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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Liberals and Progressives didn't get what they wanted

So Obama didn’t do what the Left wanted him to. Well WHAT are you going to do about IT? Form a protest movement, have a march with lots of witty signs, props and a bull horn? A lot of good THAT will do. The Control by AUTHORITY crowd will put you behind barbed wire and surround you with riot police (...with a SWAT team around the corner)

Since the President announced his Afghanistan policy I’ve heard NOTHING but whining from Liberals/Progressives. The fact of the matter is Bush/Cheney war policy chased Osama bin Lunatic, the worst of al Qaeda and the worst of the Taliban into a NUCLEAR ARMED Pakistan. We have no choice now…

Whether Rumsfeld’s head is on a stake or NOT… Whether the Obama Justice Department grows a pair to investigate Dick Cheney or NOT… Whether we force George W. to go to China and work his DEBT off doing the monkey dance or NOT… We simply cannot allow Pakistan to fall into the hands of the fanatics… We have to go fix the huge mess left for ALL AMERICANS TO DEAL WITH.

(Or maybe military Advisors WARNED Obama that one of the military for profit corporations will instigate a terror event if their war profiteering cash flow is interrupted or to save Dick Cheney‘s damaged legacy or…)

What’d you think… after 8 years of Bush/Cheney and the LONG reign of Republican control of Congress (1994-2006), that in ONE YEAR Obama was going to change the way things work in Washington, DC?

COME ON! The American PEOPLE are going to have to WORK for that kind of change… AGAIN!

Some whiners are already talking about giving up on Democrats or not voting… which will allow the Republican Party to make a comeback and THEN AMERICA IS FUCKED!

Simply put: Liberals and Progressives have ONLY TWO CHOICES as far as I can see… Building on the movement that got Barack Obama elected or REVOLUTION! (most on the LEFT don’t have the balls…)

Really, we’ve already organized the closest thing to a revolution that was available to us (getting a Black man in the Whitehouse) SO WHY NOT TAKE ANOTHER STEP FORWARD INSTEAD OF TWO STEPS BACK!

#*~/ IT, what have we got to lose. The Republicans ruined our economy, our jobs have been spread all over the planet AND You’re sitting on your couch watching “Dancing With the Stars(with that crook Tom Delay)

Frederick Douglas said: “POWER concedes NOTHING without DEMAND”. So lets drop the uncomplimentary Liberal label and call ourselves CONCERNED CITIZENS… and THEN DEMAND ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY from our ruling class. And the ONLY way to do that is to organize, Organize, ORGANIZE! We need number, BIG NUMBERS of the PEOPLE to VOTE! First we get rid of the Republican Party… then we focus on making the Democrats human again.


©2009 by FGE

I wish the RAPTURE would hurry up and happen… with all the right-wing Christian fanatics gone to the clouds… life on earth would be one step closer to paradise…” Giovanni X

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