“…the Devil knew NOT what he did, when he made MAN politic…”


…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

Lloyd the Baptist

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

GOD's Republicans, Right-Wing extremists, Conservative wackos and WHY I'M THE BE$T MAN TO GET RID OF THEM...


Quand la morale triombe, il se passe des choses tres vilaines.”
7-11-09 Come on? GOD’S so called Chosen Right-Wing Christians… #*~/’n FIGURE IT OUT! I suggest the reader go to the blog post titled “National Day of PRAYER”.
(see links to Consciousness)


IT’S ALL COMING TOGETHER NOW! I discovered MOST of the pieces of this Conservative wacko/right-wing extremist puzzle during my research and documentation exploring Government/Corporate ACCOUNTABILITY issues… However, the thing I couldn’t figure out or UNDERSTAND is HOW Republicans, caught IN THE MIDDLE OF OVERWHELMING scandal, corruption, Constitutional violations, sexual deviancy, etc…, could muster up the audacity to dish out same old shameless hypocritical bullshit to defend themselves with. Even worse how Republican voters keep falling for the BS over & over & over…

But NOW… what was a disturbing side story of the Ensign, Sanford sex scandals buried in the back of the fish-wraps… has blown up into exposé of epic proportions and monumental implications. MY questions about humanity and how man was capable of so much corruption and indifference toward his fellow man… were answered in a red brick building located at 133 C Street SE, Washington, DC.

I’ve always said the Holy Books of the world have been interpreted to benefit Aristocrats, dictators and tyrants… BUT the news that’s coming out of C-Street takes the #*~/’n cake. It seems a secretive Fundamentalist Christian group, founded in 1935 to oppose FDR’s “NEW DEAL”, has formed a belief system that makes rich, powerful Republicans into the pentacle of western civilization. Apparently these people (The Family) at the “Fellowship Foundation” have convinced themselves that they are better than the rest of humanity because the wealth and power possessed was BESTOWED BY GOD!

NOTE: I’ve heard rumors Gov. Mark Sanford USED the Bible: “Well, King David had his lovers husband murdered and he was chosen of GOD”. Another in 1000’s examples of Republican warped reasoning, low grade thought processes and superiority complexes… lol

The right-wing thinks it can do no wrong because they BELIEVE Republican Conservatism is the ultimate expression of GOD’s plan for the planet. HOW SICK IS THAT?

I wrote about such warped thought processes BEFORE but it was from a political/philosophical standpoint. Here’s a few lines I wrote way back in the 20th Century (lol):

{One must know Neo-Cons as I do. These are some cunning, truly evil bastards. Vain, hateful, racist, corrupt but the really frightening trait of these people is GREED! A greed so unquenchable it won’t be satisfied until it inherits the earth… AND #*@/ THE REST OF US!
They feel no guilt, convinced by their silver spoon Ivy League education they are SUPREME BEINGS. These hypocritical c@^*/~!r’s use everything from the BIBLE to Darwin to justify their warped nature. Machiavelli, Burke or maybe:
Morality - it was created for the COMMON MAN. The HIGHER MAN doesn’t worry about whether something is GOOD or EVIL. He has the courage to rise above that sort of nonsense and ACT.” NIETZSCHE

…BALLS! Big #*@/’n heavos man… AND 15 BILLION TONS OF TNT!}

I joke a lot about destiny and meeting with JESUS in the Blood of Christ Mountains (Sangre de Christo) in New Mexico (lol) because of how ridicules Right-wing Christianity is. Ok, OK… I’m being mean, right? I know many of the people who congregate at such churches, most of them hard working, God fearing believers… but stupid as a bag of concrete

If I were in the Obama/Biden Administration, I’d seriously start thinking about taking away tax exempt status of these Fundamentalist Christian Organizations and churches for all the POLITICAL ORGANIZING they’ve perpetrated… DAMAGE to the USA done in the name of GOD.

Just think how different the nation might be right now if Pat Robertson DIDN’T make his statement near the end of the 2000 Presidential election about how GOD gave his endorsement to George W. Bush. I’d like to know how many churches across the United States were preaching to the congregations to get them to vote for Bush/Cheney? I DON’T THINK IT WAS THE ALMIGHTY GOD they were hearing from. Is there a BETTER argument for separation of Church and State than 8 years of Bush/Cheney and the horrible results of Reaganomics?

My own observations concerning this subject proves just how cunning Republicans have been using Christianity to further their own warped, evil agendas. These demon m#*~/s actually convinced millions of Christians that JESUS and the Pentagon are on the SAME SIDE!

NOTE: Abbie Hoffman used to talk all the time about how the Pentagon, the greatest WAR machine history could EVER produce… was built in the five-sided sign of Satan.

Jeez and crackers, the Satan worshipping Republican Party has USED Conservative Christianity like a $10.00 meth Ho. I DO believe GOD would be upset these holier-than-thou morons haven’t been using the brain cells the ALMIGHTY blessed them with.

Wanna talk about the Pro-Life issue and Republican politics. Let’s see… 8 years of Reagan, 4 years of Bush 41, a Republican Congress during Clinton, 8 years of Bush 43... AND HOW MANY SUPREME COURT APPOINTMENTS? Yet Abortion remains legal and sane… WHY? Because Republicans couldn’t win an election WITHOUT this controversial issue to demonize Democrats/Liberals

Making Democrats/Liberals into the Black Hats and blaming them for the downfall of Western Civilization/Morality is causing a resurgence of Neo Nazism and Aryan Supremacy Groups around the world that holds to that same type of warped interpretation of scripture.

