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…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm NOT a patient MAN!

UPDATE: 9-7-09
watch the Supreme Court starting 9-8-09. Corporations are NOT people...

Update 9-5-09
Obama/Biden Administration is showing WEAKNESS
and the right-wing predators have NOTICED!

accepts the resignation from Van Jones? Are you kidding me? WHAT… are we putting down people who happen to have the COURAGE (balls) to be honest and speak their minds? The Republicans ARE assholes! (but most people are AFRAID to say it)

So Van Jones made comments and statements that the Conservatives don’t like… well boo #*~/’n hoo. I can’t think of a Bush/Cheney Administration official or appointee that DIDN’T say things that made me want to put my boot into a TV screen. How come they never had to walk on eggshells or resign?

I’ve been to protest rallies/marches all over the nation and at every one of them I met a communist or socialist somewhere in the crowd. DOES THAT MAKE ME A bad guy?
I got copies of The Militant, People’s Weekly World, The Grassroots Press and the War Crimes Times in my files. (I think history has shown quite clearly that those who use the uncomplimentary communist label to destroy others are the worst kind of CONTROL by AUTHORITY FASCISTS)

Speaking of War Crimes, WHO on the Left hasn’t thought or considered that 9/11 wasn’t an inside job? (Anyone’s who watched the movie “Zeitgeist”) Look into George W. Bush‘s eyes as he was sitting in that class room on 9/11. COME ON! One has GOT TO ADMIT something stinks. Especially with guys like Cheney and Rumsfeld in power and all that super secret, black op, highly paid military contractor, Neo-Con bullshit going on…

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that if Van Jones was a highly knowledgeable, right man for the job… WHY THE #*~/ SHOULD WE CARE WHAT THE MEDIA OR THE RIGHT-WING THINKS? Is this what Obama/Biden are all about… IMAGE rather than accomplishment?

If Obama/Biden needs help with controlling BULLIES then I’m still open to an offer $… On the other hand maybe I should quit politics because I’m starting to mistrust Democrats almost as much as the Republicans.

I’m going to give ONE more FREE example how hiring Conscious Man Consultants will solve the Conservative/Republican problem. We can put a specialized, personalized plan of action in motion that will keep the right-wing occupied attacking US instead of Obama/Biden Administration officials… (just in case you people actually want to do all those things Obama has been speaking about since 2007)

Conservatives seemed to have LOST THEIR MINDS! From the local level to national spokespersons, even in the Halls of Congress, it’s nothing but FEAR and SMEAR. No new ideas, nothing good to say, nothing good to do. Only rabid hate and criticism of Obama/Biden, Democrats, Progressives and Liberals. Like a mad dog ready to attack anything that gets in it’s way.

NOTE: This whole mad, hoo-hah paranoia Conservatives are making about Obama’s speech to elementary kids is the straw that broke the camels back. These people are f*~/'n INSANE!

People in the age group have told me that when they were in school classes were stopped for the OJ trial verdict, aggghhhhhhagggg! AND YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS ARE upset about President Obama addressing the children in the beginning of their school year, ENCOURAGING the youth to make the best of their education?

Many of these Conservative nutcases are on the verge of violent acts against all us COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS IN THE TRENCHES doing all the organizing legwork for Obama/Biden and the Democrats. WE NEED YOUR PROTECTION AND LOVE! (or at least let us defend ourselves WITHOUT law enforcement interference and criminal prosecution)

The Obama Justice Department needs to (GROW A PAIR) draw the line and INVESTIGATE! Barack Obama getting elected President was NOTHING SHORT OF A REVOLUTION and the Obama people BETTER START TO REALIZE IT! CHANGE is not just a word in a speech to us, IT’S OUR LIVES!

I warned you #*!~/s a year ago what would happen how you should come out of the starting gate STRONG… (go to Obama’s website now called Organizing America. Blog titled Activist Community for Obama)

You should of held Bush/Cheney ACCOUNTABLE for their incompetent/criminal foreign, domestic and reckless economic polices from the start. BUT Noooooo… you pussies had to play NICE, all that bullshit about compromise and working with the Republicans. BAIL THEM OUT!

Now look at the pitiful, mindless bullshit we have to deal with everyday. The very people who’s legacies Obama and the Democrats saved by voting for the Bush/Paulson Bailout are now using some of that money to work AGAINST the Obama administration. GETTING IN THE WAY OF OUR HOPES, OUR DREAMS, OUR CHANGE! motherfuckers! You cowards AVOIDED the FIGHT that would have made Obama/Biden GREAT!

I can’t take this vile nonsense anymore. While Barack and Michele Obama are looking good for the media AND Ivory Tower crowd.. out here in the REAL WORLD the bullshit is almost unbearable and the economy REALLY SUCKS. It’s comes at me from all sides…

I was doing some consulting work for a friend recently. While completing the job at the house of our customers, I noticed the dart board out on their back patio with a picture of Nancy Pelosi attached over the bulls eye. I asked the couple about it and they started on a rant about how much they despised Rep. Pelosi.

