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…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

Lloyd the Baptist

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I LOVE MY COUNTRY, it's the Government & News media I CAN'T STAND!

*Breaking news...
8 months after the 2008 election (sore loser) Republican Norm Coleman R-MN CONCEDES to Democrat Al Franken D-MN. Senator Al gives the Democrats the majority they NEED to get THINGS done, RIGHT? Y'know, all that about CHANGE, single payer health care and demanding ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY! ...NOW GET TO WORK m'#*~/'s, (lol) With or WITHOUT the #*~/'n Republicans....

AUTHOR’S NOTE: please tell me, with one of the most IMPORTANT Congressional legislative sessions in US history coming up, that Left-wing spokespersons have MORE to talk/write about than Michael Jackson and that nutty Neo-Con bitch Sarah Palin! It’s TIME to rise above the LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES of the past…

I think my readers with half a brain now realize I don’t TRUST my government anymore. ANARCHY has become such a misunderstood political philosophy, (lol) but honestly, what the #*~/ is so GOOD about our present system?

Republicans… (sic) I could write over a hundred pages right now concerning the LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES of Republicans/Conservatives but THIS isn’t the time or place for THAT… Their TIME is coming! Besides it’s just so much fun to sit back and watch the morons and sexual deviates self destruct right now... I’ll be nice and just say I haven’t trusted the Republican Party since Nixon.

UPDATE: 9-7-09 (After I heard Republicans/Conservatives badmouthing the way President Obama is dealing with Russia I changed my mind. I’m can’t just stand back and let the Republican Party ruin this great nation MORE than they’ve already done. You shameless m’#*~/’s have crossed the line into MADNESS and I, for one, will do everything possible to put an end to Neo-Conservatism once and for all… Be scared Republicans, you’re NOT dealing with tree hugging, peace and love, bleeding heart, coffee house Liberals anymore… Imagine 1000's of hardcore, radical BOAT-ROCKERS... More and MORE Concerned Citizens WANT YOUR HEADS ON A STAKE!)

What can one say about the damage Republicans have done to this nation? Bush/Cheney… NEED I SAY MORE? Listening to Conservatives/Republicans try to make an argument about the benefits of their ideology/agendas is the equivalent of smashing my head into a cinderblock wall. I thank GOD everyday for making me smart enough not to subscribe to such outrageous, misinformed bullshit.

The way the right-wing thinks leads me to believe these people are all brainwashed or on potent pharmaceuticals or something. And the way Republican/Conservative leaders, elected officials and spokespersons talk down to their supporters/voters… JEEZ, it’s like they’re counting on stupidity, apathy and total lack of understanding on vital issues. Hoping the useful idiots don’t go out and research the facts that are being presented.

NOTE: (Italian-Americans call people like that “Testa Dura” loosely translated means HARD HEADS. A person so set in their ways and belief system, that even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary… they‘ll work against their own self-interest to stay the course)

Even worse is when Republicans/Conservatives BLAME Democrats/Liberals for every problem under sun. COME ON! Am I MISSING something here? Didn’t you people have 8 YEARS of Bush/Cheney and 12 of the last 14 years of a Republican controlled Congress to DO THINGS YOUR WAY? WHAT WERE THE RESULTS? You dumbass m#*~/’s had your chance and it almost DESTROYED our beloved nation. FAILURES on a grand scale it will take generations to suffer the consequences.

So why should ANYONE trust or listen to you pathetic excuses for American citizens EVER again? WHAT… you PEOPLE gonna elect ANOTHER BUSH? I guess you missed the fact every time a Bush gets near the Whitehouse we have a banking scandal and financial crisis, DEMOCRATS have to work overtime to resolve…

If ALL you dolts are offering is Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Joe the #*~/'n Plumber... then I have to question your SANITY! Really, there are monkeys in the Zoo smarter than the people who voted for Bush/Cheney, not ONCE… but TWO TIMES? Do you Republican voters actually think the Concerned Citizens of America are going to ALLOW you to finish the HISTORY of DESTRUCTION Ronald Reagan started?