Many Democrats and Liberals believe in that old school non-violent, Gandi type of protest to bring about the CHANGES we all hope for. Even though I’ve been warning them for years that they’re all under ATTACK from right-wing extremists. Being made into targets by the HATE SPEECH being spewed by the likes of Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck among a lonnnnnnnnnnng list of Conservative spokespersons.

UPDATES: 7-16-09
President Obama gave me new faith/HOPE in the fight for GOOD OVER EVIL in with his momentous speech at the 100th Anniversary of the NAACP. Now THAT’S what I call PREACHING! Every right-wing pastor in America could LEARN from that speech. To REALIZE what they’ve done to their parishioners, who came to church for wisdom, love and healing and got HATE speech and Republican propaganda….

NOTE: (I suggest every American watch movie Grapes of Wrath. LISTEN to what Henry Fonda is saying, pay attention to Preacher character played by John Carradine)

Of course Republicans gave me A NEW REASON TO DESPISE them and their blatant bullshit… Former Rep. Chip Pickering (R-Miss) now lobbyist for telephone company owned by Pickering’s mistresses’ family, E. Creekmore Byrd… ANOTHER who lived and had sex on C-Street. Y'know the church...

I’m have to research this subject because I don’t know enough to understand the full implications… BUT I do KNOW Americans must purge this sort of religious superiority culture OUT of our politics, NOW! Ohhhhhhhhhh… and to BEWARE of wealthy powerful W.A.S.P’s who TALK TO GOD!
I’m going to DC to LEARN all there is to know about these m’#*~/’s. Here’s where I’m staring from. Push my way into Charismatic Pentecostal Christian Fundamentalist Cults such as Youth with a Mission, The Third Wave, New Apostolic Christianity (LINKED TO SARAH PALIN). Find out just how much INFLUENCE rich @$$holes like Loren Cunningham. And find the PEOPLE who will GET RID OF THEM!


Written on 6-9-09, the (lol) “Day of Tribulation” by Salagogo & Charlie Stunats, Conscious Man Consultants

* (because the Left-Wing can’t defend themselves…)

"Recent murders perpetrated by right-wing extremists have forced us to use drastic action to STOP THE MADNESS! If one looks at the HISTORY of assassinations and politically motivated killings it’s ALWAYS some right-wing fanatic, Conservative wacko, religious nutcase, racist degenerate or war/fear monger that MURDERS the Left-wing leaning victims. J.F.K., Martin Luther King Jr, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, John S. Saloma III, Abbie Hoffman, Dr. George Tiller among a long string of murders and mysterious deaths.

Now Americans can add to their SHAME, the gut-wrenching news about MURDER at the Holocaust Museum by an elderly man, James W. von Brunn, linked to White Supremacist Hate groups. A hateful man obsessed with stopping the Jews and President Obama…

(NOTE: ask any Black person and they’ll tell you about their inbred fear of Obama being assassinated)

In the spirit of the HERO, Holocaust Museum Security Guard Stephen Johns who gave his own life to PROTECT and SERVE! We understand our calling…
IT ALL ENDS NOW! And here’s how we’re going to DO IT!

Step 1) Identify and terminate all those who are inciting the right-wing crazies. Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch, Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich, Randall Terry, Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Bill Cunningham, Ann Coulter, Jonah Goldberg, Pastor Hagee and OTHERS who use hate speech and cunning propaganda to INCITE the 20% of numbskulls who STILL think
A) Bush/Cheney was a good thing and NOT responsible for current economic crisis/deficit.
B) the WAR in Iraq made us safer.
C) Obama is NOT a citizen of the USA and took his oath on the Koran.
D) GOD and war profiteers are ON THE SAME SIDE, cont…”

NOTE: (COME ON! The Reader already knows how pitifully STUPID the Conservative Base is… if you DON‘T you‘re PART OF THE PROBLEM)

The good PEOPLE at the Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank are RIGHT! Enough damage has been done to our great nation to let the “Conservative Labyrinth” (“Ominous Politics…” by John S. Saloma III) remain unaccountable for their actions. President Obama REALLY needs to send Civilian Oversight Movement enthusiasts into the CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon, etc, to make sure SOMEONE isn’t planning another JFK in Dallas incident…

I just want President Obama to UNDERSTAND my love/hate relationship with the Democratic Party. The day Obama/Biden was ELECTED I was ecstatic, still pinching myself days later… The 8 mind numbingly MISERABLE, corrupt years of Bush/Cheney was VERY hard on PEOPLE like me. Especially after 9/11, when grassroots political activism became the unpopular kid on the block. “With us or against us”, Bush told the American PEOPLE.

(It wasn’t any coincidence I was involved with America’s longest running weekly protest movement (1998-2002) when 9/11 happened. I’ve lived on DESTINY for so long now, I just go with the flow…)

The terrorist attack had split my heart & soul. Up until then I was what some call a Liberal who hated WAR and obscene Military spending. I was in front of the TV for 3 straight days after that terrible morning of 9/11/01. I knew it was an earth shaking event that would put America at the Crossroads of good VS. evil. Depending on one’s interpretation of their Holy Book and #*~/‘n definition of good and evil…

I woke up on September 11, 2001 to vague News reports about FIRE in one of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Believe it or not… I had been helping a friend with his Construction Contract at the Mosque of Riverside. He was building a Mezzanine above their Prayer Hall so women could FINALLY attend services.

