“…the Devil knew NOT what he did, when he made MAN politic…”


…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

Lloyd the Baptist

Friday, December 8, 2017

before Hanukkah, real story of GODs will for Chosen peoples

We introduced the Lost Tribe of Judah to our Native bros/sisters from local Tribes Zuni Navajo Hopi Apache. It was revealed stories FROM both their ancestors held a deep connection to GOD.

After WWII GODs REAL plan for the Jews was to give them safe haven w/ the other Chosen - American Natives. A blessed land were water flows from the ground east of Sanders between Chi Chil Tah on the AZ / NM border.

BUT wicked money lovers from War Profiteers & Big Oil who needed excuse to steal Middle East resources, so they misled the UN & Brits with their interpretation of Bible. Exodus 1947 moved the Jewish community and Holocaust-survivor refugees in Europe to nation of Palestine. It was THIS historical trick of satan that will lead to end times for most of humanity if GODs Warriors fail to defeat these evil plans.

Where the Jews would have been met with open loving arms of Native tribes instead almost immediately, Israel was attacked by Arab nations that surrounded them. Results of hate, chaos & fighting that lasts to this day. 

This was the devil’s successful distraction from will of GOD.
satan just directed Trump (demon doing devils will on Earth) to give a big F YOU to GOD by making Jerusalem capital of Israel

©2017 by SPQR & Rev. Chris Ward

Friday, December 18, 2015

standing at the crossroads w/ the devil & GOP

NOTE from Rev. Chris Ward:
"We live in a time of vicious heartless Money Hoarders forcing humanity to beg/fight for crumbs.
USA stands at the crossroads of good and evil... and the devil &/or Saudi Royals want you to vote GOP. REPENT!"

“I was on the road when my friend said “Now there’s an entrepreneur”.   
He was pointing to the homeless guy standing near the freeway on ramp holding a sign that said: 
give me a dollar or I’ll vote for Trump” 
…I stopped the truck got out and gave him $10 & made him shake my hand he wouldn’t fall into Trump hell”   
Warrior #3016

 Written on 12-17-15
Conservatives are ver frustrating to deal with, y’know? They always accuse the LEFT of being too PC but when a Progressive like me comes along void of any filters or social skills, speaking brutal honesty aaaanannnd
I can’t get 2 sentences out before Conservatives start crying & cut me off.
We been here before, conservatives looking for a fight
BRING IT ON! George W. said, they brought IT on, now a MILLION dead

Conservative are saying don’t be politically correct & afraid. So they’re saying
"When you see it, report it…" 
I want to report a bunch of Know-it-all, holier-than-thou RW fanatics (suffering from severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia and religious delusions) about to make huge mistake that will empower terrorists around the world.

War Profiteers such as the Saudis send out the terrorists around US election season because they want Republicans to win. Why do u think they were always smooching with old George W.?
They like when RW cowboys charge into war w/o thinking of consequences.

Its 2003 all over again, with NeoCons leading USA into the Iraq War which was probably the biggest foreign policy disaster in our history. I mean Conservatives haven’t taken responsibility for the last silver spoon chicken hawk Conservatives sent to the WhiteHouse and now you want Trump? Bush borrowed 2trillion from commie china to turn Iraq into an Islamic state

You expect Progressives to sit back while you RWNJ fools drag USA down?  

Unifying factor for GOP base seems to be bloodlust. Hate Against the others  esp since SB shooting. GOP going to ride that terrorism horse till it drops day after the 2016 election. because its all they got. What else can Republicans run on? …they got nothing. 

Re Ebola in 2014, ebola had Conservative talk show hosts forming at the mouth, ut day after the election I swear they were talking abt pumpkin pie & Black Friday shopping. Ebola threat just disappeared.

©2015 by FGE & Rev. Chris

Monday, October 27, 2014

"Has any Messenger said it better than Spo101 or SPQR ? Thank You for the simple, clear message about GOP/Republican sin, corruption & BS"  Rev. Chris Ward
What has Conservatism really done for USA?

America exposed, Progressive voices squashed

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Crime & Punishment of the GOP

“Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged  Matthew 7:1-3

Rev. Chris Ward & Lloyd the Baptist warned the Right Wing Conservative Christian community they were getting their religion from con artists & #*~!'n AMWAY salesmen. Good-hearted, hard working Christians and Catholics were used and abused like a Ted Haggard male meth whore. 

…and now one by one those who support the Republican Corporate Whore Party, fall from GOD’s grace. Look around you Conservative VOTERS, witness past, present and future evil deeds, money loving and hate mongering exhibited by those you gave power to. Remember "...if you support evil, then you're evil too". 

