“…the Devil knew NOT what he did, when he made MAN politic…”


…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

Lloyd the Baptist

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WARNING! Republican voters must REPENT...

Email from christward to Christian organizations FRC Action and Time for Hope.

We understand Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) is being investigated for waste, fraud, abuse of power, money laundering, scandal, tax evasion and voting machine tampering. Also there seems to be a disturbing trend by Republicans allowing foreign special interests to influence US elections ever since the Supreme Court ruled on the “Citizens United” case.

If one was to follow the money the trail begins on Wall St. then to such infamous firms as Fairfield Greenwich Group who work outside our borders on a regular basis. A wide trail that goes from Christian Fundamentalist Associations tax exempt status through drug trafficking routes to Conservative PACs. BIG money interests such as the evil Koch Brothers and a handful of Texas Billionaires have been looking into computerized voting machine tampering in many states.

They want the Corporate Fascist Chinese oil men (military) to come to Texas and and start the long term planning to turn Americans into slaves. (or what the intelligence community is calling economic treason)

We're going to the U.S. Justice Department in the near future to present our LEGITIMATE case and DEMAND investigations to verify the charges and evidence in question. Whatever happens this should be an eye opening experience for Tea Party & Christian voters all over our great nation.

Email to Dr. Freda Crews/TimeforHope.org
We need to see your financial statements. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) is going to be investigated for tax fraud. We understand the Senator was on your TV show Time for Hope pushing his book “Saving Freedom” (sic). There sure is an awful lot of political organizing going on in the name of GOD. The way you Christians are speaking out against Wall Street reform and regulation… one could get the idea you people would have defended the Money Changers from JESUS!


Last warning from Lloyd The Baptist.
"I’m only the messenger, I don’t care if you believe or listen to this warning or not. Recognize the SIGNS... Floods, fires, winds, drought and oil/chemical spills in Red States.

Just look at Dick Cheney, he’s well on his way to that special place in hell occupied by the screaming souls of Benito Mussolini, Prescott Bush, Nicolae Ceausescu, Milton Friedman and Ronald6 Wilson6 Reagan6.

Glenn Beck suffering from a mysterious ailment, passed it on to all he touched at “Restoring Honor” rallies. Limbaugh's pain pills will spread through Conservative ranks like a plague. 

A multitude of anti-gay Republicans and right-wing Christian preachers caught seducing young boys or procuring male prostitutes. 

A Ginni Thomas breakdown will be but a drop in a tidal wave of Conservative women losing their minds. 

Wealthy Conservative Americans losing fortunes to Wall Street FRAUD or seized doing business with authoritarian Communist Chinese and the OPEC Dictators. and the US Chamber of Commerce... pure evil $.

REMEMBER, Rush Limbaugh was struck down days after my last warning, December 20, 2009, post titled “A Christmas message from Lloyd the Baptist”.
(as posted on this blog ) Guy on radio is NOT real Rush!

Rivers, lakes, underground aquifers & wells will be poisoned by minions of Satan. Fresh WATER will become new gold. Poor people will be denied most basic natural resource. 

Ok, if you still don't believe? On 10-13-10 there will be a sign over the FOX News building in NYC. It will be pooh poohed in the news media but rest assured it is the real thing... REPENT! A host of ANGELS from above will bring the WRATH of GOD upon all those who continue their evil ways. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
NOTE: Video and details, for an exclusive holy hot springs baptism in the Blood of Christ Mountains, coming soon

“…mind JAH lick dem with diseases, the most dangerous diseases,
I talk’n like the elephantiasis, and a poliomyelitis, arthritis and
one diabetes… JAH JAH not pleased, wit all dem vices,
I pray HELP us out of the crisis…”
Smiley and Michigán

FLASHBACK: 6-21-07 Communication to ffrf.org from Lloyd the Baptist

"I tuned in your radio show one Saturday morning while helping a friend refinish his patio deck. This is an old friend I’ve known since the 70’s, but in the last decade+, became an evangelical, right-wing Christian. He heard what you had to say and HE WENT OFF! I’ve rarely seen a display of anger and hatred directed at a radio. (lol) A rant that ended with a description of Jesus gunning down all the homo’s and commies (or something like that, lol)
Anyways the reason I’m writing is to offer you up a different plan of action. You’ll never get through to the right-wing fanatics with you’re present strategy. Facts, statistics, eyewitness accounts, verifiable research, legitimate evidence, literary content and the words of JESUS means nothing to these misguided Christian Fundamentalists. (lol)I’VE FOUND one needs to communicate with the Conservative wacko W.A.S.P.’s using their own bullshit AGAINST THEM! See how long Republicans like Christianity when it starts to talk about ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY!"
I wrote that communication way back in 2007... It took that long to convert my good friend back to TRUTH! He had been lied to for so long, it took time to get through the propaganda brain-cloud...

The process was filled with suffering and degradation that recently ended with an intervention that included the Michael Moore movie “Capitalism, A Love Story”, the “NYC Mosque” episode of "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart and a trip into Sangre de Christo Mountains in NM to get him baptized in the Holy Hot Springs

NOTE from SPQR: (guided tour into the New Mexico mountains including baptism is available for $349.00 per person, not including air fare to ABQ. Promo video coming soon)
I went out of my way for a good friend... but in the process discovered a technique to get through to poor brainwashed, holier-than-thou Republicans. If you care about someone who is suffering from Conservative wacko severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia and religious delusions please contact us for this cure.
Lloyd the Baptist

NOTE from SPQR: Urgent - remember Lloyd the Baptist talked to JESUS in the Blood of Christ Mountains last Christmas and came back with a warning for Conservative Christians to REPENT! The wrath of GOD is coming soon. If you don’t believe now, just wait and see what happens to Conservative wacko propagandists and preachers between now and Christmas…

says Pat Robertson, Newt Gingrich, Glenn Beck and a select few from the Pentagon/CIA are destined to be in the ETERNAL FLAMES of HELL… Don’t join them, REPENT NOW! Cast out the evil money changers of the Republican Corporate Socialist Party this November or else they’ll try to turn the American PEOPLE into peasants. THEN Republican voters will spend the remainder of their lives tortured by SHAME and REGRET! This ain’t no Tea Party… THIS IS A FULL SCALE CLASS WAR!

Please read post below titled "A Christmas Message from Lloyd the Baptist" (12-20-09)

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