The WOMEN had been confined/relegated to a dark, dank room in the back of the Complex. Even though their new Mezzanine was hidden behind smoked glass so the men of the congregation couldn’t see them, we could tell the women/girls were VERY happy to see the work in progress. Every youth should experience that feeling of PRIDE in one’s work/skills, that we all felt on that construction site…

That early morning of 9/11 putting my work boots on, I was watching the burning World Trade Center tower on TV when the 2nd airliner came onto the screen and crashed into the other tower. Diane Sawyer expressing her pure terror and disbelief of the moment, I was taken aback like I had just seen a ghost or movie monster. The realization my beloved nation was under attack put me into a fight mode…

My friend called to tell me NOT to come to work because no one could get past a police roadblock around the Mosque. So someone ASSUMED it was Middle Eastern Islamic radicals who were behind 9/11 BEFORE the news of the perpetrators was released. THREATS were flying EVERYWHERE! So there I remained glued to the TV for breaking news…

After the news of the 19 Hijackers came out and the connections to Osama bin Lunatic, I would have boiled an Islamic fundamentalist in pig’s blood or fought Al Qaeda hand to hand combat in the streets BUT GEORGE W. BUSH told me to GO SHOPPING! There was NO WINDING DOWN because of the FIGHT in me…

When we returned to the Mezzanine Job I noticed the CHANGE in the attitude of the Men of the Mosque. Before 9/11 they had a look… a manner of hate toward the White guys on the Construction crew while embracing and trying to CONVERT the Mexican-Americans. How many times the Middle Eastern Islamic immigrants walked away from me with hushed Arabic curses and angry eyes…

We had to tarp off the entire work area after one of the Muslim men went off on us for keeping our work boots on while carrying building materials through the prayer hall to the job site.

And OHHhhhhh, the day my girlfriend showed up in the middle of the Prayer Hall wearing her sexy, skimpy sun dress and high heels, looking to take me to lunch… WOW did I catch HELL for THAT!

But AFTER 9/11 everyone was “my friend”… The red flags went up in my mind. I noticed they cleaned out and disposed of all their brochures and newsletters from a rack. I went digging through their trash bin a took a sampling of their written materials and hid them in the truck like I was Secret Agent 009 and ½. (lol)

I went home and scoured through the material… I wanted to prove to the CIA that I was worthy of one of their analyst/consultant jobs/contracts that paid so well. I wanted to join the fight against World Wide Terrorism and make a few bucks along the way…

HEEYYYY! I know all those well-connected silver spoons that get those cushy Intelligence Community jobs were making better money than Construction workers.

I was working on translations and trying to read between the lines of this written foreign culture. I found an interesting article in a monthly newspaper “THE VOICE OF ISLAM” (July-August 2001) by Mufti Ebrrahim Desai: “…so take the name of Allah upon them (at time of slaughter) while they stand in rows (Al-Hajj 22:36) “… a swift stab of the neck which severs the arteries while standing…”

A vision appeared, the 19 hijackers using razor knives to take over the passenger airliners and turning them into missiles…

Hummmm… My imagination took over. The paper was published by The Association of Latin-American Muslims. Yesssss, IT all made sense NOW! The way they treated the Latinos at the Mosque… I WAS ON TO SOMETHING HERE! As time went on and the more information I gathered from Muslim informational sources and the Internet… a major conspiracy THEORY was taking form. (LOL)

Add the reports of Middle Eastern Men found with educational materials on How to Learn Spanish and eyewitness accounts of Muslim settlements in South America where Osama Bin Lunatic and Saddam Hussein banners were flew proudly by the immigrant population. This was a build-up to INVASION! (or NOT lol)

I found out the IRS under Bush/Cheney provided tax deductible status to the Latin/Muslin organization: “… we intend to propagate Islam from the Southwest USA to the Rio De la Pata in Argentina…” was in their mission statement.

I turned IN all my conclusions to the CIA and FBI along with my resume as a political activist organizer and master researcher/documenter for consulting/employment considerations. Of course the #*~/’n elitists, white bred STIFFS never replied… but not long after Jose Padilla AKA Abdullah al-Muhajir was taken into custody for an alleged dirty bomb plot.

And I’m not even going to mention my theory concerning the Bush Administration and 9/11... Yes, we poured over Eric Draper photos of the Bush Whitehouse. That look Bush had in the school room on 9/11... The Bush Family connections to bin Laden family and Prince Bandar… Cheney deciding to keep Clinton holdovers Mineta and Tenet (the 2 agencies most impacted by 9/11) so he could blame Democrats for terrorism…

Deaf activists from the CMC cyber think tank were sent out to follow and read the lips of George W., Dick and Rummy while in private conversation.

NOTE: (I always say if surveillance is good for the goose its good for the gander, lol. I heard the most interesting/damaging information the readers documented came from Old man G.H.W. Bush… I heard 41 STILL cries about a letter he received from Satan congratulating him on a job well done, guaranteeing him a place in HELL next to his father Prescott and Ronald Reagan) LOL!

Who was I kidding… The US government under Bush/Cheney and silver spoon aristocrats would NEVER hire a boat-rocker like me… THEY LIKE THE STATUS QUO! I’m sure the FBI had a thick file on my cutting edge activism, protest and community organizing activities over the past 15 years.

I know FOR A FACT, our GROWING protest movement in So Cal became the focus of Law Enforcement and Intelligence. We became the test subjects and data base for how far CONTROL by AUTHORITY could go in a Democracy. (for more info some publisher is going to have to grow a pair of ciones and #*~/‘n PAY ME… Ya penny-pinching, broken economy m#*~/‘s!) lol

I’m sure I didn’t make any friends in CA or the Democratic Party with News of my experiences at Love Canal and my writings/talk radio calls about the Belmont Learning Center in LA. Example:
All the lessons we taught at Love Canal protests got lost in the bureaucratic shuffle. Even though all the politicians had so-called environmentalists on their staff, getting paid huge salaries… NOT ONE OF THEM RECOGNIZED THE WARNING SIGNS!

