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…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SHARE THE WEALTH and DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY! ...plus a script for Martin Scorsese, suckers (lol)

DEMOCRATS = Health Care

REPUBLICANS = Health Scare

BLUE DOG D’s = Don’t Care …except when it comes to taking BRIBES from Insurance Companies and the Pharmaceuticals.


It's ACCOUNTABILITY TIME ...viva la revolution!

UPDATE: 8-13-09
HA! I knew it… I wrote & wrote & WARNED & criticized… and NOT ONE of the many Progressive/Liberal organizations, alternative/Indy media or talk radio hosts UNDERSTOOD what I was writing about.

The Obama Healthcare Plan seems to have distanced itself from single payer as far as it can go. Just like all the Conservative bullshit that surrounds this issue. I don’t know who Obama is trying to fool but when dealing with the Republicans, CHANGE and COMPROMISE just don’t mix. The Status Quo is STILL in charge and Public Option are just words to keep Progressives/Liberals from starting trouble.

Progressive spokespersons have been making excuses for President Obama during the Health Care debate. The tougher among us want Obama/Biden to force through a legitimate plan that will make the best use of the one TRILLION dollar overhaul scheme. But many Left-wing pundits are saying "that's just not the way things work" in Washington, DC. There's RULES and PROCEDURES! ...bullshit!

Obama/Biden has RIGHT on their side! If Obama wants health reform he should DEMAND IT! (he already HAS a majority of the American PEOPLE to support his plan). Yes... JUST DO IT like Bush/Cheney Administration did for 2 wars, the Paulson bailout, torture, wiretapping, Homeland security and the #*~/'n Patriot Act. (HOW MUCH did all that cost the American taxpayer, MR/MS. I'm a fiscal conservative worried about the deficit and my children's future debt obligations... and WE love JESUS too? Has a bigger bunch of stupid, silly, delusional , misinformed m'#*~/'s EVER existed?)

The only thing President Obama lacks is the will and spine to lay the hammer down like Republicans do. As for the Progressives... it's all "one step forward two steps back"

I haven’t got through reading the House, Senate, Finance, Obama proposed versions of Health Care Reform. The one thing they all have in common is the Insurance Companies/big Pharma seem to somehow (once again) come out on TOP! (with the American PEOPLE bent over, pants down around their ankles, ready to get #*~/ed in the @$$) The MANDATE is very disturbing to me…

With all the Progressives talking & whining & talking & talking… and Obama/Biden STILL sold you out to keep a bunch of Corporate CEO’s and Conservative crazies, HAPPY! Just like that rigged BAILOUT! Socialism for the rich and powerful and #*~/ the rest of US... because the LEFT didn't have the will or fortitude to FIGHT BACK! The Republicans HAD A PLAN and ORGANIZED while you suckers were still living off your VICTORIES of the 2008 election. CHANGE, my skinny Italian-American ASS!

I don’t blame Obama, he’s been living under the treat of assassination since he was sworn in. Why should he ruin his children's lives for a bunch of cowards who couldn’t find a way to fight back or shut the Conservative wackos UP! Why should Obama and the Democrats do anything for you pathetic Left-wing PUSSIES. They already know YOU’RE ALL TALK! You people didn’t help during Bush/Cheney and you’re NOT going to change anything during Obama/Biden… THANKS FOR NOTHING, ya pathetic, spoiled COWARDS!

NO ETHICS, NO RESPONSIBILITY, NO ACCOUNTABILITY… because there’s NO BALLS! Where’s FDR or a Sen. Frank Church or an Abbie Hoffman when we NEED them? Maybe Salagogo is RIGHT! (READ END OF POST)

Original post 8-12-09:
I’m not sure if John Klein’s decision for CNN to get rid of all the radio talk hosts is such a bad idea… Don’t get me wrong Bill Press, (and others) I enjoy your radio shows, agree with most of what you say and am glad you’re on the air… but tell me please. WHAT GOOD DID ANY OF YOU accomplish during the 8 miserable, mind numbing years of Bush/Cheney? Even more disturbing is WHY hasn’t ANYONE CALLED OUT for Obama/Biden to hold Bush/Cheney (and Republicans) accountable for their reckless economic/foreign policies?
(It's like the Justice Dept. NEVER heard of the R.I.C.O. Act....)

