“…the Devil knew NOT what he did, when he made MAN politic…”


…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

Lloyd the Baptist

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kick the Republicans/Conservatives while they're DOWN!

You know what? I've figured out how to best help every Liberal/Progressive movement on the American scene. The Public Option crowd, Anti-War protesters, the anti-Capitalists, environmentalists... (the Put Bush/Cheney Heads on a Stake PEOPLE)

THAT would be to DO everything in my power to ruin the careers of Republicans/Conservatives. The LESS POWER they have to interfere/roadblock, the better it is for EVERYONE on the Left. You guys do what YOU DO and I'll stick with my trusted allies to do what we do best. How's THAT for a Coalition?

The 2010 election is VERY important. Republicans MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE BACK CONGRESS or make gains in Governor races (Virginia & New Jersey in 2009). If THEY DO... then it doesn't matter what VITAL ISSUE you're fighting for... YOU'LL BE #*~/ed

NOTE: (I realize the Democrats aren't much better but were talk'n Lesser Evils here, OK! But I DO suggest we find 3rd Party Candidates to run against Senators Max Baucus (D-Mont ), Kent Conrad (D-ND), Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark), Bill Nelson (D-Fla) and Tom Carper (D-Del)

So I suggest all you CONCERNED CITIZENS get together and start planning NOW! Pick your candidates wisely... IT'S no matter WHO you vote for... as long as the #*~/'n Republicans on your ballot DON'T WIN!

I say kick the right-wing, mentally deranged, dumb-ass freaks while they're down... it's WAY past time to put the final nails in THAT coffin.

You #*!~/'n political ladder climbers want to ORGANIZE for a good cause... THAT would be a good place to start.

ANOTHER Conservative nutcase Joy Tiz is one of those Clare Booth Luce grads, right? "Obama Nutz" Huh? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This woman makes NO SENSE AT ALL. That's all the Republicans/Conservative have... appealing to the most ignorant, delusional, racist wackos in America. What frightens me the most is that there's SO DAMN MANY OF THEM. We need another Civil War... put the stupid bastards in their place AGAIN!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

IS Conservative Vagary a product of mental illness or think tank brainwashing?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: A moment of silence for the victims of 9/11 terrorist acts.

9/11 PRAYER for the Christian Right

In the name of Almighty GOD, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT… please LORD, destroy the evil that causes such horrific human events. The wrath of GOD upon those that planned and executed these evil acts. The virtue of our LORD's righteous vengeance upon those that PROFIT from war, chaos, fear, racism, poverty, etc Amen."

Rep. Joe Wilson R-SC takes back his apology and goes on You Tube to raise money from the SHEEP

Joe Wilson is representative of all that is wrong with the USA. The only reason hateful, racist degenerates like Wilson get elected is because ignorant, misinformed people can vote. Maybe we should require voters to take an exam that would test their mental capabilities and knowledge of US history. Especially in South Carolina, the people there seem to have a problem deciding which leaders are worthy of their VOTE. Americans are going to start telling South Carolina stupid jokes

There’s a thread of mental illness/severe superiority complexes that connects Joe Wilson to Rush Limbaugh to FOX News and the right-wing propaganda they spread. I think this phenomena should be the subject of serious study and publication by the mental health community.

CASE STUDY: Glenn Beck represents the delusion, dumbasses who know nothing about US history. The USA hasn’t seen such an outbreak of this kind of Conservative mental illness since the 50’s Senator Joe McCarthy blacklist plaque.

These fans of the evil Beck would dig up and vote for Joe McCarthy, J. Edger Hoover, Mussolini… I bet if it was possible these pathetic numbskulls would have voted for Bush/Cheney a THIRD TIME! They’d take a loyalty oath, urine test and get in line with the rest of the sheep that are idiotic enough to believe JESUS was a white fascist (lol) and GOD loves the Bush Crime Family.


9-20-09 approx. 8:51am EST, Call from Frank for Rev. Jesse Jackson, Keep Hope Alive Radio Show:

I think there IS a certain amount of racist attitudes but it’s coming from a small minority of crazies. The news media makes it seem worse than it really is. The Aryan nutcases can be put in their place. What worries me AND What Rev. Jackson has already addressed is there’s a different kind of racism in the USA. It comes from Corporate Elitists discriminating against Working Americans. They’ll give uncomplimentary labels to those PEOPLE concerned about their jobs, pensions, health care. Call them Socialists or Communists to keep them down. They demonize Organized Labor and marginalize such victories as the 8 hour work day, 5 day work week and cost of living wage hikes. The Corporate interests will spend millions to perpetuate a Status Quo that denies Human Rights around the nation and around the world. This isn’t a Civil Rights struggle it’s more of a Class War. A fight we all working Americans should be involved in. The trick is not to be fooled by all BS meant to divide the American PEOPLE!