Reagan/Bush killed ANTI-TRUST and any regulation that kept industry HONEST. When Reagan/Bush came to power in 1980, the USA was #1 on the planet in exporting goods and importing raw materials. This is the very definition of a prosperous economy. By 2005 it was the exact opposite. Why? YEARS of Republicans selling out the American middle class/working class for the green pastures of slave labor, secret off-shore bank accounts and unregulated toxic waste dumping… IT’S CRIMINAL! ...and multi-national lol

Revisionist history, slanted news reporting and Conservative numbskull base ARE the ONLY reason the Republican Party keeps making comebacks. Most card carrying conservatives are SO ignorant they don’t even know their own ideological CREDO. “Limited intervention in the economy. Substantial intervention in morality”. This means let the RICH/Corporations do whatever EVIL/CORRUPTION they please while finger pointing and preaching MORALITY to the average Joe and Jane Smuck. I call it the SUCKER Motto

Conservative Ideology gave the USA such grand failures and fuck-ups as Senator Joe McCarthy, Military Industrial Complex, privatized jails/prisons, union busting, media consolidation, job loss, Corporate Crime Wave, the Vietnam War, Iran-Contra-Cocaine and oooohhhh lets not forget the Iraqi money pit…

Ask the Republicans WHY they NEVER try to bust Police or Corrections Officers UNIONS? Because the True Criminals have police protection nowadays... And there's always the OLD philosophy about hiring half the POOR people to get rid of the rest... (I think it disgusting police unions have so much wealth and power... These were the same fascist type m#*~/'s who harassed, beat, gassed and shot Labor UNION organizers back in the day)

The legend of Conservative/Republican deity Ronald Wilson Reagan is about as revisionist as it gets. The Man played 2nd fiddle to Bonzo for GOD sake… And all that about Reagan bringing down the Soviet Empire… BULLSHIT! Military spending broke the Soviets just the way it’s breaking us NOW! How much is the USA spending now that the Commies used to take care of at their own expense?

Republican$ brag about bringing down the Soviets and Saddam Hussein but fail to realize they both had their iron boots on the throats of fanatical Islam. Compared to what we’re dealing with NOW… what General who knows military strategy wouldn’t give to have their old reliable Cold War enemy back? Maybe those Godless Communists KNEW from experience about the age old hatreds, religious fanaticism and ethnic in-fighting… how some savages just NEED TO BE CONTROLLED! When are these Neo-Cons going to LEARN? Democracy isn't for everybody... it's all about WAR profiteering

Every problem America is facing NOW is because A Republican somewhere in time and history FUCKED UP or FUCKED US… YOUR TIME IS DONE...Boo! We’re WATCHING and very, VERY ANGRY!

AUTHORS NOTE: (IT’s like the FBI, Justice Department NEVER heard of the R.I.C.O. Act… I’ll bet if the perpetrators were Italian-American, instead of well-connected, silver spoon W.A.S.P’s, they’d be indicted by now. fUCk you too, ya racist cocksuckers. All you mothefuckers and Obama too! Don’t tell me sob stories about the suffering of your people and think it was any better for Italian-Americans IN American history.

My Great-Uncle Giovanni was the first in my family to come to America and he got treated worse than any nigger(sorry, lol) With EVERYONE on the American scene against them... MY PEOPLE banded together to fight the MADNESS and they got labeled Mafia... ALL because the US government HATES people questioning AUTHORITY!

It takes REAL MEN and women to question authority and demand accountability. It wasn’t Lincoln that freed the SLAVES… It was Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans ORGANIZING unions that set the PEOPLE free

Zio Giovanni told me stories of how him and his gang would toast the US government every night for giving them such a good living making Grapa for the Mob during Prohibition… Can you even imagine? Telling Italians they couldn't have wine with dinner or a drink after work? It’s the equivalent of telling Californians they can’t smoke marijuana...

YES that was a not so veiled attempt to bring the legalize marijuana debate into the mix. President Obama backed away from the issue with a uncomfortable chuckle and look of movie house horror… I’m stumped by his reaction, it was disturbing to me and tells me Barack is more concerned about his reputation than sane public policy. Obama like every other elected official in America KNOWS the public attitude toward marijuana has become LEGALIZE IT, TAX IT and get all those non-violent drug users OUT OF #*~/ JAIL/PRISON!

Maybe the politicians are in denial but I wouldn’t hesitate to say there’s approximately 50 MILLION AMERICANS who’ve puffed on the Collie Herb, including President Obama (and I have my suspicions about Joe Biden on vacation in Mexico or Jamaica, lol)
You stiffs want to make something ILLEGAL why not try those cheap fortified wine drinks like Wild Irish Rose that can turn a persons brain into mush within months...
Why is it our so-called representatives of the PEOPLE are SO out-of-touch with with the average American?