Mind you this is NOT in California, so the couple knew only what the Conservative propagandists told them. No facts, no statistics, no legislative content, no legitimate cases or concrete examples… they just hated Nancy Pelosi and that was all there was to it. The lady of the house told me she just hates that stupid look on Nancy Pelosi’s face every time she talks to the media. (yea, stupid look) I was looking into the lady's smiling blank eyes… (it reminded me of Sarah Palin)

Now these people are not some ignorant, southern state rubes. He was an engineer and she a retired teacher. They lived in a million dollar home on a hilltop with a priceless view and 5 expensive vehicles in the driveway… So I couldn’t UNDERSTAND their thought processes. When the woman said “Glenn Beck is god in this house”, it took my fuck’n breath away.

While we completed the final details of the job I was talking business but in the back of my mind I was screaming at the couple:
Why should I take ANYTHING you people say seriously? Glenn Beck is god? ARE YOU #*~/’n CRAZY? Beck/Limbaugh/Hannity/etc… are your way to justify the SHAMELESS HYPOCRISY and unrelenting guilt.
(Or what the intelligence community calls “psychological warfare”)
You morons voted for Bush/Cheney NOT ONCE but 2 TIMES… YEA, I’ll listen to what you suckers have to say when one, JUST ONE of your Republican leaders stands up and takes RESPONSIBILITY for 8 years of Bush/Cheney waste, fraud, abuse, incompetence, scandal, corruption, reckless economics, war profiteering, constitutional violations…”

The man told me how the NEW and improved Republican Party had nothing to do with Bush/Cheney, whom he thought strayed from Conservative principles(I didn't know they had any...)

If it wasn’t that my friend had a lot of money riding on this deal, I would have grabbed the man of the house and tried to slap some sense into him.

You can’t just separate yourselves from the elected officials YOU VOTED into power. Especially since your Republican Party isn’t offering ANYTHING different from the past mistakes and collusions. You brainwashed motherfuckers need to STOP, take a step BACK and re-think your situation. YOU CAN’T WIN! Right-wing assholes can shoot and blow up every Democrat/Liberal/Progressive you pious peons come across and WE’LL STILL BE THE MAJORITY! NO matter WHAT that asshole Glenn Beck tells you

all politics is local politicsTip O’Neil
No one can save the Republican Party from itself… NOT the 20% of idiots that STILL support them, NOT the bought off media/news, NOT Radio Free Conservative or FOX News, NOT the police state, NOT the skinheads, NOT all the wealth YOUR LEADERS LET SLIP AWAY!

Maybe Conservatives should just stick to local politics for now (get rid of your mayor or something small time like that. Remember what Frankie Sinatra said: “if you can make it there you make it anywhere”, lol) and stay the fuck out of national picture until the LEFT-WING (once again) FIXES THE MESS REPUBLICANS IRRESPONSIBLY LEFT FOR THEM!

UPDATE: 8-30-09
FOX NEWS SUNDAY… (afggghghghhhaaahhhhhhhhhhagggg!)
I don’t know why I put myself through the pain and frustration of watching ANYTHING Fox Spin… ahhhh, I mean News broadcasts. This week on Fox News Sunday that Ho Mike Wallace did a sickening interview with Dick Cheney. Wallace stuck to Cheney’s script that the former Vice-President is the god of defending America from terrorism. Even though all the evidence and documents PROVE torture did NOTHING to provide creditable information or prevent terrorist attacks, Cheney STILL maintains his policies were right and Obama is making us weak.

Next the bitch Mike Wallace goes back to a story he did last week about the Veterans Administration and a booklet titled “Your Life, Your Choices”. Wallace acts likes he's a responsible journalist but in reality he’s bullying a disabled vet who had the courage to make a comeback and go to work for the VA. Wallace maintained the booklet encourages severely wounded Vets to “check out”.

Of course Wallace, his Conservative idiot audience, and the Fox News empire misses the WHOLE point of any argument against Bush/Cheney policy. No mention of the COST of the War in Iraq both in life (over 5000 US soldiers and GOD only knows how many Iraqi’s) and the 3 TRILLION dollars it will eventually cost the children of American taxpayers. That the war was a LIE from the start, won ONLY by the Big Oil, WAR profiteers and arms dealers. No mention of the strategic blunder of getting rid of Saddam Hussein, who had CONTROL over Islamic fanaticism and countered any treat from Iran.

A true journalist would ask Condi Rice about HOW Bush/Cheney Administration war policy was such a FAILURE that they actually had to beg corrupt, scandalous Baath Party officials, who ran Iraq for Saddam, to come back to help in the rebuilding process.

