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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Howard Dean types VS Joe Lieberman types

UPDATE: Liberals and Progressives need to take a deep, cleansing breath and come to their senses. I know you're angry/frustrated. Here’s WHY Progressives/Liberals (the PEOPLE who worked so hard to get the President elected) are mad at Obama. President Obama sees a problem… identifies the culprits who caused the problem… then REWARDS THEM! ...What the #*~/?

One could get the idea that Barack WANTS to be a one term president. Carry your history as the first Black President into the halls of CELEBRITY, extravagant parties and PRO-Am golf events. WHY SHOULD Obama risk his kids future by being assassinated by some right-wing wacko who listens to the Limbaugh/Beck types.

The American PEOPLE (or Progressives) DIDN’T rise up and DEMAND Bush/Cheney be prosecuted, end domestic spying, end Wall St. FRAUD, reckless economics or scandalous derivatives, didn’t DEMAND end of the WARS, or re-negotiation of home loans for people losing their biggest investment to foreclosure, didn’t stand up for Single Payer Health care… Like I said WHAT THE #*~/?

Since we don’t have strong 3rd Party candidates to vote for... here’s the LONG TERM STRATEGIC DIMENSION Progressives need to adopt.

Now is NOT the time to turn your backs on Obama/Biden and the Democrats in Congress. Now is the TIME to build on our victories of 2008.

If what Howard Dean is saying is true I say Kill the Bill. (or move it into conference, lol) If nothing else, this SAD attempt at Health Care Reform exposed just how weak the Democrats really are.

Here’s the thing... NOTHING makes me more angry than hearing Liberals/Progressives say they won’t vote for Democrats anymore. I understand the principles involved but if Republicans take back Congress then the USA is screwed.

Lieberman end in 2010,
send Joe to hell in 2012!

Progressive Democrats have NEVER had a better chance to takeover the Congress. It’s very important that we take the next few elections as seriously as we did in 2008.

So many Progressives have given up on Obama, he’s lost his political capital ...AND we can‘t use the HATE Bush/Cheney game-plan anymore. Democrats need a NEW strategy to get the voters INVOLVED!

Since the HATE Bush/Cheney thing worked so well in 2008 I say we need a figure to take their place. Joe Lieberman is the perfect hated politician to be targeted. Lieberman end in 2010, send him to hell in 2012!

Democrats need FOUR MORE progressive seats in the Senate to make Lieberman (and Republican Party) as impotent in politics as he is in bed with Hadassha. (without his Government Health Care Viagra)

I'd say that's an EXCELLENT reason to ORGANIZE and GET ACTIVE, right! Make the Republicans/Conservatives PAY the price for being a bunch of holier-than-thou, greed stricken, power mad, mentally deranged ^$$holes... WORTH getting out to the streets... fighting in the service of the US Constitution...

UPDATE NOTE: (also we can work to get rid of TRAITORS like Rep. Parker Griffith from Alabama) Go Tide, right? lol

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  1. Great stuff, but quit shilling for the Democrats. Otherwise yer just as bad as Beck and Limbaugh. ACT! Join the tea parties and turn them around with REAL information.