HA! At least the Italian-AMERICANS had the COURAGE to thumb their noses at the foolish, petty laws. How many Law enforcement agents have the BEST WEED right this very moment? How many sky marshals are smuggling cocaine? HOW MANY CON MEN ARE GETTING AWAY WITH EVERYTHING? fUCK YOU TOO YA STIFF @$$HOLES! I thank GOD everyday for making me Italian-American... so I can separate myself from all the dumbasses...

If you LAW ENFORCEMENT pussies don’t investigate Bush/Cheney, Tom Delay and all the other Republican scumbags then I’m filing a complaint with the Italian American Anti-Defamation League AND World Court…


And the Democrats…? I VOLUNTEERED for Obama and the Democrats in the 2008 election JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS. (after the 8 mind-numbingly miserable years of Bush/Cheney I just couldn’t take “MORE OF THE SAME WITH JOHNNY MCCAINSarah Palin anywhere NEAR the Whitehouse used to give me nightmares)

Many Democrats have been the WORST kind of COWARDS and are showing their true HO colors. I got to say one thing, at least the Republicans don’t pretend they’re NOT vain, self-serving, greed-stricken, power mad, silver spoon con artists and Ho’s for K-St. Seeing President Obama and the Aristocrats at all those lavish Washington, DC parties WHILE there’s 40 MILLION Americans struggling BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL is MORE than I can take.

I warned the Democrats NOT to vote for the Bush/Paulson Bailout. The only thing that got bailed out was the Bush/Cheney legacy. Ask any Ditto-Head who is now convinced President Obama caused the economic meltdown…

Just the thought rips away at my heart and soul. All those BILLIONS wasted on the Rich criminals who got us in this economic crisis… There outta be a LAW because it’s like the #*~/’n FBI and Justice Department NEVER HEARD of the R.I.C.O Act. (I’ll bet if the perpetrators were Italian-American instead of well-connected W.A.S.P’s, they’d be sitting in crowded holding cells wearing chains… #*~/’n racists!)

And 3rd Parties… THEY HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO ORGANIZE A LEGITIMATE 3RD PARTY. During the last election Ralph Nader could NOT raise a crowd of more than 50 people IN FRONT OF THE WHITEHOUSE… I suggest every American attend a meeting of the 3rd Party types. These people have a HUGE problem with focus and strategy. Instead of a unifying issue to stand on these PEOPLE will bring every issue under the sun to the table. Not to mention the Amy Goodmans of the world have a bad habit of only preaching to the choir…

SO EVERYTHING I’d like to see happen like CHANGE, single payer healthcare, transparency, election reform, campaign reform, ACCOUNTABILITY… are ONLY words in some PoliticHo’s speech. ALL TALK that Congress, the Supreme Court or the President will find an excuse for failure to act on. Like I always say I love my country, it’s the government I can’t stand.

The News Media, Press and investigative reporting started to let me down about the same time cops were chasing O.J.’s white SUV. The 90’s was a very bad time for News. Like I always say Responsible journalism is dead as the sperm on Monica Lewinski’s blue dress.

AND do I really have to mention what happened to AM Radio when it was turned into Radio Free Conservative or how that sacred lower end of the FM dial were Free Speech, NPR and all those great college/university radio stations used to live, was corrupted by Spanish speaking and Christian Broadcasting. (go explore my blog links and You Tube videos for more info)

So basically I’ve been let down by all 3 branches of the US Government PLUS the 4th Estate. I wrote about this back in the mid 90’s when I realized how many people were falling for the Limbaugh type bullshit. I compared Limbaugh to Tokyo Rose and how the new Conservative talk radio networks resembled Radio Free Europe…

COME ON? Remember the COLD WAR? The United States broadcast programming through Radio Free Europe and Voice of America… OR what the Intelligence Community calls PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE!
“…The goal of psychological warfare is to change the behavior of countries and their populations. Normally, the intent is to WEAKEN the loyalty and confidence that PEOPLE have in their leaders’ polices . An attempt to INFLUENCE the attitudes of the PEOPLE living there…”
(“International Relations through Science Fiction”, edited by Martin Greenburg and Joseph D. Olander)

