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…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

Lloyd the Baptist

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm wondering HOW MANY of these politicHo's, news pundits, radio talk show hosts or so-called EXPERTS have experienced life as an average American?


Give me a break with the Police (Sgt. Crowley) - Black man (Professor Gates) controversy. Here’s the argument in a nutshell:

7-26-09 approx. 5:45am PST - Call to Reverend Jesse Jackson “Keep Hope Alive” radio show (on audio tape) ...YEA, SCORE!
I’m Italian-American and PROUD to say I respect you Rev. Jackson and the work you/your’s have done to address police brutality and abuse of power issues. It actually scares me to think where the USA would be without people like you and Rev. Al Sharpton out on the road making law enforcement ACCOUNTABLE for their actions… I saw the IMPACT firsthand in Southern California for Tyisha Miller, Irving Landrum Jr., Margaret Lavern Mitchell, Ginenne Stover, Dante Meniefield, Mario Paz, etc…

The way I see it Reverend Jackson, there’s only two sides to this Professor Gates/Sgt Crowley argument…

PRO - If one has NEVER been or know about a VICTIM of police abuse of power then SHUT the #*~ UP… You know NOTHING!

CON - Unless a person has over 200 like-minded people with video cameras behind him… then don’t badmouth or back talk to a cop… especially after sundown (lol) You can’t WIN! They have guns, they have power and might have had a bad day! So be careful…

You want to criticize the police for something… I think we should address the way police instead of protecting and serving, have been turned into revenue generators for local governments. Ticketing, fining, penalizing, seizing from people that are already struggling below the poverty level Black, White, Yellow and Brown(Yea 40 MILLION of them)

I UNDERSTAND… but give me a break with the racism about rich, famous, well-connected Professor Gates... NO minority in America has been harassed by law enforcement MORE THAN ITALIAN-AMERICANS! Ok, want an example? Just look at the NJ scandal in the news recently It’s a crime wave involving White Anglo Saxon Protestant politicians/real restate developers and Jewish Rabbi’s BUT they’re calling it the Soprano State Scandal… (lol)

PLEASE… I’m a middle aged, Italian-American, White man BUT because I had the AUDACITY to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY from my government and IT’s law enforcement agents… I was subjected to the kind of harassment, abuse of power, fines, penalties, searches, seizures, tow, impounds, fees, court costs ANY OTHER PERSON IN AMERICA STRUGGLING BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL HAS EXPERIENCED

Minorities might attract MORE attention but it isn’t just a police VS minority thing anymore… PROTECT and SERVE then has become PENALIZE, $ and CONTROL now…

The USA fell to #37 on the World Health Organization’s list of the National healthcare systems… But Limbaugh, Hannity and the Republican Party says we have the world’s best… OK! Explain please? Y’know? WITH fact and statistics

I watched the 5-22-09 Bill Moyers Journal (PBS) on HEALTHCARE. IT was enlightening, inspirational, informative… Moyer’s asked the right questions and his expert guests had all the facts, statistics and eyewitness accounts to back up their conclusions… NOTHING, of course, that an American either here or oversees could find on the network/cable TV so-called NEWS!

(I blame the mainstream news outlets for ALL the problems the USA is facing. If the so-called journalists had been doing their jobs… all the waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, corruption, bias, job loss, control, arms dealing, war profiteering, Constitutional violations of the last few decades WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE!)

Indy Media AND Progressive Talk Radio hosts such as Amy Goodman, Maria Santelli, Thom Hartman, Nicole Sandler, Randi Rhodes, etc… have reported on life experiences on the American scene. Real stories of real people SCAMMED, RUINED & KILLED by OUR PRESENT HEALTHCARE SYSTEM…

They exposed blaring, vile and outrageous flaws. Profiteering and corruption on a scale that cancels out any HEALING that’s being done. And LONG list of middle men that made huge contributions to our legislators so they could make fortunes at the expenses of the sick and disabled… OVERCHARGING on a level that makes the Soprano’s look like honest business men. $350 wheelchairs that companies charge the government $1200 a MONTH for! (#*~/'n WASP's)

(these people remain FREE because Law Enforcement agents in the USA are such pussies they took on the motto of teen age Puerto Rican girls "If you Black, get back, if you're Brown, stick around, if you White, you're all right, can't do no wrong") lol

A system that's been so #*~/ed up by politicHo’s, lawyers and lobbyists that it would take a TOTAL OVERHAUL to fix… but the people who CAN change it don’t want to because the STATUS QUO tells them PROFIT COMES BEFORE HEALTH or CARE.

AND… according to Rush Limbaugh it’s all a scam… The Socialism President Obama is involved in, is all about giving reparations to minorities… WHAT? (I swear I’m going to piss on this fat m”#*~/s grave…)


NOTE: (I’M about to go off on another anti-Media/Conservative talk radio rant. For the sake of space and time, to streamline my rage... I’m going to use the word Limbaugh$ in my writing. This is just a term I use to define Rush Limbaugh and all the clones he sired. Y’know, Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, Medved, Ingraham, Cunningham, etc… And the big bucks the corporations and Republican operatives pay them. Because their listenership and ad sales just does NOT ADD UP or justify the huge salaries all these hosts bring down. I’m not including Savage because Michael was the ONLY Conservative Talk show host to tell the truth and criticize Bush/Cheney when Conservatives REALLY needed to hear IT! I think Michael Savage contributed to many Republicans voting as Independents or even Democrats...)