Reaganomics, the Bush/Cheney disaster, the affront to GOD known as the cruel Tea Party, the GOP controlled Congress 1994-2006 destroyed the Middle Class, Republican Senator Larry Craig blowing guys in airport men’s rooms while calling President Bill Clinton a “nasty, naughty boy(lol) and now Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell… WOW!

This Christian Coalition, Family Values, Defense of marriage crusader gave up his own wife, throwing her under the bus during their trial. Pitiful, pathetic, the Republicans Party really has reached the lowest common denominator.  Republicans have gotten so bad they're now stealing from each other

If McDonnell represents the kind of greed-stricken, power mad graduates of Regent University and Liberty University, then the IRS should look into revoking RWNJ tax exempt status. These money hoarding GOP devils work against the American PEOPLE and humanity. Please someone explain to me why ANYONE would vote for Republicans? WHY... because Rush Limbaugh told you so? Don't be 1 issue voters, suckers. (lol)
We are not judging here at “the Message”, we are simply warning Christians to REJECT the EVIL Republicans & save their own souls. If you continue down Tea Party GOP path toward Hypocrite Hell ...then you WILL BE PUNISHED too!

Lloyd the Baptist is here for all humanity who REPENT!
(see: “ seek & ye shall find” link)



Saturday, April 12, 2014

Palm Sunday, Lazarus Saturday WAKE UP!

I’m Italian-American, my Mama (GOD rest her soul) wanted me to stick with the Roman Catholic church. It's been a long hard road.... I bit my lip during the bad times & sex abuse years, because Mama taught me Satan attacks the Holiest among humanity. Look at what the money lovers, Big Oil & WAR Profiteers did to President Jimmy Carter, whom I consider the most Christian President in US History. (oil shortage crisis my ass)  I get the feeling Pope Francis understands what he's up against... GREED!

Anyways, my 2 good friends in New Mexico, Rev. Chis Ward and mountain Holy Man known as Lloyd the Baptist gave me some valuable religious info I could easily exploit for political good. (lol) 

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, a celebration of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem takes place. We like Palm Sunday more than Easter. It's a Celebration of JESUS, Zechariah 9:9, before everything went 2 HELL! Kinda reminds me of where the USA is in 2014… 

Amazing! Accounts appear in 4 different canonical Gospels. Palm branches are a symbol of VICTORY over the money changers & well-paid police/military state 2000+ years ago... It would've worked too except the PEOPLE didn't back JESUS up when they had the chance. The FOOLS chose criminals instead...
Matthew 21:12-13  

12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

What I didn’t know, in many religions around the world this is a holy day known as Lazaruz Saturday… JESUS was preparing his followers for possibilities his own resurrection. MY HOPE & prayers this Sabbath... Lazarus Saturday is to raise the spirit of apathetic Americans who refuse to vote… because the lazy #*~!n FOOLS been sleeping for way too long now...

Authors Note: (I despise all U Liberal voters that DIDN'T ACT in 2010! All the so-called principled pussies who walked away from Obama/Biden like jilted lovers because these fickle impatients lol, have NO CLUE about long range strategic dimensions in politics. It was a gd Census Year U lazy apathetic punks, y'know REDISTRICTING!)

IF you don’t get involved or DON'T VOTE... and those insane assholes in the GOP Christian Right will be nailing POOR Democrats/Liberals/Progressives to the cross. Just like the Evil Money-lovers plotted against JESUS. They paid politicians for police/jail guard TORTURE of JESUS! Then the elitist Pharisees Clique organized the LOUD Tea Party tools of the time, to yell for Barabbas. Reader knows rest of story... Money lovers ALWAYS screw over the PEOPLE!

Go Sunday get your Palms… I know for a fact any Catholic Church will welcome you to their services. Palms keep all year so make a fan and WAVE THEM AT WALL ST. & GOP until election day.

Our FAITH leads us, but only if we defeat EVIL, then this time next year we’ll be celebrating a righteous victory over the money lovers. However, we are cynical a majority comes out to VOTE against GOP evil in 2014. For some reason we don't understand, the PEOPLE are not angry enough yet. We see oppression on the horizon, the kind JESUS faced. How the majority reacts is key. We pray so many Concerned Citizen Patriots come out to PROTEST that not even corrupt police, Koch Industries bribes, nor Diebold voting machine corruption can overcome. 

©2014 by SPQR & Rev. Chris Ward ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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 @obamagoonsquad " #Obama #Biden r genius, they gave the #GOP monkeys enough rope 2 hang themselves, time 2 EXECUTE!" consciousmc.blogspot.com