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Monday, November 16, 2009

Liz Cheney and HOW Conservatives ruined the USA...

Author's NOTE: I’m wondering which pharmaceuticals one must take to believe ANYTHING Liz Cheney says on FOX Spin (news, HA) Sunday. Liz is hyping her father, DICK for 2012... (lol, funny coming from a Lesbian) and blaming Obama for EVERYTHING! I guess this fat ass, silver spoon, sadist bitch didn’t get enough of the world SUFFERING through her daddy’s reign? “Let them eat cake”, RIGHT Liz?

If Chris Wallace had any balls or journalistic sensibility, (instead of BOWING to your corporate masters) he’d ask the Cheney family WHY EXACTLY DID HALIBURTON MOVE TO DUBAI? OR maybe why this wicked corporation (and subsidiaries) wasn’t punished/SEIZED by the Bush Administration for doing business with Iran? (or poisoning/electrocuting US troops)

NOTE: If there was ever any proof America needs to make a big bowl of journalist soup, it’s the way the mainstream news media reported on Obama’s recent Asian trip. Really, responsible journalism is dead as the sperm on Monica Lewinski’s blue dress.

Here’s a good example on Time.com. Author Tony Karon writes:
“…when Bill Clinton visited Beijing a decade ago, the USA owed more money to Spain than it did to China. President Obama’s America owes China some $800 BILLION and counting.”

Ha, that’s funny… NO MENTION of the George W. Bush Administration in between. It’s as though TIME wants Americans to forget Bush/Cheney RAVAGED and EXPATRIATED most of our nation's wealth and resources.

So next time Bush or Cheney or Rumsfeld tells you they protected Americans tell them as Tony Karon puts it: “…today, far less powerful nations than China ROUTINELY DECLINE TO FOLLOW Washingon’s lead…”

Then the LUNATIC crybabies on the EXTREME right come up with all sorts of petty bullshit to slander Obama in the worst ways. That silver spoon whiner Sean Hannity tries to work up the Ditto-heads with his take on Obama’s BOW in Japan! Hannity (who I consider a pathetic excuse for an American citizen) thinks Obama extending courtesy to foreign dignitaries “MAKES America look weak”… Hey moron, I didn’t hear you crying while Bush/Cheney and the Republican Party ACTUALLY MADE THE NATION WEAKER ON THE WORLD STAGE!

The Treasury Department is now accepting donations to pay down the National debt. Americans aren’t being told the WHOLE story about the US economy. I guarantee it’s a hell of a lot worse than what we know. It’s hard to keep track of all those TRILLIONS of $’s thrown around during the last few decades, RIGHT?

Some pitiful imbecile on You Tube wrote to call ME a moron and tell ME I was wrong on the economy. He said “the Bush economy was fine until the Dummiecrats took over in 2006”. I wrote back to let him know things were NOT FINE. It was Democrats who sounded the warning after realizing just what a MESS the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) LEFT FOR THEM.

After the so-called “trickle down, fiscal conservatism” groundwork was laid by Reagan/Bush, the 90’s Congress, led by such Republican degenerates as Phil Gramm, Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich, Larry Craig, Tom Foley, etc, took the ball and ran with it. The Conservatives pushed legislation that led to job outsourcing/loss, media consolidation, off-shore account scandal, military Christian Crusade and a Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions.

NOTE: (Tell me again Newt Gingrich, since you’re such a patriot… How did the American PEOPLE benefit from using our tax dollars to insure the venture capital of Corporations that moved to Asia? What about the OTHER tax subsidies? OoooHhhh and let’s not forget that Expatriate Clause, YOU HID, in Clinton’s Family Leave bill. Y’know the legislation that allowed billionaires, drug traffickers, corporate pilferers and tax evaders to take their money out of our country… PENALTY FREE! …COME ON NEWT, you‘re a great American, RIGHT?)

...godamn, you right-wing voters are stupid…

But THAT wasn’t enough for the “Conservative Labyrinth(John S. Saloma III), oohhhh noooo! They focused the Dittoheads limited attention toward Bill Clinton’s private sex life. Conservatives could use that later, MORALITY was nothing but a tool to them. One of the many weapons and dirty tricks they had for their political hit squads.