You sick, twisted, right-wing mothefuckers can’t possibly believe that the Limbaugh$ KNOW MORE THAN THE EXPERTS? On everything from the environment to foreign policy to the economy Rush Limbaugh AKA el rushbo, with his glorious naked body and half his brain tied behind his back knows more about what the USA needs than scientists and scholars, professionals and professors, the experienced and wise… Rush Limbaugh has an argument for each and every vital issue of our day

I’ve been listening to the
Limbaugh$ for years… and THEN I listen to the local talk shows that are on the same stations with the Limbaugh$… IT gives me a clear picture of how the bullshit is trickling down to the masses. Callers to local shows PARROT the same sentiment expressed by the Limbaugh$ but HAVE NO IDEA WHY. When questioned, these morons have NO ANSWERS beyond what they hear from the Limbaugh$… GO AHEAD… ask a Ditto-head, you know, a question and see what I mean… (lol)

I listen to these
idiots and I can’t believe or understand what I’m hearing. It’s like they’re some kind of alien culture, living in a different world for the last 8 years… Blame Obama, Praise Bush? COME ON!

I not living through another finger pointing, blame session like what the Republicans did to Clinton in the 90’s. Fuck their
Conservative morality and fuck their right-wing low grade thought processes.

See I’m a results oriented person. When I do a job, all the people involved get a chance to prove they know what the fuck they’re talking about or doing. I know pretty much in a few weeks if that person is a capable, talented individual or a bullshit artist that will only fuck things up for everyone

NOW, Americans gave 8 years to
Bush/Cheney and 12 of 14 years to Republicans in Congress, not to mention a right-wing leaning Supreme Court… AND WHAT HAPPENED? Enough Americans believed in the Limbaugh$ to give these Republicans a chance and what did they get for their blind faith and loyalty? FAILED ECONOMY, FAILED WARS, FAILED MANUFACTURING, JOB LOSS, MEDIA CONSOLIDATION, OFF SHORE ACCOUNT TAX EVASION, BANKING SCANDALS, CORPORATE CRIME WAVE, RACIST ATTITUDES, ON & ON & ON

There’s NO other explanation for these dolts I can come up with beyond greed or mental illness. It’s not like there ISN’T overwhelming evidence to counter ANYTHING the Limbaugh$ are saying but the HARD HEADS JUST DON’T POSSESS THE CAPACITY FOR SHAME OR TO SAY THEY WERE WRONG! I do feel the Limbaugh$ have inspired a plague of SEVERE superiority complexes.

Wikipedia definition of SUPERIORITY COMPLEX
The term "superiority complex", in everyday usage, refers to an overly high opinion of oneself; in psychology, it refers to the unrealistic and exaggerated belief that one is better than others. In some people, this develops as a way to compensate for unconscious feelings of low self-esteem or inadequacy. For example, bullies who push other children around act like they are stronger and smarter than others their age. Sometimes, the reality is that they simply have low self-esteem and bully others in order to compensate for their perceived lack of self worth.

The socially awkward teen may convince themselves that the reason they cannot connect with more forward individuals is because they are more intelligent and sophisticated than them. In adults, even business executives may put on a tough facade and try to make others think well of them, but inside they feel inadequate and do not respect themselves.[2] Therefore, those exhibiting the superiority complex may project their feelings of inferiority onto others whom they perceive as 'lessers,' possibly for the same reasons for which they themselves may have been ostracized.

Behaviors related to this mechanism may include an exaggerated opinion of one’s worth and abilities, unrealistically high expectations in goals and achievements for oneself and others, persistent attempts to correct others (regardless of whether or not they are actually correct), vanity, extravagant dressing (intent on drawing attention), excessive need for competition, pride, over-sentimentality and affected exaltation, snobbishness, a tendency to discredit others' opinions and over-forcefulness aimed at dominating those considered as weaker or less important.[3] The conscious awareness of one's delusion typically results in a temporal phenomenen called cognitive dissonance, which may or may not serve the purpose of bringing that person back "down to earth".

WHAT THE #*~/ IS WRONG WITH CONSERVATIVES, REPUBLICANS AND THE BLUEDOGS? And all you people that listen to the likes of those paid for blowharts Limbaugh and Hannity… you’re FOOLS! I wouldn’t care if these propagandists were just entertainment BUT IT’S NOT! These m’#*~/s get incompetent, corrupt people like Bush/Cheney ELECTED!

Lets say you PATHETIC morons DO get rid of Obama/Biden and the DemocratsTHEN WHAT?

…all I can say is IF single payer healthcare among a host of VITAL ISSUES ARE not brought to the table RIGHT NOW, and voted on… then YOU PoliticHo’s need to #*~/’n GO AWAY (or disappear)

©2009 by FGE, Salagogo, Charlie Stunats & B. Mary

NOTE: I can't WAIT for football season this year. It's shaping up to be one hell of a SEASON! Ok, OK... I'm going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction. Imagine a Bills VS Cowboys Superbowl re-match... I pick Buffalo by 6.

OooooHhhhhh by the way, I realize what Michael Vick did was fucked up... BUT he did the time, HE PAID THE PRICE (more than most people, especially in Washington DC) Let the man PLAY FOOTBALL, damn it! (as long as he's NOT in the AFC East) lol


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