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…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

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Monday, July 20, 2009

An OPPORTUNITY of a LIFETIME... I'm NOT willing to pass up!


Power concedes NOTHING without DEMANDFrederick Douglas

Here we go AGAIN… Unfortunately, I’m old enough to have lived through this phenomenon once before. What I’m talking about is how everyone is kicking back, enjoying the meltdown of the Republican Party but STILL allowing them to warp and corrupt the CHANGE we all VOTED FOR!

The thing about that REALLY troubles me is I’ve already witnessed this back in the 70’s. There the Republicans were... victims of their own corruption, scandal and paranoia. One foot in the grave and NO ONE AROUND TO FINISH THEM OFF.

Ohhhh noooo… The Progressives of that time were too busy living off their victories, getting high with Cheech & Chong, grooving to the tunes on the FM while THEY MISSED ALL THE SIGNS OF A REPUBLICAN COMEBACK

I’ve been trying to WARN the American people NOW… the way Concerned Citizens such as John S. Saloma III were doing back in the late 70’s early 80’s. (“Ominous Politics, The New Conservative Labyrinth”) while Republicans were laying the groundwork for all the problems the USA is now facing!

I’m not kidding here… Progressives need to GET TOGETHER with Obama/Biden, the Democratic Party, 3rd Party members, disgruntled Right-wingers, etc to PUT AN END to this brand of holier-than-thou Republican Conservatism THAT ALMOST DESTROYED US ALL!

Americans were forced to live through this kind of trickle down BULLSHIT since Reagan and the Bush Family came to power... BUT NO MORE! Progressives the world over have a once in a lifetime chance and GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY here that I, for one, AM NOT WILLING TO LET SLIP AWAY!

I say, PUT the stake of righteousness in the vile, black heart of this Republican/Conservative vampire before it rises from the dead to once again suck the lifeblood from the American PEOPLE.

WHAT! …we going to live off our Obama/Biden, Democratic Party victories and let this evil plaque of the Republican Party rise once again? Allow their evil talk about Birth Certificates, socialism and nationalistic white pride get in the way of EVERYTHING WE WORKED SO HARD FOR... FOR WHAT WE VOTED FOR?

I say NO WAY! IT’S NOW OR NEVER for true enlightened CHANGE

I think the thing that pisses me off most about President Obama is I don’t UNDERSTAND how the President is treating Progressives and ignoring our conclusions. He’s been so busy trying to make nice with the Republican Party LOSERS while turning his back on all the people who worked so hard to get him elected… NOT EVEN A THANK YOU! What the fuck? Why would ANYONE, let alone the President want to give credibility to these Republican madmen?

The USA NEEDS the hard-working, blue collar, grassroots activists and concerned citizens in the trenches DOING ALL THE WORK… Y’know, all the average Americans NEVER given NATIONAL ATTENTION or upper class, organizing connections? Those proud volunteers WHO KNOW HOW TO ACTUALLY USE THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS for the benefit of the PEOPLE…

Why would ANYONE want to deny these HARDENED, EXPERIENCED INDIVIDUALS who know how to fight Republicans in their own back yard. Using the same tough-guy techniques that appeals to the Conservative base dumb-asses SO THEY LISTEN!

Let the noodles at Indy Media and Progressive Talk Radio preach to the choir… BUT why not at the same time... we fund the boat-rockers to make Conservatives see the error of their ways. WHY NOT ME, m’therfu*/’s? Just because so many Democrats don't have the balls to take on the Republicans... doesn't mean there isn't individuals (such as myself) around that would get a #*~/'n HARD-ON from totally destroying this corrupt, warped, delusional ideological belief system.

YEA, I get my kicks going into enemy territory to take on the Republicans. Or out on the road speaking to students and the PEOPLE on the street. I’ve been on the best University campuses or in bad neighborhoods that cause door locking terror in MOST Americans. I’ve taken on skinheads face to face... and I was in the Mosque of Pomona when Tony Mohamed made a speech about the “White Devils”. HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW who can go to almost any city in America and find the radicals a few hours after rolling into town?

NOTE: Sure it’s great people like Ed Shultz are going out to hear from the public but this has to happen more than a few times a year. This is going to take MORE an effort than it was to get Obama/Biden elected. I BEGGED the people on the Obama campaign in the spring of 2008 to ORGANIZE a movement that would last beyond the election. But everyone was TOO BUSY kissing Obama's @$$ to listen to reason...

I'm the ONE who already knows the best people to go on a lecture tour 300 DAYS A YEAR. Great speech makers with me to work crowds of CONCERNED CITIZENS into a righteous frenzy and then teach them how to form workshops and ORGANIZE in their own community. POWER IN NUMBERS, “ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL POLITICS” …BUT WE CAN’T DO IT FOR FREE ANYMORE!