All you radio hosts TALK a good game but IT WAS ALL TALK(just like rappers, lol, fIGHT THE pOWER my @$$! bling, bling) You're not willing to take it to the next level. Maybe now the people, who’ve been down in the trenches fighting for the Constitution and doing all the leg work, will get a chance to get PRECIOUS national airtime.

(Ed Shultz and his town hall meetings are good... I can only hope there's a whole lot of ORGANIZING going on before and after those gatherings. Progressives need to turn out in high numbers to get what they want)

Give a guy like ME a chance and the RESOURCES you’ve HAD for so long and I guarantee the Republicans would be walking on eggshells right NOW instead of all this Astroturf, Birther, Tea Bagger, Aryan Racist, holier-than-thou Christian bullshit that’s going on now.

I swear to GOD… I’m going to my local Town Hall MEETING and ask my representative WHY single payer healthcare is NOT on the table… AND IF SOME #@*~’n CONSERVATIVE NUTCASE LOSER interrupts ME there’s going to be a PROBLEM. (I’ll make sure one of my people is taking video)

Just a few open minded Progressives get IT! ...that there’s MORE than enough people on the LEFT preaching to the choir. WHAT WE NEED is tough-minded, boat-rockers to take on the right-wing extremists who seem to be hell bent on ruining the USA. I have no doubt Republicans/Conservatives would undermine official US policy and sane economic recovery just to make President Obama look bad. There’s MORE than enough proof to back up that claim… if one has been to a Town Hall meeting lately.

All this pitiful bullshit is more about being anti-Obama than pro-American, RIGHT? Like some anti-Obama Cult. Simply put, these right-wing fanatics HATE Obama and Progressive Democrats MORE than they LOVE America.

If they LOVED the USA they’d stand up and admit they made a HUGE mistake putting so much faith/trust in Bush Cheney and Republicans in Congress over the last few decades.

INSTEAD of holding their own Republican elected officials ACCOUNTABLE… these pitiful morons go out of their way to encourage/support the Astroturfers, Birthers, Tea Baggers, Christian fundamentalists, Aryan Racists among the other suckers that blame Obama for all the problems Bush/Cheney (and Republicans) left for them to deal with. These people from the "Conservative Labyrinth" (by John S. Saloma III) are so caught up in their warped ideological belief system… I think they’re more of a threat to the USA than al Qaeda.

(#*@/'n TRAITORS)

Y'know when I realized NO ONE in TV, Radio or print media/news really cares about ACCOUNTABILITY OR JUSTICE? After those two air marshals got caught transporting 33 POUNDS OF COCAINE (y’know, Nguyen & Sholar III) and NOT ONE PERSON WITH PRECIOUS AIRTIME KEPT THIS STORY FROM BEING BURIED! (pussies, PLEASE have one of your assistants find you some ciones) What really happened with THAT disturbing story?

I heard rumors that Bush/Cheney and the Republicans were laundering cocaine money through campaign contributions…

...AND what about Sibel Edmonds? Now that's a story I'd like to hear more about.

ANYTHING like THAT we can USE to DESTROY the Neo-Con's once and for all. We need a lot more DEMAND from everyone on the LEFT to actually HOLD our GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS to their sworn oath. YOU GOT TO BE TOUGH ON THEM instead of always kissing ass.
Maybe THEN I’ll have more RESPECT for all you people that JEALOUSLY hold on to the microphone like it was some kind of sex toy. SHARE THE WEALTH, motherf@*~/s.

© 2009 by FGE

UPDATE: 8-13-09
HA! I just got this forwarded communication from my good pal and fellow Concerned Citizen, Sal. I laughed my ass off when I read it... It's funny to me because I know Sal. He's beyond pissed off... WAY past frustrated...

This morning, I do believe Sal left the realm of activism and stepped over the line into anarchy (lol). Sal kicked outrage to the curb and wants ACTION now! I warned against it but Sal wanted me to post this exchange he had this morning with Bill Press, Chris Lavoie and myself. Sal is one tough, badass m'#*~/r. If I was a corrupt government official/law enforcement agent, on FOX Spin.... ahhhh, I mean News or a Conservative Radio Talk show host. I'd be afraid, VERY AFRAID!

(Keep in mind it's in a last message first format the way I received it. I didn't have time to edit and rearrange the content. Use you imagination and I think you'll understand.)