One might think after the Love Canal dioxin laden, toxic dump site NIGHTMARE, someone working for the City of Los Angeles or the LA School Board would have KNOWN to test the soil for toxins BEFORE #*~/‘n BUILDING A SCHOOL. From Love Canal fast forward to the 350+ MILLION DOLLAR DISASTER know as the Belmont Learning Center.”

After the 2000 election, it was like the Democrats completely lost WISDOM, courage and ANY sense of “checks and balances”. There was NO REPRESENTATION for a Progressive Concerned Citizen such as myself… only suffering, degradation, harassment and ABUSE OF POWER!

When the #*~/’n right-wing MORONS got Bush/Cheney re-elected in 2004, THINGS GOT REALLY BAD for people like me… My associations with Government Accountability Movements and Anti-Police Brutality protests all over the nation… HOW we rocked the foundations of some of the most powerful, wealthy organizations in the USA… The last thing Bush/Cheney WANTED was someone who would question the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and their CONTROL by AUTHORITY agendas!

Any good American citizen has GOT to ask why the government wouldn’t WANT someone who has EXPERIENCED abuse of power and Constitutional violations, etc... consulting those who are legislating?

Even though I had a BETTER grasp on REALITY than 98% of the people hired by the Republican Party and Bush/Cheney… I COULDN’T EVEN GET A LETTER TO THE EDITOR PUBLISHED let alone a whole manuscript or job…

My initial feelings concerning 9/11 and Terrorism also spit the ranks of the activist anti-war crowd. Many activists like myself supported a war on terror. "This ain’t NO Vietnam" would raise the ire of many in the protest movements. (it took years to heal those hard feelings)

But it soon became obvious that what Bush/Cheney was involved in was NOT a WAR ON TERROR! I knew before it happened that Iraq would turn out to be a HUGE mistake… The media going along with visions of “Shock and Awe” dancing in their film footage dreams

Who could I turn to? The Republicans hated anything to do with POWER TO THE PEOPLE… And the HARSH treatment I received during the Clinton/Gore Administration for my PROTEST ACTIVITIES already had me #*~/ed up… ESPECIALLY in California, a State ruled by Democrats Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi. Prosecuted and wrongfully jailed for attending a protest march. I was followed, fined, penalized, surveilled, searched, seized, code enforced, towed, impounded, charged, harassed, abused, tortured, Constitutionally VIOLATED… AND THAT WAS BEFORE 9/11!

Of course the average American had NO IDEA such ABUSE of POWER was possible in the USA. It only happens when the PEOPLE TEST the system… and so FEW Americans in late 1990’s/early 2000’s had the foresight or courage to be involved with ETERNAL VIGILANCE! My rap sheet was being LEAKED by police and sheriff deputies for harassment/ surveillance/ turn my girlfriend against me purposes… lol

Of course all such information from and about Concerned Citizens like me was buried, shunned and ignored. Except for encouraging letters from Larry Flynt and Howard Zinn… my exposé became the equivalent of shouting FIRE in a crowded theater. All the aristocrats running for the exits stepping on ANYONE who gets in their way(I’ve got the wounds to prove it, lol)

Liberal Organizations such as the ACLU, Lawyers Guild, etc. would come to our protest rallies and make passionate speeches… but once the Control shit hit the Authority fan all the Liberal PUSSIES ran for cover leaving us to fend for ourselves. The government in a Democrat controlled state during the Clinton Era USED ALL IT’S POWER AND TAXPAYERS WEALTH TO GET RID OF US! (years later I can’t get one of these Democrats to explain their actions)

Reports of 16 law enforcement/intelligence agencies being on the scene of our weekly protest gatherings made everyone shaky. The term Routine Traffic Stop took on a whole new meaning. 17 times driving or as a passenger in other activist vehicles… 3 times just walking down the street from my house… They seized my drivers license, with a multitude of expensive traffic tickets, so I couldn’t drive.

During a pre-trial hearing for my protest march charge, I let it be known I was going to the 2000 Democratic Convention in Los Angeles to ORGANIZE outsiders to come support our So Cal protest movement… I also shouted that statement to CA US Attorney Alejandro Mayorkas before the protest march in question…

A few days BEFORE the DNC a special unit from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department came onto my property, guns drawn, IN FRONT OF MY KIDS, and hauled me off to jail. The officer in charge told me: “YOU must have really pissed off someone at the top because we NEVER DO THIS SORT OF THING…”

I was held for 8 days without charges… So while all the Democrats made passionate speeches about FREEDOM and JUSTICE and the PEOPLE… I was being tortured after a transfer to LA County Jail, or what the inmates call the TWIN TOWERS OF LIVING, BREATHING HELL! (I know, I KNOW… IT was just a coincidence I was released the moment the Convention ended…)

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the Clinton Administration and HATED those hypocritical Republicans that ruined his Presidency with their fake morality. Just look at the Republican Class of 1994 and their leader Newt Gingrich. Read “The Freshmen, What Happened to the Republican Revolution” by Linda Killian “nasty, naughty boy…” MY ASS!

The Clinton Years could have been some of the best in US history but the Republican Party chose to preach morality and sell out the American worker instead. If one was to ask I’d say if a politician needs a good blowjob ever now and then to keep him sharp and UP for the job THEN BY ALL MEANS GO FOR IT!

