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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pence & Ensign & Sanford... 3 more examples of Republican Party hypocrisy

I’m enjoying this SO VERY MUCH, y’know, the meltdown of the Republican Party. ANYONE stupid enough to support this gang of hypocrites is too ignorant to vote. Believe me, back in 2000, it didn’t take a genius to consider the possibility that Bush/Cheney and a Republican Congress would be one of the great DISASTERS in American history. What kills me is there is still about 18% of Americans who STAND BY THESE SILVER SPOON CON men. Like Michael Medved always says: “…this greatest nation on GOD’s green earth…” Yea until the Republican Party totally destroys it!

Mike Pence (R-IN) told CBS news “it is appropriate for the leader of the free world to speak a word of encouragement to those dissidents in Iran…” Yea Mike, just what we need, to turn the Iranian progressive uprising into ANOTHER American influence thing the radical Mullahs and Ahmadinejad can use against us.

Pence is one of those old timey Republicans who exist to politically cock block the Democratic Party. He thinks back fondly to the miserable days of Bush/Cheney, Reagan/Bush, Hitler/Mussolini (lol) among other fascists, war profiteers and CONTROL by AUTHORITY freaks...

Voice of America on June 13, 2009 Pence, speaking for his party’s weekly radio address, told Americans, Democratic plans are not what the country needs during these rough times… WHAT? Why should we listen to YOU, PAST PERFORMANCES proves you have NO IDEA what so ever WHAT the #*~/ America needs. The dumb m’#*~/r is STILL talking about drilling.

One can always identify the most scandalous Republicans who are the biggest HO’s for K-Street because they always blame taxes on everything. You don’t like the Waxman-Markley plan to control CO2 emissions? Then denounce the plan and call it a “national energy tax” just to keep that shrinking Conservative base of right-wing extremists satisfied. Those who STILL support these kind of Republican CON-MEN are the most ignorant people on the planet.

These elected officials are guilty of breaking their sworn oaths to work for the best interests of the American PEOPLE. Most Americans already know the Republicans in Congress are the most blatant hypocrites in the history of politics but we can always use ANOTHER GOOD EXAMPLE!

Enter Senator John Ensign (R-NV) A man who wasted so much of our time and tax dollars trying to destroy Bill Clinton for Monica Lewinski, and man who built his voter base on his high morals I’m A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN” bullshit. Admits to an affair he had with a MARRIED campaign aide for YEARS! THIS from a man who with his wife were part of the Promise Keepers movement that promotes strong families and marriages.

NOTE: I #*~/ed the $#!~ out of Darlene Ensign, she loved it and told me what a lousy lover her husband was and how small his… (LOL)

UPDATE: 6-24-09
What the #*~/ is wrong with the PEOPLE of South Carolina? First some racist nutcase named Rusty Depass (who also happens to be a GOP activist and former Chairman of the SC State Elections Commission) makes a speech that included him saying “…a gorilla that escaped from the zoo was an ancestor of Michele Obama” WOW! His KKK, Aryan Nation support system must have been so proud…

THEN there’s rising GOP star South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford… On June 22, 2009 he told his constituents he was hiking nude on the Appalachian Trail. A few days later the story changed (lol) to he was in Argentina getting laid… His wife and kids must be so proud. Don’t you just love Family VALUES? Satan must be so proud of the HELL on Earth Republicans have created with their LOW GRADE PROCESSES!

COME ON! When are you Conservative morons going to learn you’re being played for FOOLS! All these Republicans in Congress are the same COWARDS who stood by like little puppy dogs while Bush/Cheney were busy ruining the Republican/Conservative brand… I didn't hear a peep from the Republican Party CON-MEN when it was discovered the Blackwater Corporation OVER-CHARGED $50 MILLION dollars for services they NEVER performed during Bush/Cheney. What about when Haliburton moved to Dubia to escape investigation/prosecution. Where's the talking points m'#*~/rs?

WAKE the #*~ UP all you pitiful Conservative excuses for American citizens!
So the rest of us patriotic Americans can put an END to the MADNESS!

UPDATE: I heard there were people stupid enough to actually show up in the name of Sarah Palin to protest against David Letterman....

Jeez! HOW PATHETIC CAN YOU FOOLS GET? Why don't you go to Alaska with that fundraising HO Sarah Palin and start a cult... or #*~/ DIE or something... STOP!

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