There were no questions about KBR contract disasters and why Haliburton moved to Dubia to escape investigation and prosecution. No investigation in to the the true nature of the Surge… which consisted of paying off insurgents NOT to blow up Americans.

The Right-Wing fanatics are making a big deal about Obama ORGANIZING Americans. They somehow got the idea that Obama is forming a army of community organizers and the youth that will target Conservatives and Republicans for their political beliefs. I reality Republicans are all running scared that Obama will be persuaded by Progressives to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY for the 8 miserable, mind numbing years of Bush/Cheney.

Speaking of private armies… Is anyone else disturbed by the fact Bush/Cheney put together their OWN ARMY of private military contractors… that outnumber US troops? If I was one of the soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan, I’d be asking WHY are the private contractors making 4 times the pay of the troops risking their lives in the field?

Something’s GOT TO BE DONE to STOP the bullshit! The Republican Party, Conservative Labyrinth, Christian fundamentalist preachers and Conservative spokespersons NEED A DOSE OF #*~/’n REALITY!

Someone has to ORGANIZE and DEMAND that Wallace, Rupert Murdoch and his stable of Fox News Ho’s be prosecuted along with the Bush/Cheney Administration under the R.I.C.O Act. It’s obvious to a majority of American Concerned Citizens that Conservatives have become the AGENTS of Multi-National Corporate Entities that DO NOT HAVE THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN MIND!

They should all be treated as traitors to the Constitution and everything the USA stands for. These Republicans/Conservatives have done all they can to sell out the American worker and degrade our image to the rest of civilized nations of the world.

SCENARIO: George Will calls for withdrawal from Afghanistan. Once Obama/Biden end the wars… IT leaves them open for a Dick CheneyI TOLD YOU SO” moment. (Or what we call a terrorist act)

Neo-Conservatives are setting the stage for a Dick Cheney for President campaign… “the ONLY man than can protect us AFTER the next terror attack on US soil”. So next time Dick tells Americans he protected them from terrorism for 8 years… I say we all remember Bush/Cheney were presented evidence concerning terrorists hijacking airliners and using them as weapons of mass destruction months before 9/11... BUT they were on vacation.

Bush/Cheney and the Republicans turned our government against it’s own PEOPLE. They put the fox in the regulation hen house and cronies in every department. The result is the economic and foreign policy DISASTERS Obama/Biden and the American PEOPLE are facing TODAY!

Don’t take my word for it, the evidence is #*~/’n EVERYWHERE. Such as the news of how the SEC handled complains against Bernie Madoff. EVERY Bush/Cheney Administration agency/department failed the American PEOPLE in one way or another.

I’m sure the CIA is afraid Obama/Biden will investigate the warped, vicious, arms dealing agenda of the last 60 years. Can the reader guess WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

Wait until the next season of “24” on FOX… I heard Cheney has been submitting ideas for the show since it’s inception. In the meantime one can watch MI-5 on PBS.

Yes even the sacred Public Broadcasting System has joined the disinformation culture with the BBC’s gripping novella about how the intelligence community keeps us safe from terrorism and is staffed full of very attractive, lovable agents the PEOPLE can TRUST.


For he is the minister of GOD to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, BE AFRAID; for he beareth not the sword in vain. For he is the minister of GOD , a revenger to execute wrath upon those that doeth evil…

ok, Ok, #*~!/’n OK! I wrote for years… I think anyone who’s read my blogs already knows my sharp political instincts and timely predictions were almost prophetic in scope and nature. But we live in a FUCKED UP world where being the best isn’t enough… YOU GOT TO PLAY THE GAME! Success is a luxury for those who are NOT a THREAT to the Status Quo.

I despise this system and want to destroy it, then rebuild. Law Enforcement, the FBI and Justice (sic) Department have let the true criminals run amok... (including Mohamed Atta before 9/11 in Florida) So you CONTROL by AUTHORITY c*@/suckers better leave me the fuck alone!

I'm only doing what EVERY AMERICAN should be involved with... DEMANDING ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY! There's a whole hell of a lot of rich motherfuckers that need to be punished for their sins against the USA!

I TRIED this blog, You Tube, message board, etc.. Internet communications thing for years now and I’m NO further ahead than I was BEFORE the world wide web. ONLY A HANDFUL OF AMERICANS HAVE THE COURAGE TO ACTUALLY MAKE THE CON ARTISTS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMES! Those FEW people I RESPECT... the rest are nothing but scared, punk ass consumers.


I’m going out into the real world... out on the road to pay visits to all the stiffs who could have helped my writing career and boat-rocking agenda, but for some reason that's beyond my understanding… REFUSED to assist me or even reply to my emails.
I guess I’m just Old School and get more out of life by face to face contact. I love to see the FEAR in my adversary’s eyes…

The LEFT-wing needs to toughen up.

Goodbye, good luck and FUCK YOU TOO ASSHOLES!

© 2009 by FGE


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