NOW, can ANYONE who’s ever tried to hold a legitimate debate with ONE OF Rush Limbaugh’sDITTO-HEADs”, tell me Radio Free Conservative wasn’t history’s most successful brainwashing of a target population? COME ON! Limbaugh and a gaggle of Conservative talk clones were taught all the textbook forms of bias persuasion that divided the nation and made Republican voters into FOOLS!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: (I have signed reply letters from Howard Zinn to back me up on this. Mr. Zinn who, by the way is also one of the FEW people in this nation I have any respect for, called my writing “vivid and compelling”. So I KNOW I’m on to something here…)

Anyways, I ORGANIZED a letter/email writing campaign of epic proportions, calling for a Liberal talk network to counter the Conservative wackos. Air America stole my idea and ran with it, totally fucking things up along the way. No LOCAL TALK on the progressive stations, Most shows are re-broadcast so locals can’t call in was the first problem with Air America approach. Second the Network started with so-called Liberal spokespersons such as Al Franken and Janeane Garafalo who made the mistake of running shows with monologues instead of engaging callers.

NOTE: I have my doubts about the true nature of Al Franken. If someone was to ask, I’ll acknowledge my suspicions that Franken is a covert CIA operative (lol) involved with turning Americans against each other. What I like to call the CONSERVATIVE VS. LIBERAL DIVIDE AND CONQUER SCAM. I mean what with his close association/friendship with G. Gordon Liddy

To this day I’m not very happy with the direction the Progressive Talk Radio/Air America scene is taking. Ok, OK... all you Talk Radio Host m'#*~/'s have provided MORE THAN ENOUGH info to get US angry... WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Everyone at the Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank are itching for ACTION!

I’m starting to see disturbing trends in the programming and the companies that are buying ad commercials time on the progressive networks. Has ANYONE noticed there’s a wide effort to collect information on those that listen to Liberal Talk Radio. Sure seems to be a lot questionable companies, dating services and calming herbal/over-the-counter remedy ads wanting the angry masses to call them so we can all be part of someone’s data base…

YEA DATA BASE, a collection of information on a target population inside the borders of the USA… They want your name, address, age, phone number, your credit history, ect… They already KNOW your political/ideological affiliations because you listen to Progressive radio. It’s ASSUMED someone is a left-wing leaning, mostly Democrat or 3rd Party types... BUT they really want to know if you’re just an armchair activist or if one is the real deal. One of those COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS that actually KNOWS how to USE their Constitutional Rights. Even worse (for them) are YOU a troublemaker or boat rocker that wants to destroy the system or Status Quo?

Just look at some of the commercial ads that are on Progressive talk radio stations one won’t find on Conservative networks. Ads for remedies such as something called “Quietus”. The spot starts will a VERY annoying, loud ringing that’s supposed to represent Tinnitus… I should sue these m#*~/’s because I NEVER had ringing in my ears UNTIL I HEARD THE QUIETUS AD! …#*~/ you too!

Ohhhhh let’s NOT forget about ZENTRA

6-6-09 Day of Tribulation (lol) email sent out to the Talk Radio world:
I’ve just noticed an advertisement during your radio show on PROGRESSIVE station KABQ-am 1350 while I was visiting in Albuquerque, NM. And when I thought about IT and explored the product… It became quite disturbing.

The soothing female voice from either the Stress & Anxiety Foundation or the Midwest Center for Stress & Anxiety is on the radio. “Does your mind race uncontrollably?”, the nice woman asks. Well as a matter of fact, ever since Bush/Cheney winning in 2000... “Do you find yourself brooding on hopelessness and despair?” hell YES! Every hour of every day SINCE Bush/Cheney got re-elected in 2004...
Do you wake up at night feeling anxious unable to fall back asleep?” …yes, yes the moment the dumbass Democrats in Congress passed the Bush/Paulson Bailout Scam
Have you lost your confidence, that certain sparkle and joy?” Actually NO! My anger and frustration is what’s driving me now… DEMANDING ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY from my so-called Representatives in government and corporations gives me such a HIGH… and IT’S natural…
I recommend Zentra. It doesn’t require a prescription” yea the Republican Party and most of Congress wants to flood the Progressive market so we don’t start a revolution…
Customers have compaired the feeling YOU get after taking Zentra to that of falling in LOVE” Ohhhhh boy… give it to the right-wing fanatics, Neo-Con degenerates and the mainstream media, with a side of Viagra. Bill O’Reilly will LOVE it, he’s a sex freak…
“…an overwhelming sensation that ALL is well in the world and THINGS will get BETTER” Yea don’t worry, be happy, stay apathetic, watch TV… just don’t demand accountability, RIGHT? Only a #*~/’n whinny COWARD would put such a product in their body… I say EMBRACE THE HORROR, use that frustration… MAKE anger… THAT RIGHTEOUS ANGER… WORK FOR THE GOOD OF YOU, YOUR NATION AND YOUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE…
“…in fact I’m so confident that Zentra will so dramatically change your outlook on life I want you to try it for 30 days RISK FREE 1-800 461-7236