Another was AM Radio Free Conservative. Rush Limbaugh is the Tokyo Rose of our time. Conservatives turned the AM radio dial into a propaganda machine. Really now, has anyone who’s ever tried to have a legitimate debate with one of the dumbass ditto heads, NOT realize Radio Free Conservative was history’s most successful brainwashing of a target population.

These m#*~/ers actually convinced half the American voting public that Bush/Cheney would be a GOOD THING! These silly, ignorant, self-absorbed, misinformed, DELUSIONAL, victimized, apathetic, celebrity worshipping COWARDS did the worst thing I could think of at that time (2000) These dumbass, #^*~?“}|\! m#*~/ers VOTED FOR Bush/Cheney.

These pathetic excuses for American citizens were no better than Limbaugh groupies. The Psychological Warfare of Radio Free conservative so devastated their brain matter… they actually believed George W. Bush and JESUS were on the SAME SIDE!

(thanks for NOTHING Pat Robertson, I’m sure there’s a horrible place in HELL reserved just for you… next to Reagan and Prescott Bush) lol

The rest is history. The downfall of the good old USA. George W. ridding in on a shinny fighter jet to tell us “Mission Accomplished”, but he was just starting. He handed the reigns over to Dick Cheney who oversaw the destruction of everything we hold dear about our great nation.

Greed on a level that made Satan look like a punk ass. An orgy of waste, fraud, abuse, incompetence, scandal, corruption, off-shore tax evasion, arms dealing, war profiteering and Constitutional violations. Socialism for the rich, powerful and well connected… privatize profits while forcing the average taxpayer to pay for the LOSSES. These con men and criminals took revenue away from grade schools so a very few wealthy aristocrats could get MO MONEY!

And what LOSES they were, untold TRILLIONS, reckless economics on a scale it will take generations to fully understand the consequences! The Bush/Cheney Administration and Republican Congress spent money like a meth Ho with a credit card. These TRAITORS put us under the debt thumb of Commie China by borrowing TRILLIONS from them to fund their useless, money-pit, war policy. But the Dittoheads were TOO BUSY parroting Rush Limbaugh/FOX News and blaming Liberals to notice

NOTE: (Pardon me Mr/Mrs right-wing Hawk… HOW MUCH did those Pentagon assholes spend to fight Communism in the 20th Century? Then you turn around in the new millennium and allow the Republicans and their Corporate MASTERS to sell out the American worker to a COMMUNIST NATION. Lest we forget these very same big businesses made their fortunes on the back of Americans and the infrastructure our tax dollars PAID FOR. The Soviets always said America would be DESTROYED FROM WITHIN… but who could’a imagined it would be by our own elected officials? #*~/’n TRAITORS!)

It was a devastating time for the USA from which we may NEVER RECOVER but these vicious, dirty rotten, stink’n Conservatives have the AUDACITY to think they could conveniently separate themselves from the Republicans they voted into power. Re-brand themselves as the REAL Reagan CONSERVATIVES with media Ho’s like Sarah Palin leading the charge. It’s as though Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dick Armey, Sean Hannity, Bill Cunningham and the rest have made a pact to appeal to the most ignorant, mental defectives in our society.

(I see the “Conservative Labyrinth” bought up all the copies of Palin’s new book and are giving them as magazine or pod cast subscription incentives… for $4.95) lol

AND EVEN THOUGH Obama/Biden is busy saving us from the brink of disaster, Bush/Cheney led you to… you’ve done NOTHING TO HELP! Not only won’t Conservatives assist but you TRAITORS would rather do everything in your power to harm, stall and destroy the Obama/Biden rescue package.

Since the day Obama was sworn in these pitiful Conservative crybabies have been whining about a 2009 spending spree not even realizing the last Bush budget year ended THIS October. (Read article “Bush’s Last Budget” by Dave Johnson in Seeing the Forrest) “…only 7% of the deficit comes from Obama’s stimulus, which was made necessary by conservative policies…”

I don’t even have enough faith OR TRUST in my government anymore to give Obama/Biden a free pass on their policies. As a matter of fact I DO believe they got CONNED by the previous Administration and fell for it hook, line, sinker and Bush/Paulson BAILOUT!

