“…the Devil knew NOT what he did, when he made MAN politic…”


…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

Lloyd the Baptist

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

as usual, Conservatives missed the sign

2/11/13 as predicted REPENT ...or face the wrath of GOD!
NOTE: The struggle between GOOD and EVIL exists the world over, even in the Vatican.
Lloyd the Baptist warned the Vatican to REPENT or face the wrath of GOD. GOD wants the Church to embrace the Beatitudes of JESUS or else!
We predict a new Pope will rise above EVIL to set an example for all men/women to follow. 

Now the children of Republicans/Conservative are all going mad. Conservatives wackos spread the hate speech, racism and terrible interpretations of scripture, but now it’s coming back at them with a murderous rage by skinheads hooked on meth/ pain pills and other rebellious or mentally unbalanced youth. 
WATCH the children of right-wing, Evangelical Pastors and hard core Conservative Republicans... 

©2013 by SPQR & Rev. Chris Ward