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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

150 years for Bernie Madoff... BIG DEAL! Why I want MORE...

I don’t trust the WHOLE Bernie Madoff story. The NEWS is being reported as if the 150 year prison sentence is a big deal. Let me tell you something, when I’m 71, I’ll take a 200 year sentence if I can hide 64 BILLION dollars, my kids and grand kids can live off, like #*~/'n little royal aristocrats.

They’re sending Madoff to a prison where he’ll be a target, INSTEAD of finding out where all the BILLIONS are? What did they recover so far, a few multi-millions and some fancy jewelry? They let his wife walks away with 2 million dollars? Maybe a spank on the hand to those that participated and rated this Con-man? I'm NOT GETTING IT!

FUCK YOU too, ASSHOLES! Who in the fuck do you people think you ARE? That Mrs. Madoff bitch and all her family should be put out on the street like so many OTHER Americans. SOMETHING STINKS and I know it has to do with dollar sign$. SOMEBODY knows where all those BILLIONS are and are going to benefit off the suffering of those OTHERS!

I’m sure there’s 40 MILLION AMERICANS STRUGGLING BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL THAT WILL AGREE WITH ME! If the Obama/Biden Administration and Democratic Congress don’t want to DO RIGHT by the American PEOPLE… then I’ll do everything I can to ORGANIZE all 40 million ANGRY PEOPLE to ACT instead... AND IT WON’T BE PRETTY FOR THE ARISTOCRATS. Concerned Citizens UNITE!

I say they should get the Cheney people to TORTURE Maddoff and the other Wall St./K-St CON ARTISTS to find out what OFF-SHORE bank accounts all the 100’S of $billions are in. Also I'm sure the American PEOPLE would like to know the REAL reason Haliburton moved to Dubia...

Hey, if it was good enough for the fanatic Islamists who tried to destroy America why not the Wall St/K-St fanatics that DID destroy OUR ECONOMY. Come on, bet check but DO SOMETHING!

WOW… I’m relieved to get THAT off my chest. I’ve been having disturbing thoughts about this WHOLE economic nightmare we’re living through…

I don’t see the news of the day like the average American. Something happened to me during the 1980’s. It was a miserable decade that started with John Lennon being shot down in the street by a whinny mental deficient… propagated by Conservative degenerates of the Reagan/Bush1 era… IRAN-CONTRA-COCAINE… and ended with the mysterious questionable death of Abbie Hoffman. This one incident stands out in my faded memories of that decade that made me suspicious of news journalism.

I spent a lot of time on the road (after reading Jack Kerouac’s book of the same name), especially in the beginning of the 80’s. I was a 20+ spoiled, irresponsible Italian-American wise ass. I worked construction and invested in cheap, dilapidated rental properties so I had more money than most people my age. (The 70’s for me and my family wasn’t as bad an economy as the Conservatives made it out to be, just to badmouth good old Jimmy Carter)

So when the first snow of 1980 came to Western New York. I decided to hit the road and follow the sun. Washington, DC, Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, all those great sea Islands off the coast of Georgia including Jekyll Island. In and out of Florida, New Orleans, the LONG drive through Texas, Albuquerque… Right after I crossed the New Mexico border into Arizona IT HAPPENED!

I had to stop after seeing the sign for Route 666. I detoured from my original travel plans, to explore... just because I wanted to ask why ANYONE would give THAT designation to a road. After a while I pulled off the road and crawled into the backseat to take a nap. AND THERE IT WAS on the floor, an old wrinkled copy of one of the national weekly news magazines. I’m not sure where it came from because I have a bad habit of grabbing unattended newsprint in restaurants, truck stops and hotel/motel lobbies.

On the cover was a photo of wreckage and death of the failed Iran Hostage rescue mission in the Middle Eastern desert. Inside a picture of one of the dead soldiers gave me a chill and a streak of FEAR and foreboding that lasts to this day. It was as though the dead man was sending me a message. “Ollie North/Pentagon did it, so Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6 could get elected President” I had a vision of bombs exploding from inside the helicopters… It scared the $#!~ outta me!