I blame the media for empowering the Republicans with their coverage. There was a time when the 4th Estate would stay clear of sex stories and stay focused on government business instead. While the public was forced to focus on Clinton’s sex life the Republicans quietly laid the groundwork for off-shore account scandal, media consolidation, job loss, union busting and the Corporate Crime Wave.

ALL the problems we face TODAY as Americans can be traced back to what the 90’s Republicans did behind closed doors and at late night legislative sessions. And to the so-called journalists who were NOT doing their jobs… Like I always say: Responsible journalism is dead as the sperm on Monica Lewiski’s blue dress.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: (But NONE of what I’ve wrote about can excuse the Democrats for all the ABUSE of POWER and Constitutional violations that HAPPENED ON THEIR WATCH! Where the fuck was a Senator Frank Church when America NEEDED him?)

So fast forward to President Obama and the joy so many Americans (and myself) felt… I just want President Obama, the Democrats and the shrinking Republican Party to KNOW what they’re dealing with… People like me are not the bleeding heart, tree hugging, Liberal coffee house crowd of the past… NO! I represent the hardened, radical SERIOUS activists, community organizers and Concerned Citizens of American who don’t TRUST the US government anymore.

We didn’t work so hard, volunteer so much free time, cell phone minutes and financial contributions just so Obama could go to Washington DC and start acting like a Beaugeois (Beaugie nigger, sorry lol). What the #*~/ is it about Washington, DC that turns good men into elitists and HO’s for Multinational Corporations?

(Amy Goodman did an ENLIGHTENING interview with author David Cay Johnston about his book “Free Lunch. …corporate socialism for the rich, market capitalism for everyone else”)

I’d like to KNOW the REAL reason for Democrats to turn their backs on the PEOPLE who got them elected? WHY Democratically elected officials cower and give in to a WEAK Republican Minority? Is it because you so-called Representatives of the PEOPLE want to do business as usual? I’LL TELL YOU m’#*~/s RIGHT NOW… IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN! You Left-wing m’#*~/s have the MAJORITY in Congress now that Al Franken is a Senator… SO GET TO WORK!

Organizing the 40 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level has NEVER been so easy… ESPECIALLY after Bush/Cheney. AND EVERY ONE OF THEM CAN BE USED TO GET WHAT WE WANT!

Speaking for myself I WANT… single payer health care, cut backs in Military spending, infiltration of the intelligence community, an END to the WAR PROFITEERING/ARMS DEALING mindset, a MASSIVE effort for alternative energy research, responsible journalism, sane drug policy and PUNISHMENT for all those that put this nation in such jeopardy both economically and politically… OR ELSE m#*~/’s!

We’ll see during the next legislative sessions where Obama/Biden, Democrats and Republicans in Congress, THE Supreme Court AND the 4th Estate STAND! There’s 40 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level that will be interested in the results/actions…

I WANT ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY even if someone has to chop up Rush Limbaugh and feed him to the poor and get rid of every dumb ass Republican politician in America so the Democrats have NO EXCUSE, NO MORE AND NEVER AGAIN! I HAVE NO CHOICE… I’m just trying to SAVE MY CHILDREN’S FUTURE!

“… fascism might more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power…” Benito “Dulce” Mussolini

NOTE: 7-12-09 *~^#/! Ever since this Digital Conversion I’ve been in a bad mood, I‘m getting off the TV cold turkey. The TV NEWS about our government and big business made me so angry I could SPIT! Anyways, I wasn’t feeling funny today so I got my jokes from “The Public Speakers Treasure Chest” (1964, Harper & Row) lol


I’m sorry, I quite forgot your party the other evening
OH, weren’t you there?”


WHY would ANYONE want to listen to ME? I’m a nobody, right? Just because 1) I possess the knowledge and experience of the man on the street, 2) struggled below the poverty level with 40 MILLION Americans, 3) SUCCESSFULLY dealt with homelessness, drug abuse, police abuse of power, government incompetence/corruption and 4) ROCKED THE FOUNDATIONS of Government while doing IT!

Who really has the open mind and COURAGE to HEAR a hardcore radical, serious activist organizer that spent the last 25 years in the trenches fighting in the service of the Constitution and FOR our precious environment?

WHY CHOOSE ME in the spokesperson/pundit/columnist/COVERT OP pool over the incompetent/corrupt politician, former comedian, movie star, silver spoon Momma’s boy, handsome Lesbian, daytime/reality TV star, ardent vegetarian, former sportscaster, failed engineer or even the children of former presidents/elected officials?

Just because I’m NOT an ass-kisser or IMPRESSED by the results/impact of these people, is no reason to ignore me. They just want Americans to forget all SLANTED/BLAND/WHINNY ADVICE THAT DID GET AIRPLAY OVER THE LAST 8 YEARS! I would only upset the relative position, ladder climbing, social standing, Status Quo and $-Alter all you @>*~!<’s worship at. You people don’t deserve the high wage and cushy position. You don’t get it do you? If you penny-pinching, tight ass, Ivory Tower mothafuckers don’t ante up and kick into the pot… PEOPLE like me are going to TAKE what we NEED from you…

(wait, my blood pressure is way UP! I NEED a break…)
“Prisoner - Judge, I don’t know what to do.
Judge - Why, how’s that?
Prisoner - I swore to tell the TRUTH but every time I try, some lawyer objects

I have loads of audio taped calls to Conservative Talk Radio shows that
PROVES I know HOW to make Republicans/Conservatives BACK OFF!
My brutally honest attitude, street fight toughness and ANGRY look that can stop grown men in their tracks MAKE me the perfect solution to counter the FOX NEWS, Radio Free Conservative Rush Limbaugh types and CAPTURE THEIR AUDIENCE OF DISGRUNTLED CONSERVATIVES and dumbass right-wing extremist numbskulls who think tough talk is TRUTH!

