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Saturday, November 28, 2009

American LABOR & slave wages...

to the stiffs:
"Party Crashers? You WANT to prosecute someone for CRASHING the Whitehouse and jeopardizing the Presidency, we should review the 2000 election and charge George W. Cheerleader… ahhhhh I mean Bush."
heard at a Thanksgiving dinner somewhere in America


A few years back, this cute (stuck in the 60’s) hippy chic told me the “Mexicans could teach you a lesson in community organizing”. That may be TRUE in some areas like the Farm Workers Union in the USA. Amazing bit of organizing… but when she told me THAT I was trying to make a point about foreign workers.

I see many in the mainstream media and Republican Party like to blame American workers for job loss and failing economy. “How can we compete on the world market if Americans don’t take a PAY CUT?”, they ask.

Well I say, those silver spoon sell-outs in the corporate media are ASKING THE WRONG QUESTIONS! What I want to know is why those #*~/’n COWARDS in China, India, Mexico, etc are afraid to ORGANIZE for better wages/working conditions?

What… do you think it was EASY for workers in the USA to get a decent wage, 5 day work week, 8 hour day, etc… from those greed-stricken, Robber Barron, economic elitist m’#*~/ers in the early 20th Century? HELL NO!

BRAVE Union Organizers and righteous workers were abused, harassed, beat, gassed, SHOT by Company security and local Cops on the take

Lincoln didn’t free the slaves… it was the Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans who rose up to make DEMANDS on the corporate slave masters. Before the labor unions organized, workers in the USA lived a life best described in “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair

Just because all you foreign SLAVES of the world can’t muscle up the courage/will it takes to make DEMANDS on your leadership… DO YOU REALLY EXPECT AMERICAN WORKERS TO GIVE UP WHAT OUR FOREFATHERS DIED/SUFFERED/STRIVED FOR?

WHAT? #*~/ you too! I’ll quit buying your shitty ass EXPORTS and take PRIDE that all my purchases are AMERICAN MADE! (see: “howtobuyAmerican.com”)

I’ll seek out the skilled tradesmen/craftsmen in my own community and WORK to make sure our local economy TAKES CARE OF ITSELF! Who the #*~/ needs you or your inferior product lines, expensive oil and brittle/soft metals.

China - One guy in Tiananmen Square has the HEAVOS to stand up to the Powers That Be and THAT’S IT? One small protest movement you slanty-eyed morons keep re-living over and over while you CONTINUE TO WORK FOR PEANUTS! How can a whole nation of WORKERS be such #*~/’n pussies? Those are your comrades, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters in the Chinese Army… You going to allow them to keep you working UNDER THE GUN? Come on, SNAP OUT OF IT suckers!

Mexico - I love ALL the Latinos… but cheese and crackers these people are numbskulls. First of all they’re hooked on Spanish speaking TV which has #*~/ed up their minds with the Novellas and too much T & A.

Their MACHO men are all pumped up by cage matches and gansta rap… but they can’t stand up to a mucho corrupt Mexican government and Corporations that came to your country to dump toxic waste for free and treat YOUR PEOPLE like SLAVES? Your government officials/police have violated their sworn oaths to allow greed stricken, power mad aristocrats to fuck you in the ass on a daily basis and YOU PUSSIES DON’T EVEN CRY RAPE? GET A GRIP m’#*~/’s

India - If ever there was a nation of self-absorbed people, India takes the cake. THEY’RE INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO KNOW full well how Americans were sold out by their own Corporations and government officials but they STILL TOOK OUR JOBS. Funny how you people aren’t SMART ENOUGH to figure out how to achieve a better standard of living…

Do you foreigners think your current system, of #*~/ing over the USA, will last? Do you actually believe Americans won’t eventually figure out how they were violated… Or that we won’t pull together in the end to TAKE back our jobs/pensions/healthcare… Even if we have to seize the assets of every Corporation, media outlet and government official that took part in the greatest looting of a nations wealth and resources in the history of mankind… WE’LL START OVER and make ourselves a self sustaining nation of Concerned Citizens.

The OTHER questions I’d ask:
1) WHY the #*~/ are Americans buying products from other nations when our own national economy is sinking like the Titanic?
2) When did Americans become good consumers instead of GOOD CITIZENS?
3) the real WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY the loss of American jobs happened?

© 2009 by SPQR


by Salagogo:
The Dubai Bubble bursts
The bad economic news from Dubai doesn’t surprise me one bit. The United Arab Emirates took over the USA during the Bush/Cheney Administration. Dubia was a silver spoon wet dream and a bubble just waiting to burst and take down the US economy with it. Osama bin Lunatic couldn’t be happier…

You think it was just a coincidence George W. Bush resembled a smitten school girl every time the Oil Arabs came to Crawford, TX. All the hand holding and kissing… (I heard George W. Pansy always drools on the Prince's right shoulder) Bush was definitely into the “Yale thing” (y’know closet homosexuality and too much cocaine) Right, Bandar?

Or how Dick Cheney’s Haliburton moved to Dubia when Concerned Citizens started asking too many questions about all the scandal, shoddy workmanship and war profiteering. The Bush/Cheney Administration was FULL of opportunists

Dubia (Al Maktoum) may represent the flashy, loud Teflon Don of this criminal organization but Abu Dhabi is were the POWER lies. Abu Dhabi (Al Nahayan) is where most of the UAE’s oil is located as well as the worlds LARGEST Sovereign Wealth Fund. Also Bush/Cheney knew the worlds most extensive weapons dealing yearly arms show was in Abu Dhabi.

NOTE: several great thinkers have concluded that the UAE was behind 9/11 and the economic meltdown. Bush/Cheney knew what was going on but ALLOWED events to take place so they could further their own self-serving agendas. In 2009 Americans are living the with the TERRIBLE results of this criminal undertaking… YET THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT REFUSES TO INVESTIGATE! (Maybe Obama/Biden have been too busy to notice how BADLY Bush/Cheney fucked them over…)


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