How come the Republicans/Conservatives give props and rewards to the average guys like Joe the Plumber, fund Tea Parties... not to mention all those flunkies they hire to troll the internet or call talk radio or go on speaking engagements or attend Church meetings?

You fuck'n pussie ass bitch COWARDS got to give people like me some power/funding so we can achieve great things together…
Wake the fuck up and listen to street sense. The problem is so few on the Left side of the political spectrum have ever been in a street fight...

George W. Bush - instead of living off the public dole and raking in big bucks making speeches to those aristocratic assholes that benefited from all the waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, corruption, war profiteering

This silver spoon candy ass bastard George W. would be on the road to WORK OFF THE ENORMOUS DEBT he accumulated in his 8 years. We can send Bush Jr. to China where he can do the Monkey Dance for a Billion Chinese. ON the road, 6 times a week, 3 shows a day. (lol)

Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, Donald Rumsfeld, Rush Limbaugh, most of the Republican Congress since 1982, Rupert Murdoch, his gaggle of highly paid FOX spin HOs/propagandists/pundits and Right-wing Christian preachers would be sitting in crowded holding cells wearing chains waiting to be brought up on R.I.C.O. Act charges…

Sarah Palin, instead of News… be nothing more than a fund raising Ho! A pitiful existence meant to mobilize dumb-ass Conservative base. She’s a joke, the illegitimate love child of Michael Palin, a surreal Monty Python skit about the follies of Western Civilization.

All the Multi-National Corporations that took jobs away from American workers, ravaged, off-shored, expatriated most of the USA's wealth and resources… Instead of REWARDING them with taxpayer funds, Obama/Biden should have SEIZED their assets and used that wealth to bring industry back inside our borders. Every Corporate entity that made it’s fortune on the backs of American workers and infrastructure built by American taxpayers. What the fuck kind of leader would allow a bunch of #*~/'n Con Men to milk the American cow dry and then feed her to the Chinese?

I’d make the numbskulls who vote for these Republican hypocrites see ERROR of their ways… It’s not about raising taxes, it’s ALL ABOUT CORRECTING A SERIOUS misallocation of resources! And making the civil servants SERVE US INSTEAD OF GOING ON VACATION OR ATTENDING PARTIES OR GOING ON CORPORATE FUNDRAISERS. (You hear me Senator Harry Reid? Ya fuck'n pussy)

I hate to tell you America... but it’s going to take a HELL OF A LOT OF PEOPLE to get what we want. Power to the PEOPLE is the ONLY way to counter the MILLIONS of $’s the Special Interests are throwing at our legislators/government officials...


UPDATE: 7-21-09
I can’t... I CAN‘T TAKE IT NO MORE! If no one else steps up and get these fuck'n Right-Wing nut cases out of our politics.. THEN I'll ORGANIZE THE PEOPLE THAT WILL! AND IT WON'T BE PRETTY! This Conservative wacko bullshit has got to stop before this mentally deranged MADNESS gets in the way of America's COMEBACK! i'M NOT JOKING... IT'S TIME TO THIN THE HERD

All day today it was flurry of Republican activity LED by Uncle ToMoron, Michael Steele. NOT anything to save the nation or help in any way… NOTHING to make up for their reckless economics, low grade thought processes or Bush/Cheney… No real plans to fix healthcare in America… NO! It seems the grand long term strategic dimension of the Republican Party has got NOTHING to do with working for the best interests of the American PEOPLE… NOT IN THEIR WORLD!

IT was all about making HEALTHCARE into “Obama’s Waterloo”. Or questioning Obama’s patriotism. What I find hard to believe is these Connservative degenerates (including elected officials) have resurrected and got on board the Obama birth certificate nut trainYou fuck'n stupid motherfuckers are so concerned about fraudulent documents, I didn’t hear a tough guy peep from you Conservative wacko’s about the Bush AWOL papers… NOW that's a story... but the sellouts who run corporate media fired Dan Rather for exposing ONE ugly TRUTH about George W. Bush... I'm wondering what ELSE got covered up with mommy and daddy's money???

These people are so sick and demented they’d be happy to bring back Bush/Cheney or vote for Sarah Palin. fUCK yOU tOO asSHOLES! I PRAY THE WRATH OF GOD SMITS THEE before you people make me crazy...

Americans aren't supposed to be THAT STUPID!

7-20-09 Business? ...or give the USA the business?
Wal-Mart should be broken up and used to open locally OWNED businesses. Only in Texas they would think it was a good thing to sell out the American worker to the Communist Chinese and USE American infrastructure, so the Walton Family and a few top investors could make outrageous fortunes… WHAT THE FUCK is THAT?

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A moment of silence for Walter Cronkite please

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