Video of me at government meetings destroying local political careers in a 2 minute time limitation. (serious activist organizers learn to SPEAK and make a point in 30 seconds with a maximum of 2 minutes. We practice at public comment sessions during city or county government meetings and calling talk radio shows. HEY like good old Tip O‘Neil used to say “All politics is LOCAL politics“)

WHY EMBRACE THE PEOPLE WHO CAN BRING THE FIGHT to those standing in the way of true CHANGE? I mean THAT’S what we all want, right? A CHANGE from all the LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES that have plagued this nation since Ronald Wilson Reagan was elected? You talk radio motha#*~/s are in the right business cause YOU’RE ALL TALK… and hardly ANY ACTION! Not anything of consequence that is, NOT WHAT’S NEEDED to make a breakthrough… (people on top don’t really want CHANGE because they’re on top)

My theory about Freedom and Constitutional Rights becoming delicate concepts and questions about how our capitalist system can survive WITHOUT ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY… ALL I’VE BEEN PREACHING SINCE 1996 GIVE ME NO CREDITABILITY, right? (that’s because you cowards have no sense on how to judge your fellow man)

On the economy I was warning Americans WAY BACK in 1998 to beware of the RECKLESS economics and all the slanted legislation Republicans were hiding in Clinton Era bills. I warned the American PEOPLE back then and the example I used is as relevant TODAY as it was in 1999. I did a reprint few years ago on my blog “THE BEST DAMN POLITICAL STRATEGIST” (spoact/blogspot.com) Because all my internet/web site work of 1999-2004 seems to have mysteriously disappeared from the www.

NOTE: (in a way it’s a good thing because now I can come up with a WIKIPEDIA type definition of the times, the wonderful Concerned Citizens and the historical ACCOUNTABILITY Movement that TRIED to WARN you stupid m’#*~/’s)


“Voter 1 - What do you think of our two candidates for Congress?
Voter 2 - Well, I’m GLAD only one can be elected…”

Here’s a sample of the message we tried to get out to the dumbed-down majority:
I always use the example from newspapers on the date 4/16/99. Government, media and big business at it’s worst. Look at the headline: “Congress wraps up work on $1.74 trillion budget”. They should put more emphasis on that word trillion, maybe Trillion, no, no TRILLION! Oh look, the public servants are eager show they’re efficiently working for the best interests of the PEOPLE… So they can WASTE our hard earned tax dollars later.
What did YOU get for your money that year? Sex, Lewinski, sex, morality? Sexual deviates like Ken Starr, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, Ted Haggard masturbating to Monica’s testimony. My GOD, we might as well have elected circus animals to lead the nation. At least that way the American PEOPLE can go to the ZOO and watch them fornicate, cohabit, copulate, debauch, couple, fraternize, brawl and lick each other.
What was Corporate/Financial America busy with at that time? Back to the newspaper, 4/16/99 article titled: “Mattel to layoff 3,000 workers. WALL STREET CHEERED the news of restructuring, sending Mattel’s stock up nearly 16 percent…” WHAT?

NOTE: We all know how IT turned out now that our children have all the latest LEAD based toys from China. Also poisoned dog food, toothpaste, baby formula, inferior steel, etc. Republican Party legislation during the 90’s made it EASY for corporations to leave the USA for the greener fields of Asian slave labor AND unregulated toxic waste dumping)

Questions one must ask: A) How did Wall Street become the enemy of the American working class? B) What did Reagan/Bush, special interests and the 90’s Congress legislate to make it easy for Corporations to move jobs, wealth and resources out of the country? C) Would the police of the time blame 3000 Mattel workers for being VERY angry and RIOT? Because that news article was about as “in your face” as it gets…

The reason why I bring police into the picture is because law enforcement UNIONS and associations have become some of the most powerful, wealthy entities on the American political scene. I can’t help but remember how many times in US history POLICE harassed, abused, beat, gassed and shot those who supported UNION organizing efforts. So is it really FAIR Public Service UNIONS have the sort of job/pension/healthcare security those of us in the private sector can only dream about. …civil servants my skinny Italian-American @$$… just who is serving WHO?

Liza, the Negro cook, answered the telephone one morning and a cheerful voice inquired, “What number is this?” Liza was in no mood for trifling and said with some asperity. “You-all ought to know. YOU done CALLED IT

NOTE: a LONG string of scandalous incompetence/corruption that resulted in our present day economic problems. This whole thing has been mischaracterized as a mortgage crisis, I say NO! This is the Congress allowed the Bush Administration to borrow/waste TOO MUCH MONEY CRISIS!

After the horrible tragedy of Bush/Cheney victory in late 2000. I almost single-handedly identified and took on the mechanisms that got this scandalous duo elected. (Howard Zinn will back me up on this, too.) I included my theory on RADIO FREE CONSERVATIVE in my thesis:

{From 1999-2004 I conducted a HUGE letter/e-mail writing campaign. Directed at media/communication outlets, magazines, newspapers, top officials and all my so-called representatives from the Democratic Party. I put forth the question: HOW DID CONSERVATIVES MAKE SUCH GAINS as to put a military service dodging, sadistic, ignorant failure like GEORGE W. BUSH into the White House?

