was Obama I would have whipped out that big black pepperoni in front of everybody and laid it right on the table while making a legitimate case for Universal Health Care. Let all those pasty WASP’s (Republicans, Blue Dogs) see what they’re MISSING! (lol)
*2) I don’t understand WHY the debate on health care is so unraveled. HOW MANY YEARS HAVE DEMOCRATS BEEN TALKING ABOUT SINGLE PAYER CARE? Jeez you silly m#*~/’s in Congress are slow… too much bullshit, RIGHT?

Quote of the day:
Land of the FREE, home of the BRAVE, my skinny Italian-American ASS… WHAT? With a mainstream media of sell-out #*~/‘n cowards and the largest inmate population on the planet?” Charlie Stunats

Has ANYONE noticed the nationwide EFFORT TO RESURRECT the Conservative ideology by separating themselves from Bush/Cheney? As usual the Neo-Cons are USING Christian Broadcasting, Fox Spin… ahhhh, I mean News and Radio Free Conservative as a means to this end. Notice ALL the Conservative talk radio stations such as KFI-am640 in LA or KKOB-am770 in ABQ are 50,000 watt power houses that reach the entire western half of the nation. The genius behind Radio Free Conservative (that Progressive talk radio hasn’t figured out YET) is that they employ LOCAL talk hosts that get the LOCAL right-wing extremists and Conservative wackos all worked up… Make them feel like they’re part of the club.

(Progressive talk radio is national, impersonal, fragmented, rebroadcast in many cases so LOCAL Progressives don’t have a radio VOICE in their own community)

7-28-09 approx. 8:14am PST
NOTE: one can call most any local talk show in America, all you need is a computer and cell phone

CALL I was going to make to Bob Clark Show KKOB-am770 in Albuquerque, NM… but Censor BOB hung up on me. Guest David Boze of CATO. Mr Boze says they’re “involved with eternal vigilance”… HA! except when it comes to Corporations doing whatever the #*~/ they please!

I was wondering why Conservatives have been complaining about Obama/Biden and this so-called European Style socialism but I didn’t hear a peep from all the right wing think tanks about the Bush/Cheney corporate style Socialism. …y’know privatize profits, socialize loses and the DEREGULATION that LED to all the waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, media consolidation, corruption Corporate Crime wave, off shore tax evasion AND economic meltdown were now experiencing.

John S Saloma III in his amazing 1984 document “Ominous Politics, the New Conservative Labyrinth” warned Americans about the conservative think tanks such as CATO. (and wannabes like the local Rio Grande Foundation)

We’re now living through the DISASTROUS results of Conservative economic strategies and reckless conclusions of the past. What makes Conservatives think they can just SEPARATE themselves from the Republican Party/Bush/Cheney failures, YOU PEOPLE VOTED INTO POWER?

WHY would ANYONE trust people that can’t take responsibility for their huge MISTAKES AND MIND-NUMBING FAILURES?"

©2009 by FGE


The cyber think tank Conscious Man Consultants is taking applications for the revolution. There is paid and volunteer positions opening up in the 3nd tier program of our long term strategic planning. Think tank members are looking for law enforcement (Aid & Abet) , ex-military, bikers, pot dealers, gang members, anarchists, boat-rockers among a wide variety of positions that require applicants to possess HEAVOS! (courage) NO VICTIMS (I'm so scared) ALLOWED!

Also the ability to see the BIG PICTURE when it comes to LIFE, LIBERTY, HAPPINESS, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE and FORCING the Government to get back to it’s original purpose of working for the BEST INTERESTS of the American PEOPLE! (you see me, the PEOPLE… NOT Multi-National Corporations)

Seriously, to get the Progressive agenda from getting bogged down by Republican and Blue Dogs
it will take a courageous nature and heroic spirit that was so prevalent in those that FOUNDED this great nation.

WE NEED PEOPLE who are willing to risk it all to make our representatives in Government responsible and accountable. BAM!

*e-mail with contact info for more.

NOTE: (if Conservatives were in charge when this nation started, the Founding Fathers would have been blocked or RIDICULED and we’d still be living under British rule)

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