ENTER: script for Martin Scorsese

He's Italian-American, he'll UNDERSTAND... it's all about revenge!

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Salagogo
Hey F, I'VE HAD IT! If the privileged people who possess precious airtime on TV, radio and print media won't QUESTION AUTHORITY then the USA is dead! If GOVERNMENT under Obama/Biden and it's LAW ENFORCEMENT agents REFUSE to INVESTIGATE and PUNISH all those who participated in the greatest looting of wealth and resources in the history of mankind... THEN IT'S ON!

Come on F, We grew up in the same Italian immigrant hood as me. That story you always tell about hearing all the stories about how our parents and grandparents survived WWII under Mussolini. I never forget your quote: "They suffered, they endured and they KNOW A FACIST POLICE STATE WHEN THEY SEE IT..."

I'm not going to my grave living in shame like all those Italian PEOPLE did. It's got to be HELL living with the fact you were stupid enough to allow Mussolini to fuck up your country just because he "kept the trains running on time". Ohhh NO, NOT ME, not this Concerned Citizen. It's Revolution TIME, buddy!

The warriors are locked, loaded and in stealth mode. The Italian-Americans and the Native-Americans have dropped their hostilities over Columbus Day and made PEACE. Now we can make WAR on all those who fucked over the American PEOPLE! No one can say I didn't TRY to work within the system but all those fuck'n government officials, pundits, journalists, spokespersons and radio talk show hosts didn't give us the time of day let alone any assistance. Fuck'em all, IT'S GO TIME! See you on the other side...

From: Salagogo
Date: Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 6:43 AM
Subject: America needs responsible journalism so the PEOPLE can DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY
To: Chris Lavoie
OK, I'm sorry, please find it in your heart to forgive me. I'll just shut up now and we can all wait for the Republicans to make a comeback like they did in 1980 with Reagan/Bush. It WILL happen if we don't make the American PEOPLE realize just how badly they got @*~/ed over by the Right-wing fanatics...

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 6:35 AM, Chris Lavoie wrote:
It's just rude to start cursing at someone you don't even know.
Chris Lavoie, Executive Producer
The Stephanie Miller Show

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 5:33 AM, Salagogo wrote:
Ohhhh, did I hurt your tender sensibilities? That's the problem with all you radio talk shows... you have no street sense, no spine. You know how to preach to the choir but you have no idea how to TALK to our adversary's in away the morons can UNDERSTAND! IT'S vulgar, it's ugly I know, but Progressives need to rally the PEOPLE who KNOW how to fight the Conservative nutcases in their own backyard....

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 6:25 AM, Chris Lavoie wrote:
Please don't use language like that in an email to me ever again. Thank you.
Chris Lavoie, Executive Producer
The Stephanie Miller Show

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 5:24 AM, Salagogo wrote:
TO Bill Press Show, +fowarded to every Progressive talk radio host I could think of:
You let that asshole (Mike Gallagher) have national airtime to make his pathetic Conservative case but NOT someone who wants to bring these right-wing Con Artist DOWN! Hey Billy boy... like the old saying goes: "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the PROBLEM" GET IT?

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 6:09 AM, Salagogo wrote:
TO Bill Press Show call screener:

Did Bill Press just say ANY radio talk show host, including Limbaugh and Hannity know and analyze the issues AND ARE BEST PEOPLE TO BE ON THE NEWS?

Here's the thing Bill, WE NEED INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS that can delve into all the dirty little details of the Bush/Cheney Administration and the Republican Congress since Bush 41. HOW THEY SOLD OUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! I don't want opinion, I don't need controversy... all you talk show hosts have provided MORE THAN ENOUGH information to get me ANGRY! OK, I'm outraged and ready for ACTION... NOW #*~/'n WHAT?

More than anything, America needs News rooms filled with curious experts (WITH BALLS) who can provide the public with legitimate cases against all those CON ARTISTS who spent the last few decades fucking over the American PEOPLE! Our Justice Dept needs a kick in the ass to get these criminals off the streets. I'll bet if they were Italian-American (instead of pasty faced, silver spoon W.A.S.P's) the FBI and CNN would be all over the people who committed the crime of the century, the greatest looting of a nation's wealth and resources in the history of mankind. AMERICA NEEDS ACCOUNTABILITY, not entertainment... assholes!

(C) 2009 by Salagogo

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