“…the Devil knew NOT what he did, when he made MAN politic…”


…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

Lloyd the Baptist

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christian LIARS & Progressives who can't take sarcasm/criticism

Criticism posted on Bill Press website:

Thanks for keeping me on hold for 35 minutes (then a hang up) while taking those boring calls from your regulars. I guess you people can’t take a little RAGE with your Progressive reality. How about a side of sarcasm to go with your turkey...

Call deemed unsuitable for Bill Press radio show: lol

Obama is just playing the reality card in Afghanistan. I think it’s TIME we just admit the USA is a war loving nation. Most of our manufacturing base is for military purposes and we’re the biggest arms dealing, war profiteering civilization in the history of mankind… Our economy would fail if not for our Military Industrial infrastructure… So why not make it work for all American citizens? COME ON! (share the wealth, m'#*~/ers)

We could use our military to conquer wealthy countries and convert their assets to US dollars. We could force China, India, Saudi Arabia and many European nations to FORGIVE OUR NATIONAL DEBT, or else... Every nation on the planet could be strong-armed to pay a yearly fee to be under the well-armed umbrella of our PROTECTION. Y’know, like the mafia does. Hey, the American taxpayer paid for the Pentagon, we might as well use it for our advantage.

NOTE: (even your Progressive Radio Network depends on military monies. I just heard an ad during your show for the Air Force Reserve, ohm, it was so flag-wavingly hawkish it made me want to go out and get in a street fight, lol. Like watching the movie "300"... I wonder how many of our troops joined up after watching movies like that? Take your shirts off and go KILL some Persians, right President Obama? )

Our TAX dollars used so all Americans can have affordable HEALTH CARE, ooohhhh no way, THAT'S a problem it‘s taken 50 years to debate, right? But half a trillion dollars a year so we can make those damn Hajji, opium growing, tribal savage m'#*~/ers embrace Western style Democracy, ooohhhhh YEA! Pay up, RIGHT NOW baby… THAT’S the way to go. Americans JUST ADORE OUR U.S. SOLDIERS, DON’T WE? The way they SACRIFICE SO MUCH so all Americans can shop on Black Friday... (And our so-called Representatives in government and their Ivory Tower aristocratic and celebrity FRIENDS can BE seen at some million dollar State Dinner the average taxpayers never get invited to) NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL SHARED SACRIFICE! (lol)


WE HAVE THE BEST TEAM, WE HAVE THE BEST PLAYERS! Nuclear missiles, laser guided bombs, aircraft carriers, armored divisions... now those are some players!” Jim Rome
(on radio show talking about soccer. lol Romey is the coolest guy on the radio, take a HINT ya Progressive radio STIFFS. Have someone on your staff buy you a street sense of humor)

Hate crimes on the rise, huh? It’s no wonder what with all the hate speech coming from the Right. AM Radio Free Conservative, FOX News and all those bias publications. Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol, Randall Terry, ETC… getting the right-wing fanatics all worked up.

These Conservative spokespersons/pundits are nothing more than PRODUCT being pushed by foreigners (ex. Rupert Murdoch) like some poisoned Chinese pet food/toys/toothpaste/sheetrock/etc... A big, fat, cut rate, toxic bag of spoiled Conservative Wacko… ONLY the most ignorant CONSUMERS buy. (The foreigners want to “divide and conquer” the USA + steal all our money)

The other day, #*~/’n Bill Bull O’Reilly actually asked Lou DobbsIs Obama the devil…” WHAT? (with a straight face, he can ask THAT? ESPECIALLY after Bush/Cheney? Now that’s true, shameless, pure evil)

COME ON! Does that sound SANE or HEALTHY in ANY WAY? What the #*~/ is wrong with you people? Reality, facts , statistics, CONTENT are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES but you rather be led astray like a scared herd of sheep. Ya #*~/’n Mental Deficients

The flock on the Christian Right have started to bear resemblance to fanatical Islam. I wonder how many human beings have been killed in the name of JESUS during the last 8 years. (only GOD knows, right?)

One of the people who monitor Christian Broadcasting TV stations called this morning (11-23-09) to warn me Pat Robertson (700 Club) is blaming Obama for the economic meltdown. Wow, delusions OR lies, huh? Blaming the Democrats for the ruined economy is like blaming the Jews for the Holocaust… These holier than thou m#*~/ers interpret economics and the Bible as badly as they do the Constitution.

