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…an Angel of GOD’s wrath (ROMANS 13:4) saith unto me: “Behold, natural & manmade disasters on Conservatives until they tar & feather Republican Corporate whores & Ralph Reed

Lloyd the Baptist

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I do believe the great off-season elections of 11-3-09 proved my point and legitimized my critical analysis of Left-Wing politics. (links)

Republicans won in NJ and VA where Obama hoped Democrats would win... You can spin 11-3-09 election results any way you like but the reality is it exposed a major flaw in the way the Democrats have been ORGANIZING. The thought that candidates could simply ride to victory on Obama’s coattails was WRONG!

BUT, up in New York’s 23rd District, it was the Progressive grassroots community volunteers/organizers THAT COUNTERED the Conservative nutcase Dick Armey/Sarah Palin OUTSIDERS. (read: San Francisco Chronicle “Bill Owens beats Doug Hoffman, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh” by Zennie62)

Maybe NOW Obama can come down off his #*~/’n pedestal and REALIZE Americans didn’t LOVE Obama/Biden as much as they HATED Bush/Cheney/Palin/Limbaugh! Voters weren’t FOR Obama as much as they were AGAINST anything even resembling another minute of Bush/Cheney. It was Progressivism at it’s best… In 2008 the American PEOPLE punished the Neo-Conservatives in the ONLY way that was legally available to them, THE VOTE!

IF the Obama/Biden Administration doesn’t come to its senses and embrace Progressives then the Democratic MAJORITY vote will be SPLIT between Moderate and Liberal Democrats (see: consciousmc.blogspot.com) Republicans will ride the wave of Democratic divisions and win elections simply by spreading slanted, false information to the ignorant masses… THE LEFT NEEDS TO FIGHT AGAINST THIS, NOW!

I’ve been writing about this since 1998. Democrats need to FUND a grassroots lecture tour of community organizers. Passionate, enlightened speakers to go across the nation organizing workshops and keeping the PEOPLE ANGRY at the Conservative silver spoon, aristocrats that almost destroyed the greatest nation on Earth.

It was the activists pounding the pavement and conducting massive email/letter writing campaigns in that made the likes of Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, Glenn Beck, Joe Lieberman etc… seem like they’re the black clouds of politics. We SHAMED the PEOPLE in and around Plattsburg, NY to vote AGAINST that alien-looking m#*~/er Doug Hoffman.

NOTE: (If we’ve learned anything from recent elections... it’s that having Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, Rush Limbaugh or Joe Lieberman on your side ...is like the kiss of death for political careers)

Things have changed since 2000... NOW if one associates with Rush Limbaugh, they LOSE the election. You agree with Sarah Palin or Joe Liberman… then one might as well organize a cult... go out to form some right-wing fanatic commune in the desert, CAUSE YOU AIN’T GOING TO HAVE ANY POWER IN MY GOVERNMENT!

WHAT, did Obama think his pretty smile and talent making righteous speeches won him the Presidency? Ohhhhh NO! Obama won because he was the furthest a candidate could get from George W. Bush (who gave a bad name to middle-aged White guys everywhere)

Hatred and ANGER are great organizing tools that the Left-wing and Democratic Party doesn’t use enough of. It was a HUGE mistake Obama/Biden NOT holding Bush/Cheney accountable for all the damage they did to the nation. They let Republicans off the hook and NOW the anger is being directed at them for NOT HOLDING the right-wing bastards ACCOUNTABLE for all the waste, fraud, abuse, incompetence, scandal, corruption, off-shore tax evasion, corporate crime wave, arms dealing war profiteering, Constitutional violations, etc...

Now Conservatives are spending BIG MONEY to blame Bush/Cheney incompetence/reckless economics on Obama/Biden BECAUSE THE MESSAGE ISN’T GETTING TO THE DUMBASS m#*~/ers WHO LISTEN TO RUSH LIMBAUGH and WATCH FOX NEWS!

All that bullshit about working with Republicans HASN’T WORKED OUT VERY WELL, has it? I’ve been warning over and over and over since the late 90’s about HOW TO FIGHT NEO-CONSERVATISM! Working with them is NOT AN OPTION! These people are #*~/'n INSANE and need to be wiped off the face of the planet before their MADNESS destroys our children's future...

I wrote posts on Obama’s campaign website WAY back in mid-2008 WARNING Democrats they must ORGANIZE a grassroots coalition that would last beyond the November 2008 election. A group of serious, experienced activists (not connected with Obama/Biden) to go out to enemy territory to fight the forces of the “Conservative Labyrinth” (by John S.Saloma III) We on the LEFT-WING must LEARN to use this ANGER/HATRED that was so prevalent after 8 years of Bush/Cheney in productive ways.

Democrats have a bad habit of living off former victories, they get lax/apathetic and don’t get out the vote for mid-term elections. This gives the Conservatives a chance to organize a comeback. Especially NOW with FOX News getting the right-wing nutcases/extremists all worked up. WHY DOESN’T THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY REALIZE the ONLY way to fight this is at the local level using conscious activists who are tough enough to get down in the gutter to reach the poor ignorant morons in language they can UNDERSTAND!