I called the number to get the proper spelling of the product but all I got was a recording and long suspicious hold. Then I did a Google search on Midwest Center and it has a warning THIS SITE MAY HARM YOUR COMPUTER… I couldn’t find a specific website for the Stress & Anxiety Foundation and NOTHING about Zentra. Things aren’t looking good for this lady and here organization so TRUST is going to be a factor here. I say ANY ad with a sexy woman (radio or TV) in it should send up red flags. This company should be investigated for it’s ties or stockholders and Zentra TESTED! Hey look ZENtra.
lol ooooohhhhmmmmm

Also there’s a commercial from an answering machine who wants me to SPEAK MY MIND. “We’re LISTENING” the ad tells me. Well WHO the #*~/ are YOU 866 303 2270 and why are you interested? Like I said, collecting data…

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy listening to Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, Ring of Fire and some of the others but that doesn’t mean I TRUST any of you SPOKESPERSONS to HELP bring about the CHANGES this nation needs. YOU’RE ENTERTAINMENT, nothing more. Like cable News, the only good thing I get from you people is an occasional chuckle. Put me on the air and I’ll show you how to ROCK THE BOAT!

Once I decided to make Progressive Talk Radio the subject of serious study and publication, I started listening to as much of this bullshit as I could take before I put my fist through a wall. Like most Liberal spokespersons, ACLU and Lawyer's Guild... they PROVIDE all the information to get Concerned Citizens ANGRY but then pull back and don't give us any specifics about ORGANIZING so we can VENT our RAGE without using knives, guns and bombs like the Right-wing fanatics do! @$$holes

Montel? Anna Marie Cox…? WHAT THE FUCK?

I just heard Jack Rice, former CIA was on the radio 7-4-09 and I got the distinct feeling he was shifting responsibility for the Afghan War from Bush to Obama. I understand that Obama is the President now but that doesn’t mean Bush isn’t accountable for his actions while in office. Just because George W. in now in TX shouldn’t make him exempt from investigations and prosecution for #*~/ing over the American PEOPLE/taxpayers.

To the layman it appears that Jack Rice is providing listeners with pertinent information. But most of it’s information ANY serious Concerned Citizen ALREADY knows about. Example: Rice was giving a rundown on the Republican Class of 1994. The Family Values/Morality Republican revolution that went down in the flames of scandal, sexual deviancy and corruption. I wrote about this years ago as well as others such as Linda Killian who wrote “The Freshmen, What Happened to the Republican Revolution

If Jack is going to promote himself as the Progressive former CIA host then he NEEDS TO TELL AMERICANS SOMETHING THEY DON’T KNOW!
For example maybe he could EXPLAIN THIS!

12/1/2000 - Leaked CIA document Case# F-2001-00009:
International Crime Threat Assessment” defines “Kleptocracy,
…rather than serve PUBLIC INTEREST, top leaders use nations resources solely to enrich themselves and their cronies. To cover up crimes the stage is set for social and political upheavals…”

Sound familiar America? The CIA will never admit they included USA “top leaders” in that report. I say anyone with half a brain already realizes something is just NOT RIGHT! One news story after another about waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, incompetence, corruption, etc. due to the LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES of our top leaders.

Am I mistaken, isn’t the job of our top leaders to protect the PEOPLE from “upheavals”? The problem here is NOT ENOUGH American PEOPLE had the COURAGE to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY from those in power. Elected officials and public sector officers in general get away with the same things those of us in the private sector would be fired and prosecuted for. There’s NO incentive to be VIRTUOUS. THERE’S A LOT OF THAT GOING ON LATELY!

Please a moment of silence for Steve “Air” McNair

© 2009 by FGE

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