“…the Devil knew NOT what he did, when he made MAN politic…”


…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

Lloyd the Baptist

Thursday, December 13, 2012

2013 - ACCOUNTABILITY TIME or insurrection? Americans don't have will or courage... YET!

Due to editing and size constraints on last edition we saved mention of the inspirational great DUB poets such as Linton Kwesi Johnson and Mutabaruka for a separate post. Do a search to see the collection of classic works and organizing these two messengers have accomplished since the 70’s. A time when the evil ones took power of the so-called FREE WORLD through Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6 and Margaret “Madam Medusa” Thatcher. Enjoy the coming insurrection for it’s time “to mash up the wicked ones plan… we bring a blam blam

FORM a DUB protest movement in YOUR community to hold local evil bastards to account for their vain, vicious, greed stricken, power mad actions. Republicans all over the nation have traded the American PEOPLE for a very few evil, wealthy, well-connected, silver spoon, trust fund baby, demon spawn.  NOW they must face the will of the PEOPLE! Fuck the police...
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NOTE: All the smart Americans who were SAVED will be at " Birth 2012birth2012.com/   ...see ya there

©2012 by SPQR 

There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth for any who still carry water for the scandalous Republican Corporate Ho Party. Remember when Lloyd the Baptist warned: “…if you support evil, then you’re evil too…”  
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Prince Jammy crew has the Chalice...
I will lift the Chalice of salvation, giving thanks and praise to the LORD for saving me”,  
Psalm 116:13 

WARNING: Read on at you own risk, your mind will change...

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  1. You know what’s really funny, SPQR? That those law enforcement officials and degenerate Conservatives who write the hate maiL, haven’t figured out this blog is a parody of the right-wing, evangelical fundamentalist Christian cult.

    OHHHH IT’S OK for Pat Robertson to talk to god (how’d that George W. Bush thing work out for you wackos?) What, am I supposed to believe GOD hates Liberals or that JESUS and war profiteers are on the same side? COME ON! How supid does one have to be to fall for bullshit like THAT?

    Anyways SPQR must have figured he could use their own BS against them in a way the weak minded could understand… FEAR!