I HOPE I don’t hurt anyone’s tender sensibilities but some Homosexual from the ACLU, Progressive radio or Daily Koz are NOT going to get through to Hard-heads on the Right! Such Liberal individuals are only good for preaching to the choir. We need to REACH, educate and enlighten the poor brainwashed idiots on the other side.

I can ORGANIZE a group of hardcore boat-rockers that KNOW HOW TO SWAY Republicans AWAY from the Neo-Conservative extremists. Individuals that counter the Right-Wing while keeping the Progressive grassroots community (that got Obama/Biden elected) ENERGIZED

All you so-called PROGRESSIVES didn’t even bother to reply to my MANY e-mails and calls for HELP to raise the funds necessary to put together such a lecture tour. It’s actually a fantastic DEAL/BARGAIN for these EXPERTS who would travel around the nation using HATE and ANGER against Conservatives (like they’ve been doing to Liberal wackos for the last few decades, lol)

Like I said before… the United Suckers of America (see post). For all the dollars the average American spends on the government and big business, WHAT the #*~/ are they getting for their money? Not much worth speaking about… you want revenue for Education, Health Care/Dental, job/pension security, etc? #*~/ YOU… but the Pentagon gets WHATEVER TRILLION$ IT WANTS. (we should finish that exorcism of the Pentagon they started in 1967, “Armies of the Night” by Norman Mailer)

Bailout every scumbag on Wall Street, protect the right to commit fraud, allow financial institutions to merge until they’re TO BIG TO FAIL, this while 40+ million Americans are STRUGGLING below the poverty level. Spend money we DON’T HAVE on multi-national corporations, Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan completely FORGETTING the USA is supposed to be “of, by and FOR the PEOPLE”! This culture of WELFARE for the rich/powerful/well-connected HAS GOT TO STOP!

I know it was LONG overdue but I finally saw “Sicko” by Michael Moore. (I don’t follow Moore because he ignores my conscious plea for assistance... LIKE EVERY OTHER Liberal #*~/'n celebrity, Garafalo, Mawr, Huffington, etc... ) Anyway, seeing every western style Democracy and Cuba provide better health care to their citizens than the USA… even though we spend more $… was more than I could take. I swear to the Almighty, if the American PEOPLE don’t start getting some of the benefits/perks of being American citizens then the Congress needs to #*~/’n d

LATER: A moment of silence for victims of the Fort Hood shootings, please…

*or If Joe Lieberman is involved, I DON'T TRUST IT!
No, nah, nah NO! Something STINKS about this story. Radio Free Conservative & FOX News have been TOO QUICK to point fingers and assign blame at just the right time. The Neo-Cons are trying WAY TOO HARD to prevent President Obama from adapting a fiscally sound, SANE war policy.

The Right-wing’s latest vehicle for this evil purpose is the terrible news from Fort Hood, Texas. 100 rounds fired ON A MILITARY BASE… killing 13 (1 civilian) and wounding 30 (1 civilian) before Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, was shot by a Fort Hood police woman.

FOX News started with it’s slanted propaganda as soon as the news hit the national wire services. I know, I KNOW… it was just a coincidence FOX News had Ret. Col. Terry Lee ready for an interview to connect Hasan with the anti-war Left. Lee said he worked with Hasan and described a man who got into arguments with soldier who supported the Bush/Cheney Wars and was fighting his own deployment. Also FOX misreported that the shooter was killed by military police.

Of course there was no mention that Hasan achieved his rank as major in April 2008... y’know, during the Bush/Cheney Administration. What I can’t believe is that NO ONE picked up on the classic warning signs that Hasan was a time bomb waiting to happen. Once again the Bush/Cheney War trust showed it’s incompetence and failure. Funny how (after the fact) there’s more than enough people to STEP UP and paint a DISTURBING picture of Major Hasan.

While an intern at Walter Reed he had “difficulties that required counseling”. There was odd internet postings that law enforcement officials (who want to remain anonymous) ignored. Hasan was harassed and threatened for being different like some Columbine teen. And FOX News viewers… after 9/11/01, let’s not forget the man was a MUSLIM… even worse a Palestinian… born and raised in Virginia BUT HE PRAYED AT A MOSQUE! (...and took his medical oath on the Koran, lol)

Not the usual kind of individual that makes it up through the Conservative ranks, RIGHT? Unless they had a special purpose for him. He was widely heard opposing the wars and expressed a desire to leave the military but was deployed instead. Like someone was pushing him to the edge. A Timothy McViegh Hajji(if I was investigating Hasan, I'd find out if he had any special training. y'know?)

This is a man who served 8 YEARS as an enlisted soldier and ROTC undergrad. A PRODUCT OF THE PENTAGON MILITARY EMPIRE. Hasan worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, a fellow in disaster and preventative psychiatry and received a medical degree from Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD. SURROUNDED by the best mental health officers in the US military and NO ONE took the time to separate Hasan from all then other 1000’s of American soldiers driven mad by the Bush/Cheney Wars?

What a mess… a dirty, stinking pile of shit where the USA used to be. THANKS FOR #*~/’n NOTHING REPUBLICAN PARTY! You crooked m#*~/ers need to be hanged, shot and lit on fire like Benito Mussolini. It’s becoming quite clear getting rid of the right-wing fanatics is the ONLY WAY FOR THE USA TO COMPLETELY RECOVER!

©2009 by FGE

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