NOTE: (this pitiful m’tha#*@/’r would be the Crawford, TX town drunk if not for mummy and daddy’s wealth and circle of well-connected cronies keeping the Bush legacy intact)

Here’s the answer. The political and social turbulence of the 60’s and early 70’s, eventually led to the downfall of Nixon and that stiff, wealthy, constipated group of right-wing conservative hawks (what we now call the “Neo-Cons”) Well the story didn’t end there.

Anyway, the Neo-Cons got together and ORGANIZED with one goal in mind. To NEVER LET THIS 60’S POWER TO THE PEOPLE THING HAPPEN EVER AGAIN! What happened next is best documented in the extraordinary 1984 book “Ominous Politics, The New Conservative Labyrinth” by John S. Saloma III, Hill and Wang. (More about THIS and Saloma later. I’m a member of the super secret “JOHN S. SALOMA III SOCIETY” and most of OUR heroes have been eliminated)

As much as I despise these Conservative stiffs, anyone involved with ORGANIZING the PEOPLE has got to admire the long range strategic planning of think tanks on the RIGHT (1976-2001). AND one of the most successful aspects of this organization is what I call RADIO FREE CONSERVATIVE.

While Liberals were STUCK living off 60’s victories and grooving to FM radio’s pop music culture… Conservatives quietly bought up the AM radio airwaves at bargain basement prices. It was #*@/’n genius.

Enter former Kansas City sportscaster, steroid/painkiller dealer Rush Limbaugh and the golden microphone of the EIB radio network. THIS fat, loudmouth Cigar$ucker is the “Tokyo Rose” of our time.

Remember the COLD WAR? The United States broadcast programming through Radio Free Europe and Voice of America… OR what the Intelligence Community calls PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE!
“…The goal of psychological warfare is to change the behavior of countries and their populations. Normally, the intent is to WEAKEN the loyalty and confidence that PEOPLE have in their leaders’ polices . An attempt to INFLUENCE the attitudes of the PEOPLE living there…”
(“International Relations through Science Fiction”, edited by Martin Greenburg and Joseph D. Olander)

NOW, can ANYONE who’s ever tried to hold a legitimate debate with ONE OF Rush Limbaugh’s “DITTO-HEADs, tell me Radio Free Conservative wasn’t history’s most successful brainwashing of a target population? COME ON! Limbaugh and a gaggle of Conservative talk clones were taught all the textbook forms of “bias persuasion” that divided the nation and made Republican voters into FOOLS and Liberals into TARGETS!

In the book “Violence in America” edited by Thomas Rose (Vintage books) Newton Garver writes:
Another insidious form of psychological violence is what might be called the “Freudian rebuff”. This type has the effect of what John Henry Newman called “POISONING THE WELLS”. If he tries to advance facts and statistics, they are discounted and his involvement is attributed to Freudian factors. If he attempts to prove himself free of the aberration in question, his very protest is used as evidence against him. To structure a situation against a person in such a manner does violence to him by depraving him of his dignity…”

So while people like myself were given uncomplimentary labels such as “liberal wacko” or “red diaper doper baby”, Conservative think tanks actually convinced half America’s voting population that GEORGE W. BUSH and JESUS were on the same side… WHAT? }

What would I get, inquired the man who just insured his property against fire, if this building should burn down tonight?
I would say, replied the insurance agent, about 10 years

I, with the help of few Concerned Citizens, have a record of being right and predicting failure that’s so far beyond anything the so-called EXPERTS base their careers on. WHAT? Do I have to BREAK IN and TAKE my props using brute force. My non-violent routine is UNSUCCESSFUL and getting old…

No one of any notoriety would give me credit for my FIGHT! All the hard work, creativity, imagination, strategy… It’s my own FAULT, I sought out my behind the scenes role and trusted those I worked with or contacted to give credit where credit is due. But that’s NOT the kind of world we live in…

I’ve been ignored, shunned and prosecuted for my writing and work as a Boat-Rocker. NO ONE in America wants to publish or HELP me with my career choice. Believe me I’ve wrote to every government, media, organizational outlet on the American scene with hardly a legitimate, meaningful reply.

NOTE: Thank you to Howard Zinn who called my writing “Vivid and compelling” saying I could use THAT if I ever get published. Also Larry Flynt for sending me that encouraging letter, (lol) NOW THAT‘S THE CLASS I‘M LOOKING FOR

The Democrats and Obama people send me form letters begging for monetary contributions. The media elites refuse to even acknowledge that I exist. Pundits will use my ideas without giving me credit and one editor told me my work is “too controversial…” and can I write it as a fiction story?

The Staff at the Oprah Empire have blocked my emails because I’m upsetting Queen O with the REALITY she IGNORED me/mine while giving all those FAKES/FRAUDS the precious national spotlight.

Even the people of alternative media and Progressive outlets like Amy Goodman/Maria Santelli Indy Media types, the Peace and Justice Crowd, MOVEON.org, ACLU, Lawyers Guild, Air America, Z-Magazine, Progressive Magazine and almost every pundit and talk radio host…

ALL have turned a blind eye toward my work because I question their COURAGE and WILL to achieve the kind of CHANGE we’ve been HOPING for in the last 45 years… KEEP HOPING m’#*~/’s. They think I’m “TOO ANGRY” AND A THREAT to their world of bullshit Eastern based Religion, Karma, sensitivity/Response training among OTHER Liberal hand holding, protest techniques . I bet I’ve reached MORE Americans with my organizing, blogs, message posts, emails and talk radio calls then ALL the Liberals with their protest marches and yoga lessons of the last 8 years

According to everyone who didn’t think I was worth the 2 minutes to reply I pose this question: Why listen to the guy who knows the best way to fight against the Neo-Con hordes? Just because they’re THREATENING your lifestyle choices on a daily basis it’s no reason to be PREPARED or get tough, right?