CALL to Bill Press Radio Show 9-23-09:
"This whole ACORN THING IS RIDICULOUS. ARE YOU #*~/‘n KIDDING ME? Newt Gingrich and the Republicans in Congress PREACHING about tax dollars used to fund corrupt organizations. OOOhhhhhhh that’s a #*~/’n GOOD ONE!
I SAY We throw ACORN under the bus just so the precedent is set for congressional investigations. There’s 25 years of Republican reckless economics, incompetence, WAR PROFITEERING, special interest pandering and off shore account scandal I’d like investigated with a fine tooth comb… Give the greedy scrubs a taste of their own bad medicine, FOLLOW THE MONEY!"

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Right-Wing degeneracy comes to the House Chamber in a joint session of Congress

When a Democrat is in the Whitehouse I never miss a Presidential address to Congress. There’s few things funny as watching the Republican side of the hall react to the speeches of Carter, Clinton and now Obama. Really, go back and look at the long faces and pained eyes. Like every Conservative in the room was constipated or impotent.

But THIS time it was different, a Black man is President… Many of the Southern State and Texas “good ole boys” just can’t deal with that fact so they THINK they have the RIGHT to DISRESPECT. (or what the world calls RACISM)

There I was, enjoying a Pacifico Clara with fellow Concerned Citizens, watching President Obama making one hell of a GREAT speech. It answered all the criticisms the Right-Wing has used against Healthcare and made the Republicans look like fools. (McCain called it more partisan then he liked…) YEA, and it’s about #*~/ TIME!

Anyway, we were getting our laughs watching the enraged Republicans react to the President’s speech. But this was different from all the other joint sessions of Congress I’ve seen. It was as though the guys from “Cuckoo’s Nest” had invaded the House of Representatives. Like I wrote in the previous post… Van Jones was RIGHT, Republicans ARE assholes! All the proof one needs is now a matter of record and on video.

One of those “squeal like a pig”, Rush Limbaugh degenerates, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) was wearing a hastily made protest sign like a dunce cap. “What Bill” was written in crayon. (lol) Gohmert was fidgeting in his seat trying to hide the huge beer belly with his little sign.

Then Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) did the unthinkable… this pitiful maniac decided it was a good idea to shout “You lie” to President Obama as he was addressing the bullshit Republicans put out about illegal aliens getting free health care. It was an unprecedented act of DISRESPECT not seen in the Congress since the Civil War. The House filled with BOO’s from BOTH SIDES of the aisle.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) tried making excuses for his fellow South Carolinian talking about “…the President’s combative tone”, but the damage was done.

I can’t think of many Americans who actually want the fear/smear tactics Republicans have been pushing at Town Hall meetings, in the Halls of Congress. It was a shameless display that was an embarrassment for all involved. (You Republican c*^ksuckers think you can bring that tea party, birther, health-scare bullshit into MY government? You pathetic morons got a big surprise coming)

Speaking for myself. I’m going to South Carolina for the next election and do EVERYTHING I can to destroy the career of Rep. Joe Wilson. I suggest every American send donations and support South Carolina Democrat Rob Miller in the next election AGAINST that Republican right-wing punk Joe Wilson. An inbred idiot like THAT doesn’t deserve the trust and confidence of constituents. (of those not brain-dead anyway)

NOTE: (What the #*~/ is WRONG with the PEOPLE of South Carolina? You morons have a warped idea of what leaders are worthy of your VOTE! That sex fiend you people elected Governor Mark Sanford. Oh yea, he was GOD’s chosen to waste your tax dollars going to Argentina to get laid. Just so you JERK-OFFS know, the last state I worked came out of the 2008 election with a Democratic SWEEP… so be AFRAID mother#*~/’s)

All the vile, ignorant bullshit perpetrated by Conservatives over the last few months is catching up to them. The MAJORITY of Americans are starting to see the Republicans for what they really are… Offensive, negative, sore LOSERS gone MAD!

Yeaaaaa I figure it was the late 70’s when the Republican Party started down the road to insanity. The phenomena is best described in the amazing document titled “Ominous Politics, The New Conservative Labyrinth” by John S. Saloma III (1984).

Republicans/Conservatives, led astray by huge budgets and special interest think tanks, thought they could NEVER be held ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. It took 25 years but Obama getting elected President represented the demands of a MAJORITY and the downfall of the Republican Party and Conservative ideology. Superiority complexes most Republicans are suffering from are NOW BEING BROUGHT TO LIGHT and the END is inevitable…