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Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm one of the 3 MILLION Americans who ignored the June 12th, 2009 Digital TV convertion

6-12-09 5:12am PST
Most of the TV stations are blank (1st time in my life experience)

NOTE: TV stations think ALL the HOW TO digital conversion ads they run fulfills their public service obligations. NO! After all this time/repetition a person would have to be mentally impaired NOT to already UNDERSTAND what it takes to have TV after 12:05 PM, June 12, 2009...

WHAT I WANT TO KNOW is WHO the #*~/ OWNS the ANALOG AIRWAVES NOW? Is our government posed to give away the public (PEOPLES) airwaves LIKE THEY DID for the Cell Phone and Wireless corporations? Whatever Kevin Martin or Michael Powell did at the F.C.C. I DON'T TRUST IT!

I’ve purchased sophisticated analog monitoring equipment from pawn shops, thrift stores and yard sales (lol) to see what’s going out over the airwave in the future. Whatever it is I WANT A PIECE OF THE ACTION, m’#*~/’s….

Here's an email I sent out back in the day... (lol)


Hey, HOW all you Conservative wackos and right-wing extremists doing, feeling alright? I know it's been a tough time for you, LOL. I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear the new Dem. Congress already screwed up my plans. I was planning to go TV cold turkey on February 17. REALLY... football season was over and I needed to concentrate on my work, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to see the screen go blank. And then the mamajamas in Congress had to give an extension.

I had it all figured, slow withdrawal like a Nicoderm patch for bad TV. The first of my 5 step program is you have to admit you want to kick the TV habit. Recognize the TV station pusha man with his commercials 1000’s time a day, ALERTING the viewing public in breathless tones and frantic concern about the coming broadcast conversion from analog to digital signal. Like the TV going blank next June is a BAD THING.

Second step was easy, last year after Sec. of Treasury Henry Paulson started getting support for the Bush Bailout Bill and all those #*~/'n babbling, stuttering, yelling cable news pundits making no sense at all… I grabbed a pair of wire clips, went outside and cut my cable TV line.

Then it hit me, I was hooked ON spending money on all the Cable Cop propaganda shows, sickly drama’s, idiotic reality shows, moronic sitcoms and so-called news coverage that made my brain go numb. The commercials that were way too loud. Each ad portrayed Americans as scared, self-absorbed, brain addled, all-consuming MORONS! WHEN ALL I WANTED is some good information and exciting Football/Hockey.

There I was with only the networks ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Spanish speaking channels and ALL those right-wing fanatic Christian Broadcasting stations. So I got down on my knees and THANKED GOD for PBS. Anyway the final step is... I now realize the only things I’ll miss about TV is Bill Moyers Journal and Frontline

UPDATE: 6-13-09
Ok, OK… I’ve never lied to you so I have to admit to the reader that I fell off the wagon last night and watched TV. BUT IT WAS THE FINAL GAME OF THE STANLEY CUP! (Pitt. 2 - Det. 1) COME ON! Who knew these Hosers in New Mexico, with all it’s Conservative talk, Christian Talk and Spanish speaking radio stations, didn’t have ONE RADIO SIGNAL THAT PLAYED THE GAME! Best laid plans, RIGHT?

There I was frantically pushing the radio tuner to FIND the Hockey game. Up and down the AM dial, down and up the FM… I guess these New Mexicans have no need for Hockey, the only sport that got play here and now was baseball… I got dressed and rushed down to the Sport Bar and had to tip the bartender to put the game on the big screen.

I thought the radio was my friend… What a cruel blow on the same day Analog TV left me after a lifetime. Well, I still have my Word Processor and Computer. They remember EVERYTHING I write and are always there when I need them. It’s only a matter of time before the Government figures out a way to take that away from me too… But until then “VIVA LA REVOLUTIONE

I’ve been getting reports from all over the nation concerning the Digital Conversion. Apparently some of the 3 MILLION Americans that ignored the June 12th deadline are NOT handling the loss of TV very well. It’s the elderly, the rural, the poor, the mentally ill/challenged, etc. When Kevin Martin flipped the switch from analog to digital he didn’t consider the F.C.C. just took away one of the few luxuries/pleasures afforded the lower class. Homeless people have those miniature/portable TV’s that run on batteries and they can’t even PAWN IT because the damn things are a useless hunk of plastic now…

It may seem like NOTHING to those that HAVE but to the have-not's… well, THINK ABOUT IT! For most of these poor people it’s the first time in their lives TV has not been available for them. Reports include feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety, abuse, even thoughts of suicide… I hope that Digital QUALITY was worth all the pain of transition.

Also reports about digital quality being over-rated. Trees and bad weather are affecting the TV signal… Maybe old Analog wasn’t SO bad after all… Just another thing the Bush/Cheney Administration #*~/ed up in the name of PROGRESS! Before our government makes another piece of legislation someone should get them to DEFINE their idea of PROGRESS and how they intend to work for the best interests of the American PEOPLE…

It IS STILL ABOUT THE PEOPLE, right? Y’KNOW all that about sworn oaths, "Of, By, For, LIFE, LIBERTY, HAPPINESS, EQUAL RIGHTS AND JUSTICE"? Please TELL me it’s still about the PEOPLE cause I’m NOT FEELING THE LOVE here. As far as I’m concerned my government over the last 50 years have NO WAY, NO HOW earned my TRUST! That BLIND FAITH bullshit might work on the majority but I NEED SOMETHING MORE! Just one, I’m begging now… Can JUST ONE individual from the Republican Party or “Conservative Labyrinth” explain the Virtue involved with the LAST 8 YEARS? I think everyone recognizes NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT! #*~/ you too...

© 2009 by FGE


JEEZ! Rush Limbaugh got an AWARD for Free Speech??? Is THAT what the USA has sunk to, awards for giving MILLIONS of Ditto-heads/Neo-Cons BAD INFORMATION and TERRIBLE ADVICE? What’s NEXT? Praising Bernie Madoff for investment strategy? Let’s give props to the Mexican Drug Cartel for perseverance and keeping meth/crack heads well supplied.

We could FREE Jack Abramoff and set him up on K-Street to continue his GOOD work, right? And Ted Kaczynski too, pay him MILLIONS to publish his “Unabomber Manifesto”. Better yet let’s just put the final nail on the American Empire by changing the Constitution so Bush/Cheney can run for President AGAIN! And TOM DELAY for Congress…

New Gingrich could takeover the public broadcast airwaves (radio, TV, wireless) and entertain the American PEOPLE with stories about the heady days of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski… How the Great Hypocrite and his Republican (Craig, Foley, Haggard, Starr) suck buddies authorized hundreds of MILLIONS of tax dollars to point fingers at the nasty, naughty boy. This while Osama bin Lunatic and the Corporate Crime Wavers were planning the downfall of the USA.

I’m going to make sure Cyber Bitch Slap, New York finds out just WHO in the New Media Seminar thought it was a GOOD IDEA TO GIVE RUSH LIMBAUGH A FREE SPEECH AWARD. It’s like the right-wing fanatics (who hate America) are wiping their asses with the FIRST AMENDMENT… MORONS!

©2009 by FGE and Salagogo

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