I’m guessing GOD WASN’T THE ONE who told Pat Robertson THAT George W. Bush would win the 2000 election. Pardon me Pastor Pat… Are you trying to tell me JESUS is on the same side as that bunch of self-serving, vicious, greed stricken, power mad, silver spoon sinners? It’s like you were Left Behind in grade school or something. lol

Pat Robertson and most of the other Evangelical pastors believe a Christian Crusade in the Middle East justifies all the BLESSED arms dealing and war profiteering that went on during the Bush/Cheney WARS. Pat uses Christianity in a way that would make Satan proud. “Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS”, right?

NOTE: (I don’t understand how so many CHRISTIANS are either owners or investors in the Military Industrial Complex or WHY the Pentagon is built in the 5-sided sign of Satan)

COME ON! I think it’s time we yank some tax exempt status for all the political ORGANIZING going on with the Christian Right.

HONESTLY, it’s not a stretch to say with all the slanderous hate coming from the likes of Glenn Beck/Bill Cunningham nutcase types… I’d be surprised if Obama makes it through the next 3 years without an assassination attempt by some right-wing extremist, degenerate. We’re on the verge of a new Civil War right now. All it would take is for the Left-Wing to lose ANOTHER ONE OF OUR HEROES because a lunatic acts out on something heard on FOX Spin, ahhhh I mean News.
I’ll tell you right now, and I’m don’t care what cop m#*~/er reads this. If another hate crime happens to a Democrat, Progressive or Liberal… they’ll be HELL TO PAY! Someone has got to STOP THE MADNESS, for the sake of our children’s FUTURE!

These pathetic excuses for American citizens have WENT WAY TOO FAR! You Right-Wing fascists need to shut up and get out of the way. YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE (8 years of Bush/Cheney, Republican controlled Congress, 1994-2006) and it ALMOST DESTROYED THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH!

Conservatives represent the WORST America has to offer. They’re silly, stupid, self-absorbed, close-minded, misinformed, victimized, apathetic, celebrity worshipping, greedy COWARDS who hide behind religion and patriotism. It’s time to lift the VEIL to expose the face of EVIL… and put a #*~/’n BULLET RIGHT BETWEEN IT’S EYES!

How’s that for a hate crime? But is it really a CRIME, when the people we hate are EVIL BEINGS who want to destroy this great nation?


NOTE: Thanks to Bush/Cheney/Republican Party… the good old USA is NOW UNDER THE THUMB OF THE COMMIE CHINESE! What the #*~/ is THEIR PLAN to get us out of this ECONOMIC MESS? Can someone… ANYONE, PLEASE TELL ME! I don’t believe in BLIND FAITH or BLIND TRUST… you Ivory Tower m#*~/ers GOT TO EARN IT, just like everybody else.}

©2009 by FGE

WITH NO ANSWERSProgressives have been asking this question for over a decade. CAN CAPITALISM SURVIVE WITHOUT ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY?” (~ from letter to the editor, Desert Dispatch 1-4-06)

EMAIL to 1 SKY (worldwide Climate Change organization)
I warned you about fighting Republicans/Conservatives is the best way to further your environmental agenda (or any Left-wing issue) BECAUSE THEY ARE WORKING SO HARD TO TAKE YOU DOWN!

Another one of the “dirty tricks” the right-wing fanatics use has come to light in this article. Suspicions that hackers are opening email accounts and sending out info that makes global warming scientists appear to be LIARS! Then the AM Radio Free Conservative and FOX news propaganda artists take the info to use as a SOURCE to slander people who are CONCERNED about our precious atmosphere. It gives Americans ANOTHER reason to do NOTHING and a major SETBACK to grassroots groups (such as yourselves) who are working so hard to get the public involved.

The BEST thing you people could DO for your CAUSE is to make sure Republicans LOSE in the next few elections. You can use your nationwide grassroots organization to KICK THE REPUBLICANS WHILE THEY’RE DOWN! Let all us Progressive and Liberal activists work together with ONE GOAL IN MIND! Put the final nail in the Republican/Conservative coffin before these power mad, greed-stricken, war mongering right-wing extremists destroy our nation & OUR planet. Send me your ideas/thoughts on this subject please. Please help in the FIGHT against the LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES.

(After we kick the Republican Party down to 3rd party status… THEN WE CAN MAKE the #*~/’n Democratic Party accountable for being a bunch of self-serving pussies, ohm sorry) lol

Happy Thanksgiving ,
Frank from Cucamonga

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