I think President Obama needs to worry about the divisions here in the USA, maybe MORE than those that exist around the world. The stage has been set for a major show down between Conservatives and the rest of Americans. The 20% of Conservatives that STILL listen to Cheney, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter, Beck, Goldberg and the rest have been mobilized to strike out against ALL those that threaten their warped, vile agendas.

These right-wing fanatics and Conservative wackos are WELL-ARMED and misled to believe they are GOD’s chosen people who must stop the Democrat/Liberal infidels. I DARE all you Left-wing spokespersons to attend one of the Fundamentalist/Evangelical Christian Right churches this weekend OR a Republican Party Coalition meeting and hear for yourselves the HATE speech that’s going to be preached NOW and for the remainder of the Obama/Biden Administration.

I guarantee acts of violence will increase against those that exist on the Left side of the political spectrum and innocent bystanders. NOT only THAT but Right-wing fanatics in the Military, FBI, CIA, NSA, local law enforcement will set up ops to make Obama and the Democrats LOOK BAD, weak and incompetent.

(EXAMPLE: Sheriff Darrin White in New Mexico. Refuses to take responsibility for helping to turn NM into a Bush/Cheney Red State in 2004. This LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER would bust and ruin a persons life for a misdemeanor infraction but didn’t bat an eye at all the waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, corruption, sexual deviancy, arms dealing, war profiteering and Constitutional VIOLATIONS of the last 8 years. Now he’s on the radio every weekend pushing Republican Conservatism like an 8 ball of meth… tearing down everything Obama/Biden is doing)

Doesn’t ANYONE find the timing suspicious, that a Muslim (Carlos Bledsoe) shot the Military recruiters (Little Rock, ARK) just BEFORE President Obama goes to the Middle East? A Muslim under FBI interest/surveillance? I know, I KNOW… it’s just ANOTHER coincidence, RIGHT?

This has been going on WAY BEFORE the CIA first taught Arabs how to build car bombs and improvised explosive devices during the Soviet/Afghani conflict. Before that it was those racist #*~/’n Brit’s going through the Middle East playing Lawrence of Arabia, getting the savages all worked up and teaching them to use guns and bombs. The ARABS were nothing but nomadic tribes before #*~/’n White Protestants made them into soldiers… THAT WORKED OUT WELL, right?

If ANYONE can explain how CIA, MI-6 meddling in the Middle East has been for the best interests of the PEOPLE, the PLEASE write me and give me a clue cause I’M NOT GETTING IT! I’m not sure what the original mandate was for the CIA but if it had anything to do with keeping the arms dealers and war profiteers perpetually wealthy and powerful… THEN THEY’VE DONE A GOOD JOB!

If Obama/Biden were really committed to CHANGE, they’d put an unafraid, tough, boat-rocker like ME into the CIA for ACCOUNTABILITY purposes… Make sure the covert sons a bitches are WORKING IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

WARNING! Gay Americans, Pro-choice Americans, Liberal political activists and environmentalists should use extra caution in the coming years because the Conservatives are poor sports and will impose their dumbass, hateful, loser mentality on the rest of us BY ANY MEAN POSSIBLE!

FOX News and the MANY hosts on Radio Free Conservative should be investigated for HATE speech and instigating the right-wing fanatics for future prosecution. Any American with a camera, cell phone, computer or position should collect any evidence they OBSERVE to be put in a National Data Bank so the violators can be punished…

Just look at the Way the radical Pro-Life organization Operation Rescue and it’s cult leader Randall Terry has been ALLOWED to incite violence against ANYONE getting in it’s way? Why is it one kind of Terrorist act is better than another?

I’m about to go anarchist. I love my country… it’s the government, corporations, media and half the PEOPLE I can’t stand… I had it, my patients is gone. I DIDN’T VOLUNTEER SO MUCH OF MY FREE TIME TO GET Obama/Biden and Democrats elected so they could decide NOT TO prosecute Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and dedicate statues of #*~/’n that anti-christ, trickle down m’#*~/r Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan FUCK YOU TOO ASSHOLES! It’s revolution time! NOW or NEVER YOU #*~/’N COWARDS!

I suspending my writing campaign until a publisher or agent has the heavos to step up and HELP ME OUT OF THIS DEEP, DARK HOLE the Status Quo has dug for me. I’m presently going around the nation forming a Civilian Oversight Movement of Concerned Citizens. AND IF THAT doesn’t work then I’ll organize a cult like the anti-abortion Operation Rescue. I’ll call it OPERATION RESCUE AMERICA (from the right-wing numbskulls conservative fanatics who want to destroy/kill the rest of US) AND USE THE SAME TECHNIQUES AND INCITEMENT the FBI has ignored from the radical pro-life nutcases for years…

I guess a handful of Concerned Citizens and MYSELF will do you fighting for Democrats/Liberals pussies everywhere. For all those who embrace our belief system but STILL don’t POSSESS the WILL to do what needs to be done to get our agendas PASSED! Thanks for nothing ya stiffs… I got MORE support from disgruntled Republicans than those on my side of the political spectrum… COWARDS!

In case someone hasn’t noticed our elected officials have been acting like a bunch of HO’s, representing the SPECIAL INTERESTS rather than sticking to their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution and WORK FOR THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

© 2009 by FGE, Salagogo, Charlie Stunats


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