I don’t know from where this horrible mind #*~/ was coming from. I never was a conspiracy theorist or political/news junkie. Up until that moment all I ever cared about was family, friends, cash, party girls, hard work, hard play, hard dick… I didn’t ask for those conclusions. The event shook me up so bad I turned around and drove all the back to New York, never making it to my Southern California, beach girls destination. (that year)

I kept getting these visions all through the 1980’s and 1990‘s. Because I didn’t want anyone to think I was losing IT, I kept it mostly to myself. Writing the highlights down in a notebook journal, I kept track of what seemed to be a DISTURBING trend in American politics, police and military power. I didn’t trust ANYTHING the Republicans and many Democrats were doing ever again.

The next time I had a MAJOR EVENT mind #*~/ was just a few days before 9/11/01. Believe or not I was helping a friend on his construction job at the Mosque of Riverside, CA. About a week before that terrible day of terrorist HORRORS, I grew very agitated. Something didn’t feel right, there was a feeling of preordained craft/treachery in the air. And something was wrong with the radio…

Every week I listened to the “National Lawyers Guild” show on NPR station KPFK in LA… but THIS week I found that COMMERCIAL radio waves were imposing on that sacred lower end of the FM dial where free speech used to live. I could hear Jim Lafferty doing his show about Attica but there was the sickly, whinny tunes and way too happy DJ’s of LITE 92.7 FM overlapping the enlightening fare of 90.7 KPFK. I moved my radio all over my house but the damn LITE would GO AWAY!

It was VERY frustrating and I went to bed with a HUGE headache and visions of devils, chaos and destruction streaming on my mind. I woke up the next morning running o the radio to see if the interference still existed. Instead of “Democracy Now” I was forced to listen to these dumbass he and she DJ’s poll listeners as to whether their toilet seat was usually UP or DOWN…???

I put my fist through the wall *****

At that moment… WHAT could one DO? Should I be angry or are these feelings just the product of my mental health? Whatever IT was... THAT was the first time I ever called a radio show… it actually felt good to take my rage out on those morons that worked at or listened to LITE FM. I’ve been a Talk radio caller mad man ever since… (lol)

“…CALLER you’re on, the satisfied female DJ sang into the phone, who’s calling?

This is Frank from Colton…”

up or down, Frank?”

excuse me…?”

you’re toilet seat, up or down, come on, get on the ball Frank 1000’s of people are listening”, The male DJ jumped it.

"Well, actually I didn’t call to answer your dumbass question, I just wanted to let you people know your Radio signal is interfering with my National Public Radio…”

ohhhh Frank’s an intellectual, I want to have a CEREBRAL talk with you loser” the male DJ went too far. If he was in front of me I would have knocked his ass OUT!


whooooooaaaaaa” the DJ’s moaned

“…You people and you’re listeners are a bunch of silly, ignorant, apathetic, racist freaks… If more of you morons listened to NPR than this drivel you call RADIO, maybe that mental monkey George W. Bush would have never been elected…” I was still ANGRY over the 2000 Presidential electoral FARCE! “Now get off my NPR or I’ll call the FCC…”

Well, If you’re going to be like THAT, one could tell those DJ’s had never been talked to like that, we’re going to hang up…”

I got a “screw you” in before the click… I called the station and talked to manager Chris Hicks who blamed Mexican radio stations for the splitting signals. The next day 9/11 happened and the visions and anxiety stopped and was replaced with total disbelief and utter shock. The world had CHANGED before my very eyes… and I just KNEW Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bandar Bush had something to do with IT.

Of course, the Bush/Cheney Administration was the grand failure I expected it to be. I wanted to chop up the people at Diebold Voting Systems and feed them to the poor. AND THE MEDIA NEWS PEOPLE, ohm yea… all the #*~/’n anchors and pundits… a big vat of journalist soup. How the #*~/ can anyone go though an entire presidential administration without believing a thing they said?

It isn’t healthy or natural to think the way I do! So let’s just torture the likes of Bernie Madoff and the rest to find all the hidden assets. COME ON, as a matter of fact now that I think about IT, I’ll be HAPPY to do it for a finders fee

UPDATE: Why waste good DNA? Prof. Dale Cassidy (author of the soon to be published "TOP 100 MOST EVIL PEOPLE IN AMERICA") says before his cells are gone forever Michael Jackson should be cloned... (LOL) I'm sure everyone on the planet would like to see how Jacko turns out without his father's abusive nature, the FAME/$ at such a young age and all the plastic surgery...

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