SO, Obama/Biden has a financial crisis and economic meltdown to DEAL WITH? Well, lets put the Fed’s, who got us HERE in the first place, in charge of the so-called STIMULUS. Never mind they might STILL be allowing reckless economic activity, scandalous derivatives, slanted ratings, SEC incompetence… AND IS IT REALLY A STRETCH TO SAY they could even be covering up CORPORATE CRIMES of the last few decades?

Obama can talk about JOBS and building a new green infrastructure, it sounds so good UNTIL WE FIND OUT THE WIND GENERATORS ARE BEING BUILT IN CHINA! Pardon me but I thought the stimulus was for AMERICAN WORKERS? The rest of the civilized world has taken the technology innovations coming out of the USA and punked us with it. NOTHING HAS CHANGED! The American PEOPLE are STILL being played for FOOLS…

I know, I KNOW… you can just get Obama to make one of his passionate speeches and maybe the PEOPLE won’t notice they’re getting financially #*~/ed over… BIG TIME!

NOTE: (The Obama Justice Department is throwing the Liberals the one bone that makes no sense at this time. Who the fuck cares about Guantanamo Bay and terrorist trials in NYC? CAN WE FOCUS ON THE ECONOMY BEFORE ANOTHER BUBBLE BURSTS? If ANYTHING, I might regain some trust in Obama if his Justice Department investigated Cheney/Rumsfeld)

What the #*~/! MY “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” is caused by my own government. EVERY TIME these self serving, incompetent elected officials try to problem solve they start out ASS BACKWARDS led by some K-Street lobby policy expert who also gives good blowjobs… RIGHT?

Yea, GOOD JOB my so-called representatives in government. Way to #*~/’n violate your SWORN OATHS! CONCERNED CITIZENS are going to change their non-violent stance on protest and MAKE YOU #*~/ers ACCOUNTABLE for your incompetence and self-serving, scandalous nature. We’re starting to realize this ain’t no protest movement, THIS IS A CLASS WAR!


UPDATE: Ok, OK, here’s the thing… I’m street smart enough to know a con is a CON. Doesn’t matter in a back alley or from the Ivory Towers, the TRICK is to recognize IT… and NOT GET PLAYED FOR A FOOL! I’m here to tell you SOMETHING STINKS… Sworn oaths are being violated... (The American PEOPLE are going to go down in history as the biggest suckers ever)

All of the adults of my youth were Italian immigrants. (USA and Ontario, Canada) So I’ve heard the stories about WWII living under Mussolini. They suffered, they endured, and they DAMN WELL KNOW A GOVERNMENT/CORPORATE FASCIST POLICE STATE WHEN THEY SEE IT! So forgive my inbred hatred of anything even resembling totalitarian tyranny. (lol)

There seems to be an overwhelming effort to PROTECT and SERVE the corporate led Status Quo. Most everything our so-called representatives in government have legislated over the last 30 years has been to BENEFIT big business. The Conservative Theory is that if Corporations do good then the benefit$ will TRICKLE DOWN to the American PEOPLE! But as I just used history to demonstrate IT DIDN’T WORK OUT THAT WAY. The corporations couldn’t give 2 shits about the American PEOPLE.

These greed stricken, power mad fiends MILKED the American cow DRY, and now want to feed her to Commie Chinese. The American PEOPLE are #*~/ed and most of them don’t even KNOW IT! They’re too busy living in a nation of LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES… THANKS FOR NOTHING FOX NEWS and RADIO FREE CONSERVATIVE... (Your TIME is coming m'#*~/ers, accountability is just a hairs breath away)

© 2009 by FGE

“…maybe before we call our soldiers and law enforcement agents HEROES, we should ask them what side they’d DEFEND when the American PEOPLE rise up to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY?”
anonymous American revolutionary

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